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What is Homeopathy? – Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Ty: Talk a little bit about homeopathy. I
know you’re a homeopath. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby: Indeed and I’m on
a homeopathic advisory board back in Europe. The only thing is I can’t talk a little
bit about homeopathy. I can run out the camera batteries…
Ty: I’m sure you could. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby: No, seriously, I’ll
try hack it down, okay? But first of all it’s important to understand the model because
a lot of people have probably heard the word and they’re probably seeing all the scoffing and derision
and there’s nothing in it. You know we proved there are no chemicals in it therefore
it’s a fraud and think well it must be a fraud. When, in fact, it’s one of the most healing
restorative modalities I know. The thing is it’s not based on the amount of stuff. It’s
based on an energetic signal, an information signal if you like. So this is homeopathy
in two or three sentences. You pick a substance that copies the illness. Not one that opposes
it, but one that copies it. For example, if someone has scarlet fever you chose belladonna
because if you take belladonna your face goes all bright red and your throat’s sore,
hectic temperature, you feel ghastly. Taking belladonna is like having scarlet fever, so
it’s a good remedy for scarlet fever. It’s called “like cures like.” So you’re looking
for a mimic of the disease. A conventional doctor would take an antagonist, so you take
your aspirin to lower temperature. Different kinds of opposing ideas. This is, first of
all, identify something that copies your illness. Then you dilute it. Now this is the
weird part that doctors and scientists can’t get a hold of. It’s called potentization
and you can dilute it one in ten, one in ten, one in ten, one in ten, one in ten, and after
12 dilutions you’ve passed the Avogadro number so we know there is no belladonna left.
Well, interestingly, if you hitch it up to a spectrographic transmitter you find that the
more you dilute it the more it starts transmitting energies. And now you can’t argue with a spectrograph. It’s the most exquisitely sensitive scientific instrument we have. That’s what tells you
there’s manganese on a star that’s a thousand billion light years away. You can’t argue
with a spectrograph. And yet the homeopathic remedies actually start to broadcast the more
you dilute them. There’s another series that goes a hundred,
by a hundred, by a hundred, by a hundred. That’s called a C series. So you’ve got the D
or ten series or the C/100 series. So get rid of any concern that you’ve removed the
substance. That’s true, you have. But, of course, what’s happened is that you’ve imprinted the signal
in each dilution and it gets re-imprinted on the water. And that’s the third point of
homeopathy. It’s “like cures like”, then the dilutions, and then what we call succussion.
In making the dilutions the homeopath will bang it on his hand like that a few times.
Then do the next dilution into plain water, bang it on his hand, that’s called succussion. It enhances the transmission of the signal from each substance. And although you’ll
read all over the place that homeopathy has been proven not to work. First of all you
can’t prove anything doesn’t work. You can only fail to prove it does work. There
are thousand of studies showing it’s highly effective. In fact there’s a very good one
that was published in “The Lancet” in 1994. They did it three times because they couldn’t believe it was
working. Three times it performed better than placebo.

12 thoughts on “What is Homeopathy? – Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

  1. I wonder if conventional medicine is bases on Homeopathy, only modern medicine sadly has too many bad side effects. I wonder if Homeopathic medicine could be used to remind our immunity system to attach cancer cells. As there are certain natural medicines or remedies that can help memory of immune system.

  2. this is the clearest description of how Homeopathy works that I have seen. I know it works from personal past experience having used it to cure a problem with Candida which was not responding to conventional medicine. A blood test through my GP proved that the Candida had indeed been cleared. That was 25 years ago, and it has not been a problem ever since.

  3. I followed Keith Scott-Mumby for a while and agreed with and supported his healthcare treatments and protocols that are valid and quite worth using. And, being a very knowledgeable 40-year veteran nurse, I concur with and also promote his healthcare treatment advocation.

    My only problem with Mumby finally came down to a diametrically opposed view of a personal nature regarding an issue involving the freedom of choice in the right-to-die issue. He is adamantly opposed to any law being passed by a government that gives anyone the "autonomy and legal right" to end their life as they see necessary.

    Several states in the U.S. passed compassionate laws of euthanasia a few years ago making it legal for anyone to request the assistance of their physician in dying when suffering in great pain from an end-stage disease or cascade physiological shut-down. He was arrogantly rude, dismissive and outright insulting stating that HIS "view" was the "right & only" view regarding this issue, and that if we allow "governments" to pass laws like "death with dignity," it will lead to mass abuse by those in power and the unfettered killing of people.

    Well, take a very careful look around and you will clearly SEE that "those" in power have already committed a horrific protocol of "injuring and killing" people on a global scale through poisoning our food chain, water systems and vaccines with deadly toxic chemicals that are directly responsible for causing cascading illnesses and unbearable pain and suffering. I agree with his methods, I do not agree with some of his personal views.

  4. WHO IS this doctor? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. He argued for his profession maintaining his grace and the respect of homeopathy… AMAZING

  5. dr34m342k, please don't call something quackery just because it sounds too mysterious to be true…Many studies have shown that homeopathic remedies produce significantly more results than a placebo…..Just as a matter of interest, there are over 100 Colleges of Homeopathy in India alone….And they have thrived for decades. How could they have thrived if homeopathy doesn't work. Given the dangerous and draconian remedies cooked up by Big Pharma, it's only a matter of time until people go back to homeopathy (and other alternative medicines) in hordes….

  6. At 3:20, Scott-Mumby refers to a paper published in The Lancet in 1994. It was 1997:

    Linde 1997, meta-analysis, 89 trials.
    The results of our meta-analysis are not compatible with the hypothesis that the clinical effects of homeopathy are completely due to placebo. However, we found insufficient evidence from these studies that homeopathy is clearly efficacious for any single clinical condition. Further research on homeopathy is warranted provided it is rigorous and systematic.

    Linde produced a follow-up paper in 1999, which concluded:
    The evidence of bias [in homeopathic trials] weakens the findings of our original maceen published. The fact that a number of the new high-quality trials… have negative results, and a recent update of our raceview for the most “original” subtype of homeopathy (classical or individualized homeopathy), seem to confirm the finding that more rigorous trials have less-promising results. It seems, therefore, likely that our meta-analysis at least overestimated the effects of homeopathic treatments.

    Linde co-authored a brief article in the Lancet in December 2005. In it he wrote,
    We agree (with Shang et al) that homoeopathy is highly implausible and that the evidence from placebo-controlled trials is not robust…Our 1997 meta-analysis has unfortunately been misused by homoeopaths as evidence that their therapy is proven.

  7. Yeah I started trying to follow your advice about finding things that mimic your illness and it wasn't working out too well. See I have lung cancer and I thought to myself what hurts your lungs? Huffing car exhaust. But it just gave me a headache and the doctor said my tumor has gotten to the size of a Christmas ham. Please help.

  8. I thought the criticisms of homeopathy were exaggerated. Then I see this guy. What the hell is wrong with people?

  9. Homeopathy is clearly a demented lie pushed by cretins and liars. Everyone in world above the mental age of 6.77 knows this to be true. Can't argue with these facts, you little runt!

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