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Wollongong Hospital Temporary Birthing Unit Walk Through

Hi I’m Karen I’m the manager of
birthing services here at Wollongong Hospital. As you know we’re undergoing
major renovations to our birthing unit and I’m here today to show you the
temporary unit where you will have your baby whilst our renovations are underway. This area was previously an intensive
care unit which has since been relocated We’ve been able to refurbish this space
to make it a safe welcoming area for you to have your baby. This is our reception
area where you’ll be greeted by our friendly midwifery staff and just behind me is a waiting area for you and your support people now you’ve seen the Welcome area, what we really want to show you is what your birthing space will
look like. The first thing you’ll notice when walking into the room is this
exposed pillar. This contains medical gases. Now this is available in the current
birthing unit it’s just contained behind walls. As I
mentioned before because this is a previous intensive care unit this pillar
is exposed but it provides the same medical gases for the safety of you and
your baby. These are our birthing spaces each room is set up with a bed and
whatever birth prop you need to assist you in your labor. We know the birthing space is smaller but it is safe and it is comfortable and
rest assured you’ll receive the same midwifery and medical care as usual. This
is just a small snapshot of what you can expect when you come to have your baby. Just a few things to remember as you can see there is limited space but we’re
still allowing up to 3 support people. What we would like to do is invite your
family and friends to join you in the post natal unit after you’ve had your
baby. Just remember it’s the same service just in a different location. We look
forward to welcoming you and being a part of this significant time. Thanks for
watching and we’ll see you soon.

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