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Hey Guys welcome to beautiful Jasper National Park It is minus [ten] outside right now and as you can see behind we have beautiful mountains And I’ve got a sunshine mountain yoga flow for you today That this [noble] flow is going to be a little bit more of a yoga workout Just because not only focusing on toning up the body, but we’re also going to work on keeping your heart rate up [you] can feel a nice flat and I can stay warm in this cold water already tell [that] [like] Alright guys. We’re gonna start today at the back of your mat Standing with your feet together big breasts in arms reach exhale. Take it down all the way over to plank Hold it And then walk it back to standing we can back up And dive it down plank position [hold] And walking back few more times like that. Just warming your body And down walking forward to plank And walking right back up inhale Lift reach the arms up to the sky And then exhale take it back into plank this time we’re going to [stain] point position and moving to [your] elbow Catches simply touching your knees and elbows 16 x + 2 3 4 very nice try to get physical contact if you can’t You guys keep going you’re almost there engaging oblique muscles four three two and last one And shot around [Gonna] document all the way down upward Facing dog and exhale [downward-Facing] dog taking a breather here inhale And then exhale coming back into plank position starting with our side plane go over to one hand reaching the other month starting with a big circle of the Arm 12 three And four [holes] and let’s take a dip here Bring it down with the body and lift and two three four sides [67] last one hold it like shatter on to take it down for dog and exhale downward [facing] dog Awesome. Let’s go back to the other side note. Go ahead come to plank Open into side plank and reaching the arm up to the sky and just start moving the arm big circle in front of you and you and 3 more Hold it and [start] get lower the hip and up two three four five six seven and eight hold and come back into plank and let’s take that Chaturanga, Dandasana upward dog exhale downward Facing dog And then from here reaching your right leg up to the sky Bending the knee [willing] to take a double pulsus bring it into plank pulse pulse and then bring it back up [Frank] 12 And that up you want to think about your [knees] touching your chest And very nice keep going 12 and up Company 12 and up one to keep going get that nice and I last 11 you Bring it up hold it here [for] [a] second [and] a big step top of the mat into your lunge position Reaching both arms up to the sky hold here for a second Lengthen the body let’s take our squats, then both one and two Think about getting that back knee as low as you can to the ground [okay], job keep reaching those arms up to the sky lengthening your upper body Yeah, now last one. We’re going to hold and give me baby pulses [two] three four five six seven eight I’m hold extending the back knee And just holding that high lunge here for a second opening the chest opening the heart And then moving on to bake circular Motions Creek and down Bring it up and big circle down [after] [must] to Really try to get the body moving with your arms reach the Arms hold Utiful come down with your hands. Let’s just take our lunch extension extending the front [knee] and bring it back to lunch exhale as you extend lunches you inhale Few more Letting go of any tension in that hamstring last one let’s hold here And just think about getting that for a disclosed [pyrenees] possible Finding your breath finding the stomach here Hold it here finding that brat exhaling going a little deeper into the posture Let’s come back into your lunge And [they’re] going to step back [into] plank position But keep that right foot off the ground when I take a [Chris-craft] exercise simply tap to the side and then cross it over one cap and you Great exercise for the glute muscle here working your core working your glutes toning up those legs [cap] and have one more time From now when you’re done shot around and take it down upward facing dog and exhale downward Facing dog Great job you guys let’s do the other side now other light comes up that [little] [pulses] Gonna bend the knee pumping in 1-2 and [an] extended back out again 12 And one legged dog up the chest 12 and up 12 and up keep going last one [bring] it all the way up and big step top of them out with your foot lunge position. Take a moment here Now whenever you’re ready go ahead reach the arms up [and] let’s prepare for lunch squat extend and bend both knees extend and to [extend] and three and four Getting that back knee is low as you can Well done you guys last tour and come on down low And when you’re ready, let’s start the baby [pulses] up two three four five six seven eight Hold it extending the back knee releasing into a high lunge You must take a double arm circle Reaching forward like grabbing something in front of you and open reach for the front and release Reaching forward [hiding] that energy through your body one more [cold] here Feeling your heart with positive energy come on down to the map launch extensions extend And then come back into lunge remember you exhale as that fat weeks and [the] holes And then you come back into your lunge two more times extend And inhale last one exhale hold it here Thinking about getting that forehead is close to your knees possible finding that breath He could be breath into your nose too long exhale out through your mouth coming back into that lunge position [three] chingo arms up Inhale one more time for me And then exhale of come on down with your hands into your lunch Whenever you’re adding you’re going to step back into plank. [we’re] going to take our [crisscross] exercise working the other glue tap to the side kick and Tap across and tap Tap & Tap The challenge is to keep your upper body still and just work that leg Really engaging the glutes here Keeping the Core strong at the same time And let’s take that shot around it to the floor upward dog exhale downward-Facing dog Take a second to breathe here allow the heels to think a little lower to the ground Give yourself a moment here And let’s get that heart rate up again Slowly from here coming forward into plank with your slow motion mountain climbers simply tap your chest with the [neat] and switch and 3456789 You got 10 more get those knees nice and high 987654321 Done [2] and [1] Chaturanga upward dog Exhale [downward] [Facing] dog hold it here And then from here let’s make our way over to our maps with Arnie’s extending one leg out [we’re] going to take our pilates push-ups elbows in [and] take it down for ten nine working the triceps [87] [think] Five keeping us [elbows] pointed to the back of the room two And one hold and pump the back like up two three four Five six seven you got eight more working those glutes keeping the Core strong and 321 hold it let’s pick our [50] [50] [points] release the opposite arm. Simply hold Finding your breath again now pulling that [naval] right into the lower back feeling that connection between the sign [and] the core Beautiful guys, let’s slowly release come on to your needs take a deep breath in and then from here We’re going to take your camel toss your level one hand can stay on your back and arch Level [to] you can come onto your heels and open the back Allowing yourself to open the heart Hands back to your back if you in full camel Fast can you trust fine arm’s reach? And then exhale just round the spine into child’s pose Taking a second here to breathe the Breath in I can still come back to all fours [tuck] your toes and pick your downward-facing dog. Let’s slow it out coming [to] point Chaturanga upward facing dogs exhale downward Facing dog Let’s come on down to your knees and take it to the other side Standing the other like starting with a pilates push-ups 10 [time] [to] [get] down and push-up and two and three and four and five and six seven You gotta keep pushing last two Awesome hold it let’s just pump the like [you] three Four five six seven eight more using those glutes Toning up a whole back area some [holes] [5050] planks opposite Arm Reach forward And just holding this position. You want to think about creating a straight line with your leg in your arms Continuing to pull the belly button right into your spine here And then let’s take it back down wonderful reaching the arms up to the sky again And let’s take the camel open up you want to go a little further and [pierre] shield Opening the heart letting go of any tension would be feeling in your chest in your body Some hands back to your back lengthening the Spine reaching the arms Let’s come back down into child’s pose to round out the back Reaching those fingers to the top of your mat Wonderful ticket be pressing [in] [exhale] [back] to all [fours]. Tuck your toes downward dog Holding here taking a deep breath in And then exhale whenever you’re ready coming in supplying and just holding that position Shoulders above the [wrists] [Bellybutton] Pierced fine preparing yourself for the next exercise shoulder top open the feet tapping your shoulder with your fingers [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] you got eight more The reason we want to keep your feet a little bit of parties so that we have a little more balance here Keep tapping [our] shoulders keeping still with the upper body Almost done. We’re going to a table [walks] bring it in Step it up step in step out in in out out in In out keeping those knees hovered above the floor Shoulders above the wrists engaging your core And [in] out out keep going keep those knees low We’re going to finish this off with the flow take it down for [Doc] And exhale downward-facing dogs hold it [brie] And then from here, we’re going to [have] to the very top of your mac and take our forward fold Remember to fold from the hips not the Lumbar spine And then go ahead just walk out those means letting go [of] any tension in the hamstrings Allow your head your shoulders to feel really happy here And then slowly go ahead and reaching the right arm up to the sky keeping your left knee bent You want to aim to keep the right like straight? taking that twisted fold Find your breath here reaching most fingers up to the sky That’s slowly from here moving over to our reverse triangle stepping your left foot back Keeping those right fingers up to the sky picture square And then simply keeping your gaze down or if you wish [you] [may] look up to the sky finding that breath And then slowly shifting our way to the front foot left like us warrior three Arms extended next to the side of your body hold Find your center find your balance Whenever you’re ready hands can come back down. You can still keep that leg up just find your balance And then slowly feet together [four] [folds] and round out to [your] Tadasana inhale up exhale Swan Dive down Hold it here, and I’ll speak are twisted Fold the other side bending the right knee left like straight left arm reach [up] to the sky Hold and breathe here Feeling that stretch along the left hamstring And then stepping back to reverse triangle right for that Aim to get that front knee straight as possible don’t worry if you can’t just be your best Come come back down shift your weight to the front foot lift the back leg Warrior three when you’re ready take those hands off the mat Lift your body Find your balance And slowly come on down with your hands hold it for a little longer Keep those hips square breathing Oh that here keep your balance with your hands and then slowly take the foot down beautiful forward fold round into the spine Inhale Reach the arms Up palms together bring the hands to your heart one more breath in Reach the arms up exhale pondok to the floor half [way] up inhale exhale Jumper [Stefancik] like Chaturanga, Dandasan upward Facing dog and exhale downward facing dog Hold the care finding that breath finding that stillness again And then slowly make your way over to your knees child clothes for head down to your mat finishing off a practice today by slowing down that heart rate Beautiful one more deep breath into nose Exhale [cantley] out as you roll yourself up the victim reaches inhale arms up Palms together to your heart inhale one more biggest rest of the day Exhale slowly bring your hands to your heart Taking a moment here to think yourself [you’re] amazing practice today [thank] you guys so much, and I hope you enjoyed yoga and the snow I can’t wait to see you again Namaste Hope you guys enjoy this video if you like to see more yoga videos fitness videos and lifestyle videos Don’t forget to subscribe to our [channel] See you soon

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