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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
White Coat Ceremony, McWhorter School of Pharmacy

preparing pharmacists who transform lives that's what the mick water school of pharmacy does and one step for those pharmacists begins right here with the class of 2018 participating in their white coat ceremony this is a culmination of all their hard work to get them here and now they they will dawn the white coat which is a covenant between them and the patients they will serve it's a tremendous step it's one of many milestones on the way but we are excited that they're here and we're excited to start their next section of their career it's big achievement so day we get coated and become professionals me and it's just a big step in pharmacy load each future pharmacist is coded by a mentor a family member a friend and many times a fellow pharmacist the students make their mark knowing there's still much work to be done I mean even though we're good at getting coated today we still have four more hard years four hard years of work and this is just beginning of a new journey and this is the first of many milestones and it's important for them to realize that they've got to do their part to bridge today and graduation in 2018 but I feel so confidently students they have the academic aptitude and more importantly they have the hearts of a servant leader I hope and that's going to be the difference in terms of why there are the quarters full of pharmacy and despite the long hours of study ahead the many hours of learning the profession in and out these students haven't lost track of why why they choose to be pharmacists I really just wanted to learn how to take care of patients that was my main goal and finding a career was what can I do to help others and I knew I want to do something medical and then I found pharmacy and I really fell in love with it my father has had many health problems so I've always been interested in how to guide him so now working in a pharmacy also this past summer has given me an experience to understand like the importance of pharmacy and how of a big impact it is on patients for more information about sanford university's mcwhorter school of pharmacy head to sanford edu / farms

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