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Who is the best sexologist in Chennai? | Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center

hello there good morning this is Dr
Karthik gunasekaran sexologist and andrologist from the metromale clinic, chennai. As you can see I’m in my home gym just got out of bed about like 15 minutes back
and I’m gonna hit the treadmill and start my morning walk, I just thought it
will take a couple of minutes to talk about the effect of exercise especially
walking and losing weight on fertility and sexual health so this video is going
to be a little shaky or walky or whatever you wanna call it because i’m
going to start walking on my treadmill now you have to understand I typically
advise my patients about like 30 minutes of walking every day now you want to
keep that weight under control because weight is very very crucial in terms of
maintaining your testosterone levels so when you have a lot of fat in the
periphery all the fat is going to convert the male hormone testosterone
into estrogen and you don’t want estrogen because estrogen is a female
hormone right so the best way to get a testosterone levels up
this is lose estrogen by decreasing the pheripheral fat and that can by exercise so and you need testosterone not only for sperm production but also you need for
your sexual health to build the desire the libido your muscles your bones so
on and so forth now what exercise also does is it that it dilates
the blood vessels in your body so it not only dilates the peripheral blood
vessels and it also dilates the blood vessels going to the heart and also
dilates the blood vessels going in the penis, if you are somebody who’s into as
Middle Ages like me like I am 46 and if you are going to be needing the help of
a PDE5 inhibitor then by walking you’re going to decrease the need for that PDE 5
in a bit, say if you are on PDE5 drug like Viagra for about 50
milligrams as and when required and you start walking and because the blood vessels are dilating, the need for the PDE5 inhibitor becomes less
typically I walk about like three kilometres over 30 minutes a day for
about like five or six times a week and I do a set of like floor exercises so I
really advise you to carry out of bed put on your walking shoes hit the gym go
to the park or you can just set up a treadmill at home it’s gonna be great
so if you like our advice please like us on YouTube and keep subscribing to us thank you for watching

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