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100 thoughts on “When You Work Out Once

  1. When you know how to flex just enough to take a fire thumbnail pic!! COME THROUGH!! Hahahhaha! Thank you for watching fam!! Also, #SuperSixty starts now! I’m responding to comments for the next hour. MAKE EM GOOD DOEEEE XOXO

  2. you look so fkn pretty in this video 😍😍😍 & your hair looks amazing straightened 💕💕

  3. working out does change you, no joke. i just can NOT absorb the fact that some people LIKE working out. like, Jungkook, reveal your secrets.

  4. Who else watched this thinking it was new… then getting confused when she said the next thing was 12 collars of Christmas😂

  5. I do twists to keep my stomach flat and keep my waist small. Also some squats but I also do basic yoga. Lol I eat what I want tho

  6. 3:30 Lilly I love you my girl but you have nothing on your fork but still are putting it in your mouth 🤣 Also pls don't take offense (whoever is reading this) I love Lilly but I just noticed this when I was watching her vids for the 3000000th time so….

  7. I have to do 25 jumping jacks, 10-20 V sit-ups, 20-50 push-ups, 50-100 kicks, 50-150 different kinds of punches, and a ton of other stuff 2-4 times a week. Reason: Taekwondo.

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