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100 thoughts on “Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

  1. be careful on the clean and press workout, i accidently slammed a dumbell against my knee while coming up. hurt like a motha motha!

  2. Great advice, that upside down press is a bit much for beginners though.
    Btw impressive love for inking but the neck/throat is just 🙈

  3. Oh.. I do 40 normal clean presses, I always love overworking myself, it’s great to see how you get less tired and tired, it’s awesome.
    edit: thanks for heart buff tattoo man this helped me a lot, I was able to do a single Batman handstand push-up yey

  4. I thought I could do this, I got past the tricep kick backs. But then WTF man I'll stay fat for the rest of my virgin life

  5. 🇺🇸☮️🗽🌎🏋️🌎🏋️🌎🏋️😍🏋️🌎😍🏋️🏋️😍🏋️🌎😍🏋️🌎😍🏋️🏋️😍🏋️🌎😍🏋️🌎😍🏋️🌎☮️🇺🇸🏋️🌎🗽😎

  6. definitely felt the muscle isolation per workout. felt great its up there with p-90x for me personally….you get results if you commit to it

  7. He doesn't even sweat.. Great workout anyway. But really handstand pushups for beginners ? And all that 3 times ?? I am almost dead after finishing the first time.

  8. My ceiling is too low for the clean press, is there another workout I could replace that with or would it be fine to just cut that one out?

  9. Not for beginners at all c'mon man who can do that kind of pushup when they start? I'm sure its a great workout just ditch the beginner in title, so beginners don't get totally put off.

  10. If I only have one dumbbell and if I do the two dumbbell exercises but swap after the amount of reps needed each arm will it still work?

  11. Well, I guess I'll stay fat. I am 500lbs, and I am very limited to what I can actually do, let alone my condition. I have I.T.P and I am extremely limited to even the simplest tasks. Can you make a video on Bed exercises? I know some will make fun of me like always which is why I rarely talk about my weight.

  12. I'm 6' 0", 235 lbs. And I never work out. What size dumbbells do I need? Can I just buy one pair of dumbbells to do all the work outs?

  13. The exercises are top exercises. But. He's using 10 or 12kg dumbbells. That's extremely difficult with such exercises.

  14. Honestly I'm loving your channel and all you're amazing workout videos and tips! I want to start getting stronger and more fit. I was gaining weight really fast recently and it made me realize that that's not the way I want to care for my body. My dogs are actually my biggest motivators. They are more fit than me and I was putting more work into their fitness than my own. They do weight training with weight vests and have gotten so much fitter after I started putting in the work with them. And they love it! They get so excited to have their vests put on and go for a long run every morning. I want to be more like them. I want to be able to keep up with my dogs so we can go on more adventures together. Thank you so much Chris for the extra help and motivation!

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