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What Medications treat Diabetes?

Hi, I’m Peter Lwin. Welcome to Blood Sugar Magic or BSM. The information provided is intended for Australian audiences
only and is general in nature. It does not replace advice given to you by your
healthcare professional. Please read this disclaimer and the following terms and
conditions carefully before proceeding. Taking medications is only one part of
managing diabetes. A person should not rely on medications alone, particularly in the case of type 2 diabetes. The most effective way of managing blood glucose
is through a combinational of a healthy diet with meals space regularly
throughout the day, regular physical activity often combined with medications
and regular blood glucose testing when advised by your doctor. Next week’s
episode will be the start of our series on medications that are used for type 1
and type 2 diabetes. In each episode I’ll talk about a different class of medication
for diabetes. The topic that I will cover will include; how the medication works in
the body; common side effects; actions that can be taken to manage the side
effects and things to be aware of when taking the medication. Thank you for
watching Blood Sugar Magic or BSM. We hope to see you next week.

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