ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Zombie Infection at the Hospital ft. Doctor Freddy

– Uh, I just finished
playing Monkey Smasher. That was a great game. All right, now I’m gonna
go sit down and see if the doctor is ready to– ready to take me into the surgery room. – Oh, hello lady! – Oh, hello sir! – How are you today? What
can– What brings you to the hospital? – Oh, I broke my arm. (farts) – Whoa! I– I think you broke your booty.. (laughs) With that fart. – I (stutters)– I didn’t smell it. I didn’t hear anything or smell anything. – Oh, that is not polite, lady. – Wha–? – Let’s see your arm. Hmm. – Where are we going? – Let me just take a look
here. Is it right or left? They look pretty good to me. – (mumbles) Maybe it’s my leg. – Okay, you know what, I
think it’s your leg. Stand up. – I can’t walk, I have to sit back down. – Oh. You know what, I think
we are short on wheelchairs. Maybe I should uh, carry you
over to the operating room. – Okay. – Okay. Stand on my head. (laughs) Can you stand on my head? – Stay still. – All right. We’re gonna go now. – Okay. – Oh! – You’re carrying me. – Yes, I am carrying–
I am strong doctor here. – Oh, no! We can’t get
through the doorway! – Oh! – Aw! – Ouch! You know what, let me look
around for a wheelchair. – Okay.
– Do we have one here? – I think I’m gonna sit in this flowers. – Hmm. – Hmm. This seems relaxing. (clicks tongue) Oh, these flowers looks tasty,
I think I should eat some. – You know what–
– They make me fart. – There are no wheelchairs available. (farts) We gonna– Oh, no! – Eating flowers make me fart. – Lady! What are you–
My head is spinning, it smells so bad! – I know, right?
– Oh, no! – Just smell it. (laughs) (sniffing) – Let me have another whiff. – Okay. Wait. I don’t
have any fart power on me. (sniffing)
Oh, wait! – Oh! – Oh, there it goes! There
it goes! There it goes! – Oh! What did you eat today? I think your stomach needs an operation! – It does? – I think so! – Oh.
– Come this way! Come. – I can’t walk, you have to carry me! – Ho– I– – All right. Come on, let’s go! Come on. – Take my hand. – Uh! Okay, where are we going? – This way. We’re gonna
find the operation room. And actually, you know
what, let’s lay down here. All right, I’m gonna check you out. So, we have a needle for you. (farts) Oh! Oh! This is so bad! (laughs) Oh!! – You like the smell? – It’s lovely! But
please, don’t do it again. – Oh, okay. – Oh my gosh! I think
you’re gonna make me fart! – Oh my– no! Are you gonna
stab me with that thing? – Yes. – Oh! – Careful. I’m gonna st– So I’m gonna stab you!
– What (mumbles) exactly! – Come back here!
– No! – Yes!
– No! – Come back here! I have a
special juice in there for you. – No! – It’s gonna go into your bloodstream! – I don’t want any juice! – It’s a special juice. It
will go into your blood. – No! It won’t!
– And at your eyes. – No, it won’t. – Yeah, you’re gonna
have a shiny eyes, lady. Okay, just calm down, okay?
Come do– I’m not gonna do it. Come down. – No! You have a scalpel! – I have a scalpel here. – Okay, fine! But you
gotta just fix my legs and we’ll be fine. – Uh, where are you going? – Back to my surgery room. – Okay, just lay down, all right? It will be fine–
– Oh, what– – Don’t worry about it.
– What are these– Oh, these, like plastic gems. I sh– I think you should eat some. (munching) – I’m gonna stab you! (mumbles) I got you!
– Oh! – Yes! – Oh! I need a band-aid!
I need a band-aid! – No.
– With Hello Kitty on it. – No, you’ll be fine. Just relax. – I need Hello Kitty band-aid. – You’ll be fine now. This will– You’ll feel it in just a second. – Oh!
– It will be all smooth. – Oh! – Are you getting dizzy?
– I just wanna fart! (farts) – Oh no! – That’s what you get (mumbles) scalpel! – No! – This is terrible! – I know, right? Oh, you’re farting yourself. – I fa– I, uh.. I just.. (farts) Oh, no! – And all the green gas
is going on your hair. – Oh, come on! – Did you know you breathe
in 300 tons of ga– of farts every single day? – Seriously? – Yeah! – Lady, where did you
get this information? – Especially when you’re around me. – Okay, just stand still, okay? – No! – Stand still! – I don’t want to stand still! – But you are already
falling asleep! What do you– – Falling asleep?
– Where are you going? Yes! I gave you that needle. – Oh, open the door! Open! Yes! I opened the door!
Oh no! I let you win! – Of course! I am the almighty doctor! I have the pass of the security here. – Wh– Why can’t I open?! No! – All right. – No, you’re after me! – We are gonna go to the
operation room, okay? I’m gonna make you all feel better! – No, I don’t want to. – Come back here! – Ugh, this feels nice. Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh yeah! Hey, I lock the doors! Oh, no! You got in! – Okay, ju– Okay, just relax! – You have a keycard of your own! – Just relax. – Open! Open! Aahhh! I– I’m a security, too! No, I’m not a security, too! I wanna be a security guy! – No, no, no, no. – No, that’s why I came back! – You’re a patient,
okay? You are my patient. You have a broken leg, remember?
You can’t run that much. – I just knew it was gonna
be one of those days. – Yeah, yeah! See? I’m a–
I’m a nurse! I’m a nurse! You can’t hurt me! – Oh! Hello nurse. – Hello. – Have you seen a girl?
She was kinda crazy running around like a
monkey. Have you seen her? – Oh, no, no, no. – Hmm. – You know, no one ever comes to this hospital these days. – Really? – Yeah! Because uh– – I was about to stab her with that knife. – Oh, because um, we have killed doctors. – No! I’m a good doctor. I
know what I’m doing, okay? I only stab bad kids.
Good ones, I leave alone. – Oh, I am a fully trained adult. I went to high school,
university, took college. Oh, yeah, yeah. – Yeah? And you became a nurse? – Yeah! (farts) – When? Oh! You know what? She was
farting just like you! – Um. – This is suspicious. Hmm. – I just have farting hobbies! – Uh, hello. I– I have
some special medication bag. Would you like to try some? – No! – Yes. It’s– Oh! What happened? You just keep on changing here. – Keep on changing? – Hmm. – I better run! – Are you that girl with a broken leg? – I don’t wanna be
around this crazy doctor! Are you that girl that has a broken leg? – Uh, no! – Come here! – Health and medicine. Oh. – Come– – I just got distracted! – Hmm. – Ahhh! I need to find a wheelchair. Quick! And I’ll zoomi– I will
zooming around this place! Oh, Emergency Transport. What’s this? Ahhhh! No! I don’t wanna get distracted! – Hmm. – Oh, no! – Come back here! – No, no, no, no, no! – I have another needle for you, okay? – No!! I don’t want a needle! – It has a special cranberry juice inside. I’m gonna stick it in your arm, okay? – No! – We have some new
wheelchairs in the hospital. I was looking for one. They just arrived. (laughs) – Why? You want a wheelchair, too?! – I’m– I’m testing it. I need to test every single
thing in my hospital. Come back here! Okay, slow down. Slow down. You’ll be just fine, okay? I’m just gonna stick it inside your ear. – Hey! You made me bald! – Yep, this is side effect from
the– from the needle, okay? You’re gonna lose your hair
but that’s okay. That’s just– – Hey! I grew it back new–
– Oh. – Hair.
– Oh. – You put a bandage around me. – Let me– Let me cut it off. – What is that thing on my head? – I’m shaving your head! – No! – Yeah! I’m shaving it. There’s no– – No, no, no! – There’s not gonna be any
hair on that. Oh! Yeah. – No! – I did it! Oh, look at my fidget spinner. – Don’t shave me! – If you’re stressed too much, you can just look at my fidget spinner. It will relax you. You will be– (farts)
Oh! – Make way for the fart queen! – Oh! My! Gosh! That was a bad fart! – I know, right? – What did you eat today? – I ate tons of hamburgers
and I drink so much Starbucks! – Oh! But why does it f– why does your fart smell
like sushi? Oh my gosh! – I ate sushi the other day! – Hmm. You know what? I will have to– – It’s the wheelchair race! – I will have to operate on your booty. Because your booty is just
farting too much today! Come here! Okay, lay dow– – No! – Yeah, this is– this is
special machine here. Come. – I teleported! – Ohh! What happened to your head? – I teleported. – You– it fell off. – Oh, and I have unicorn hair. – Hmm. – I’m just picking interesting. Hmm. Oh! Oh! Oh! Hello! Hello! – Oh, hello, lady! – I am going to do surgery on somebody! – Um, I was going to
operate on another girl but she was farting her way out of here. – Oh! I never saw any girl. – Really? – Yeah! – Why are you wearing that mask? – Because. – Hmm. Looks to me that you
are wearing the mask because it was stinky from the fart! – Uh, no. (mumbles) Yes, it stinks here but, I am a new person. – Really? So, am I– – Yeah! Yeah! Look at my
unicorn hair! My head! Did I ever had that hair? – Hmm. Interesting. But I got some new hair right now. I look like a doctor. Surgeon. – Yeah, kinda. I got a scalpel too. – Oh!! – Scalpel at it, buddies. – Do you w–
– I’ll kill– – You’re gonna go operate? – On who? – Uh, you’re gonna operate–
we’re gonna operate on you! – No, you! – Hmm. This is weird. Oh! Yeah! Party time! Check me out dancing here. Yeah! – Interesting. – Oh, I have the moves. I’m the surgeon. Oh, yeah! Check out my first aid kit. – I got one too! – Really? – Oh, and um– oh, by
the looks of the time, I uh, shift NDDC on my watch right here. – Uh-huh. – It’s 12 o’clock, right? – Yes it is. – And that’s when my shift ends so I am gonna go get changed. – Okay. I’ll be here, okay?
I’ll be waiting for some– – Actually, I don’t need to get changed. – Patients. – I just need to go home. Yeah, going home. Totally. (farts) – Uh, hello sir? Hello? – Hello! Anybody here? Is anybody at my hospital? Hello? – Oh, I gotta run before
he finds me ’cause really there is no exit.
Not even an entrance. Oh, what’s this? Interesting. Oh, there’s a freezer. Oh. A door! Door! I can’t even open. Why can’t I open it. Oh, no. – Is there anybody at my hospital? Hello? – Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh no, oh no, oh no! I’m just gonna fart in the corner! I can’t ’cause I don’t
have any fart power. He’s not coming this way. That is a good thing! I need to get on this wheelchair! Um, I’m turning in circles!
I don’t know how to use this! I’ll just walk, I guess. (mumbles) Where do I see him? He’s right there! Okay– shh, okay, I need to
skip behind him by this bush. – Oh, hello! Hello lady! Oh! Are you–
– Stab! Stab! – Are you gonna stab me with that? – No, no. I’m not. I’m just saying stab. I’m practicing my word ‘stab’ ’cause I– – Really? This is not good! – Wha– Sir, I need to talk to you. Please stop! Please stop!
I need to talk to you. It’s very important! – Uh! I’m gonna.. stab
you with this scalpel! – Ahh! – Stop this nonsense, lady! What are you doing? Are you mad? – Uh, no. Ahhh!! Stab! Stab!
– Ahh!! – Stab! Stab! Why am I stabbing you like a million times and nothing’s happening? – Ahh! That hurts! – He-he! He! Don’t come near me again
or else you’ll get stabbed real hard! Boom! – Oh! – Exactly! – Ouch! – And you better stay away
’cause I got my fart gas! – Uh! – Oh, no. You farted. – I just farted. – Why can’t I fart? – Uh, I’m sorry I farted
but my stomach is upset! – Because I’m stabbing it! – Uh! – Now stay away from me! Oh, look! – But aren’t you supposed
to be a good doctor? – I’m a kid! Look! I’m a kid! – What is going on here? – I’m gonna go on this thing! – Why do you have this mask? – Because I am a kid! – Here! Play with this fidget spinner. – Oh, cool.
– Take it. – No, wait.
– Oh, do you feel better now? – Oh, I can be a baby. – Hmm. – Oh, look! I’m a baby with diapers! – What are you doing? You have a diaper! – Daddy! Change it! I farted a lot! – Oh my gosh! You are
farting in that diaper? – Oh yeah! I’m gonna change it. Aren’t I right? – Okay. I’m gonna change it, okay? – Okay. – Lay down on this bed. Yeah. I will change your
diaper right– right now. And here we go, I’m changing it. – There you go. There you go! I got my diapers changed. What this? Oh this is
actually the changing table. Oh, I can’t sit on the
changing table, that’s weird. All right, I’m gonna go
get some Bloxiade. Oh. – Ohh. – Blue Bloxiade, um. Delicious. Oh, I found this laying on the ground. Um, doctor! Do you know what this is? – This is very dangerous, okay? – Can I put it in my mouth? – No! No, no, no. This is sharp, okay? You can cut yourself. – Why not? It’s my toy!
Don’t take it away from me! – Oh, come back here! You shouldn’t– You shouldn’t be playing with this. – Why? Oh! I cut myself! – No! – Yes! I cut myself even more! – Oh, no!
– And more! – Come back here!
– Oh the glory! Oh the glory! – I’m gonna stab you of
that needle. Come back here! – No! Why would you stab me? – To make you calm down.
There’s a special juice in it. – Oh. – This will relax you. Come back here. I’m gonna stab you. Boom! Did you feel it? – No. – What do you mean you didn’t feel it? – I teleported just in time! – Hmm. How did you do that? Hello? Where are you? – Oh, hello sir. – Oh, lady. – Lady. Oh, yes. Lady. – Are you a nurse here? – Oh, yes. I’m a nurse who works here. – Oh. Let me hide that
needle. That is dangerous. Hello. – Hello. – Would you like to play
with a fidget spinner, maybe? – No, thanks. I need to put
on my mask so he doesn’t um, see me very well. Okay. Um, sir. – Look at my– – Do you mind going around
the hospital finding me a Starbucks vending machine?
I saw one earlier but I didn’t have the money for it. I was wondering if you did? – Okay, sure. No problem.
I’ll be right back. Would you like a latte or espresso? – A latte. – Okay. – With sugar! Lots of sugar!
Lots of it! Lots of it! – Okay. – All right, I’ll be right here. I need to think of a game plan. He’s gonna figure out who I am not to um, not to uh.. Uh, I don’t even know
the word. Oh my gosh. I need to cover my face. (mumbles) I’ll be a nurse or he’ll find me. – I just knew I was gonna
be one of those days. (mumbles) Get rid of my hair. Okay, put that back on.
Put that on. (mumbles) Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. And I need shades so he don’t see my eyes. Hold on, okay. We can get this hat. I look a little different. All right, these are perfect. Okay, there we go. He won’t expect it. – Hello. Excuse me? – Hello? – Hi. Uh, did you see that
girl she wanted a latte? – Oh yeah. Yes.
– Where did she go? – That’s me. I just put
on my hat and glasses. – Okay. All right. – Where is the vending
machine? ‘Cause it’s (mumbles) – Um, it’s right this way. – Oh, okay. – All right. Thank you sir. And don’t even bother taking
off my hat and glasses ’cause um, they’re comfortable where they are. – Why would I wanna take them off? – I don’t know. I may might want to. – All right. It’s right here. – Thank you. – No problem. – Hmm. Delicious. Thank you. Hmm. Delicious. Now I
can stay awake longer and and do my shift. Okey dokey! Um, sir you
could stop following me now. – Yeah.
– Why did you fart? – Because my stomach is upset
and sometimes when it hurts, I fart. I hope you don’t
mind. It smells really good. (Stuttering) Can you just stay away from me? Do you mind? – Yeah. I do, actually. I have to follow you because
I feel like you can help me. – Uh, no. I have a d– a
completely different job than what you do. – What is your job here?
I thought you’re a nurse? – Well, yeah. I do. But
I– my job (stuttering)– my boss just texted me
and said that now I’m– work as a receptionist lady. – Oh, I see. Do you mind
if I keep you some company until my patients arrive? – Uh, no. Uh, no. I have to
get ready with all the like, papers and stuff. – Okay. (baby crying) – I turned into a baby! – What just happened? You’re so small. You’re like a– this
teeny tiny little nurse! Oh, look how fast you are! – Oh, yeah! I’m a baby nurse. I can climb up this thing. Look! I’m jumping on s– shelves! – Uh-huh. – And I may fall off. Oh! I fell.
– Let me try that. Oh, I can climb that shelf too. – It’s a climbing contest. See who can climb up and down faster. – Wow! – I’m the fastest. – This is a good exercise here for me. Maybe I can get you know,
skinny again if I exercise here. – Oh, yeah. Nice. (mumbles) What? What? What?! Who is that baby? Hmm. He look new. But no, I can’t escape. Maybe he turned into a baby, too. Oh my God. Let’s go into this room. Oh, it’s a cool receptionist room. I can sit here watch– and
play with my video games. Some other chair. Okay. I can play video games here all day long! (mumbles) Well, this is kind of boring. Is that weird baby um,
psycho’d person still there? Wait, where is he? Oh, he’s not there anymore. Oh, the doctor! The
doctor! I miss the doctor! I need to get back into my (mumbles) room! Oh my God, oh my God! Okay. He won’t find me here. He
won’t find me here. Okay. – Oh, hello! Hello! Somebody said
there was a spillage here? I came to clean up. – Oh, a spillage? Yes. There’s
a spillage under the desk. – Oh, let me check it out. – I spilled some of my latte. – Okay, let me clean that up. – Keep him more busy, I’ll buy him– I’m pouring– I’m buying
more drinks to spill. Okay, um. There’s.. What? What? This is an infection room? What does that mean infecting me? What? What? I teleported! I teleported. Oh my God. That’s a little crazy. And he go back there
(mumbles) infection room! I don’t know what that is! Well, he’s cleaning up
the spill under the desk. Oh, okay, It’s right here. – Uh, hello! – Yes, hello! – Oh my God! I turned I to a zombie! – Ohh! What happened to you? – I got the zombie infection! – Oh, wow! You are.. just so infecting– – I’m gonna eat you!
– You turned into ring. No! Don’t eat me! I’ll run away from you! No! No! Leave me alone! – Oh! Your hair is so tasty! Oh, yes! – No! – Your legs! (mumbles) I eat a piece of the brain! Yes, I eat the entire brain!
Now you can’t even think! – No! Zombie’s chasing me! – Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, you’re so good! – I’m gonna cut you off! Cut, cut, cut! Cut, cut, cut! Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! Cut, cut, cut, cute. Yeah!

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