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WIC Clinic Experience – English

[MUSIC PLAYING] Good afternoon. How are you? I’m good. How are you? Good. I’m here for my appointment. Hi. Good morning. Good morning. Yes, ma’am. How may I help you? Oh, yes, ma’am. I need to apply for WIC. My name is Coushatta. This is my daughter, Cheyenne,
and she is two months old. [SPEAKING SPANISH] My name is Miriam Cervantes. Good morning. Hey. How are you, Shanan? I’m good. I’m Julia. My name’s Shanan,
and this is Levi. The ladies are so nice. They greet you so nicely. [SPEAKING SPANISH] My name’s Jean Shannon, and
I am five months pregnant. This will be my first pregnancy. I’m very nervous. If I can have you start filling
this health history for me? OK. I appreciate you guys
seeing me so quickly. So when families
first come in, we will get a little
bit of information from them to make sure that they
qualify for the WIC program. I would also need proof of
address, a bill or business mail that has your name
with the address on it. OK. And ID for you and the baby. All right. And then from there, once
we get all the information, we do do a little
bit of paperwork. And we’ll also go in and
we’ll check everyone’s height and weight. [SPEAKING SPANISH] 11 pounds and 14 ounces. You broke the 10 pound barrier. Yay! Thank you so much. I actually look forward to my
visits, so to brag on my baby and tell everybody how
the family is going. After the lab and intake
part, they will actually see the nutritionist. And the nutritionist
will basically speak with them about any
concerns that they may have, if they’re wanting to see
how all the results were from the lab work, we can
go over that with them. When you’re a parent,
you have questions. Is my baby OK? Is he or she healthy? And they tell you. They tell you, oh,
you know, your baby’s doing good compared to
other kids in the world. About breastfeeding. What can I eat or do
to increase my supply? That is a really good question. Being on WIC will help a lot. Things that she needs,
things that I need. It’s not just for
one or the other. It’s for both of us. And that’s a great thing. Have you thought about how
you’re going to feed the baby? Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding? Yes. We had a new pregnant mom
come in today, Ms. Jean. I shared some information
with her about breastfeeding. I also told her that WIC is here
to support her breastfeeding goals. My visit with
Veronica was great. She was very personable. There is a book. This is called Breastfeeding,
Keep It Simple. And it has some really
great information about breastfeeding. We’re here for her for
the next five years. So I want her to continue to be
a WIC participant for as long as she can. And so tell me about the
trouble with production. Today’s visit was very nice. We got some help on lactation
and getting my production up and helping with him
latching and all of that. So when you’re normally at
home, does he just latch, or are we pumping also
in combination with that? I try to latch him
as much as possible. Awesome. That’s what we want. But I also do pump, too. I love working with
the moms, especially our breastfeeding moms. Kind of helping them to get more
information that they may not get elsewhere. I do have a question. Yes. When I have the baby, would
my benefits change at all? Absolutely. We offer not only benefits. We help you with food. We can also be help– I
mean, you’re pregnant. We can be helping
you with support. If you’re intending to
breastfeed, if you’re not intending to breastfeed. We are here to help you. They come to WIC and
there are so many things that they receive from us,
not just only the education, but even support in other areas. Say, for instance, they have
children that maybe they’re trying to go back to work
and they need assistance with day care. I mean, we can send
them out, give them all the referrals that they
need to contact these agencies and get the help that they need. You have May 10 at 1:00 PM
for your breastfeeding class. And all you need to do is
just bring your WIC card. OK. OK? This is your shopping list, OK? So this has your three months. You have March,
April, May on it. Definitely come in because
they can help with so much of food and support. The support system is wonderful. [SPANISH] They love children. So you can always just come in
and have a weight lifted off of you by knowing that if you
have any questions, whether it be nutrition or lactation, or
just general in life questions. You know, hey, is this
normal for a kid this size? They’re always
welcoming and helpful. So that’s kind of a burden
lifter to know that you come in and you can just
relax, that it’s OK. They’re going to make it
better and easier for you. You know, don’t hesitate. Give us a call if you ever
need any additional help, OK? Oh, I definitely will. All right. Thank you. Have a great afternoon. You too. Appreciate it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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