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What Is Homeopathy And Is It Real Science?

Homeopathy, beloved by The Royal Family and
millions around the world. But does it actually work? Hey guys Julia here for DNews Homeopathy. A very.. contentious form of alternative
medicine practiced by millions all over the world. The National Health Service in the
UK spends about 4 million pounds a year on these kind of treatments. And some estimates
place that number as high as 11 million pounds. So it’s more than just a fringe movement. In fact even the Royal Family seems to be
fans. The Queen’s Physician, Peter Fisher, recently called for more people to use it.
He says that it’s “Safe, popular with patients, improves clinical outcomes without
increasing costs, and reduces the use of potentially hazardous drugs, including antimicrobials.” Although in the US, the National Institute
of Health says that “There is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment
for any specific condition.” So what is it? Homeopathy isn’t a new idea.
It was introduced by the German Physician Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. Homeopathy’s
premise is based on a few interesting ideas. According to The National Center for Homeopathy,
the first idea is that “like cures like” and that’s what homeopathy means in Greek,
same suffering. Or that something that produces symptoms in a healthy person, makes a sick
person healthy. So like caffeine, a molecule that keeps people awake, might be used to
treat people with insomnia. But only if caffeine is diluted to very small amounts. And that’s the second premise. The more
dilute the remedy, the more potent it is. And thirdly, that the illness is specific
to the person. Homeopaths take into account a holistic view of a person. So how is the medicine made? Well let’s
go back to that caffeine example. A bit of caffeine goes through the process of ‘potentization’
which involves dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking), so all the toxic effects of the
extract or compound are removed. And when I say dilution, I mean a lot of dilution.
Something might be diluted 1 in a hundred 30 times in a solution of water or sugar.
Medicine doses are based on the centesimal or C scale. A 2C dilution requires a substance
to be diluted to one part in one hundred, and then some of that mixture being diluted
AGAIN to one part in a hundred. So basically you wind up with one part of the original
substance in 10,000 parts of the solution. And so on and so forth. This process can be
repeated. Basically the plant or animal extract is so diluted that there’s almost no molecules
of it left. But according to homeopathic theory the more diluted it is, the more “potency”
it has. Homeopaths believe that water retains the “memory” of that extract. The idea
is that after each dilution the extract and water, sugar, or what ever the dilution is,
goes through succussion, which activates the “vital energy” of the extract.
Alright so that’s the process… but what does the science say about it? Well one study published in the journal Rheumatology
found that homeopathy helped arthritis patients over the course of six months, when added
alongside conventional medicine. Buuuuuuut it was because of “its unique consultation
process,”. Basically homeopathy treats the patient, not just the symptoms. So it was
really the one on one, patient focused appointments that helped, not the homeopathic medicine. Well the National Health and Medical Research
Council of Australia found “no evidence” that homeopathy is effective. In a report
published last year, the NHMRC looked at 57 systematic reviews of the treatment. They
found there were no health conditions for which homeopathy was effective, that no good
large scale studies found that homeopathy was better than placebo. And Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor, at the
University of Exeter wrote in an opposing letter to the Queen’s physician, that homeopathy
is “implausible” and that it “flies in the face of science”. So it looks like science isn’t on the side
of homeopathy. But you know what science DOES support? Meditation.

100 thoughts on “What Is Homeopathy And Is It Real Science?

  1. Diluting something doesn't make it more potent. We all learnt that in science class as kids, right? RIGHT??

  2. Homeopathy doesn't work. It's as bad as flat earthers, creationists, and all those fucking conspiracies.

  3. When homeopathy was invented by Hahnemann in 1795 it was dangerous to go to the doctor. Hahnemann gave the patients pure water which is harmless and sometimes gave the benefit of the placebo effect 🙂 It have absolutely no clinical medical effect. An example of one big problem is if people trust it to cure severe disease like cancer.

  4. Homeopathy works. And this video only showed one side of it. There's a whole world of study that is not shown in the video.

  5. Homeopathy can cure one ailment. It can get rid of that terrible, bulging lump in your wallet.

  6. dear Mr/Ms.Seeker, I dont know what is the credibility you have to speak and declare scientifically about Homeopathy.
    I advise you to read the book Homeopathy: Science Or Myth? By Bill Gray MD.
    You can search in Google Books.

  7. If you've actually gone to a Homeopath before then you realize it's very different that how it's being explained. They check your vitals, look at your blood tests, and review your medical history, and then find more natural approaches to helping heal you using natural medicines and practices.

    I went to a homeopath for autoimmune issues and they prescribed me herbal and plant based medicines and advised me to take different vitamins that i was lacking and gave me advice on lifestyle changes. My homeopath actually helped reverse my autoimmune issue compared to modern pharma medicines that only made me worse.

  8. This video is stupid. I had eczema before and my dumb ass dermatologist said that it never heals. But with homeopathy my eczema got completely cured.

  9. The problem wirh the people leaving all the negative comments is that they are negative, and nonbelievers. Too bad for you. Yee without faith and hope has nothing.

  10. I tried it, and I judge from experience. Homeopathy is Hocus pocus with an honorable award that has fooled The Queen, Homeopathy is 100% placebo effect, if you have tried it and it worked on you, you may as well try healing yourself with plain water. because you are the healer, not the Homeopathy.

  11. This was a misleading presentation. The very question, "what does science say about it" intentionally seeds the mind with the ideas that not only is homeopathy not scientific, but that "science" is a homogeneous body, and the sources she cited speak for all of "science." Your slip is showing.

  12. The more dilute, the better the treatment. Is that the case with anything ever? The less gas….the longer it lasts. The less food you eat, the more full. The less poison you eat, the more it will kill you.

  13. In thousands of cases, handwriting has shown its homeopathic efficiency as a confirmatory symptom, or it pointed directly to the correct diagnosis of a remedy. Personality and character expresses itself in handwriting. Graphology is a study of handwriting and tells the minutest detail of one’s personality, which even the person himself is most times unaware of. For further details visit (official website of Handwriting Analysts International)

  14. I'm young homeopathy physician I have not so much experience in this field but I'm practicing for for 3 years after completed my 5.5 years graduation course And now daily I treat number of patients from purely homeopathy where maximum of cases where patient didn't got relief from allopathic ststem.. we have have treat and cure more than 80% cases of Renal calculi where allopathic doctor suggest for surgery..

  15. I think some of you know that only micro gram of your hormones secreat from yours glands and it's effects shows on very large and vast level on your body.
    The invention on surgery a major subject of medical science is given and introduce firstly in Ayurveda..
    Every medical systems has its own importance as allopathic , Ayurvedic and homeopathy.
    If the system persist for more than 200 years and serve humanity then you can't mark on its existence…

    Yes it works new research.

  17. I dint understand the caffeine example …
    How caffeine produces symptoms in healthy person…
    But cures a sick person 🤔

    Doesn't everybody have caffeine almost everyday all day

  18. Homeopathy quackery ted talk look it up
    This is all just another way to scam needy people for thousands of years pulling up in a cart vending "cure all concoctions and potions" buttom line people have blindly followed and believe and have prejudice with out investigations pharma gov thrive on this and exploite the docile and supress the truth

  19. My eczema much relieved after homoeopathy treatment
    Initially I started with allopathic medicine but it didnt worked much

  20. The simple fact that Homeopathy is still in business despite being ignored by all governments and the bad mouthing of all Pharmaceutical companies and being mostly dependent on word of mouth is proving that it is really beneficial though being really inexpensive.

  21. It is an effective science but it seems that conventional medicine is not interested in a cure, only on going profit! If placebo is the excuse, then all medicine, conventional or practical, are placebo; for the real power is in the mind.

  22. It WORKS . I have used it on family, friends and animals and it always WORKS. Recently saved a friends dog when the vet gave it no chance. That was months ago and the dog is alive and well.

  23. Homeopathy, as all of us know that it is safe and effective to use. Homeopathy medicines are free from side effects as these are made of natural substances. And if you want to consult the best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad, Homeocare International is with new advancements and most experienced homeopaths.

  24. Those people who question homeopathy I would like to tell my story where I flush kidney stone from my body without surgery, using homeopathy only… Allopathy only suggest operation and no medicine… So homeopathy works… (If you are consistent as you have to stick to schedule for almost 6-12 months). I flushed my stone in 4.5 months… And I have lab reports evidence… In short homeopathy is not for lazy people.

  25. The most stupid video ever. Instead of listening this shit, people must try it first,there is no placebo in this. It uses extracts of herbs.

  26. Homeopathic fans! Please help a friend in need fill out a survey for a business study! Thank you!!

  27. each pathy is special for a specific purpose don't compare each other.
    allopathy is good for viral, bacterial infections & Surgery.
    while Ayurveda & Herbal is good for Gastro-Enterological disease.
    Homeopathy is good for fungal infection and diseases caused by malfunction of our main GLANDS.

    Naturopathy containing yoga , tai chi , meditation , visual affirmation , black magic are good for overall well being .

  28. Hi there!

    I applause this video and another way which is similar to the homeopathy is Live Homeo.
    Live homeo is the best platform to gain knowledge on homeo treatments.

  29. Hi there!

    I applause this video and another way which is similar to the homeopathy is Live Homeo.
    Live homeo is the best platform to gain knowledge on homeo treatments.

  30. Real facts are immune to opinions. It is videos such as this one that perpetuate myths. They tell us the scientific view alongside the hocus pocus and give the different views the same weight. Then at the end, they ask "Tell us what you think!" So if you came here looking for answers, I'll save you some time. You don't need to watch the video. Homeopathy is nonsense. Period.

  31. I just listed: Science, Health & Education of Hormones: A Guide to Natural Applications for Healthy Living, for $17.58 via @amazon

  32. I wanted to explain how people could make their own homeopathic restless leg remedy. I want to use a substance known to cause true RLS symptoms in patients (rather than “restlessness” which is not the same & what the commercial remedies contain) so I picked Benadryl. That will get the legs going! Now I learn I must dilute my Benadryl tab with enough water to fill an ocean. Very inconvenient. I can’t afford microinstruments to chop up the tab into very teeny bits. It would still require too much water & would yield the less powerful 30X dilution rather than the more powerful 60X dilution true RLS requires. Can one buy Benadryl molecules by the dozen?

  33. Money money money. Western medicine wants only money.
    Been using homeopathy since childhood, from viral fever to chicken pox ….. Thanks to homeopathy I'm still commenting here. Yes I agree it's not a quick fix like Allopathy but it cures you rather than treats your symptoms

  34. What do you mean "is it science"? It has warning labels directly stating that it's claims are not scientifically validated.

  35. Scientific studies have been done and have proven positive results with homeopathy. Do better research before making such videos, because Spaulding Rehab Hospital in Boston did one such study long before this video: "Results: Analysis of covariance demonstrated that the homeopathic treatment was the only significant or near-significant predictor of improvement on DSS subtests…"
    But such studies and results are buried quite well; why?…. Why else? Ain't no $profit in curing people.

  36. A couple of things…1) Your summary didn't mention the Swiss Office of technology Assessment report (c. ~2015) that found enough research support for homeopathy that it suggested that country's medical establishment continue to review it's effectiveness for inclusion in government-paid health. 2) A hair regrowth ad right after this? Check your monetiziation matchups.

  37. I liked homeopsthy at childhood.
    But noe I hate homeopathy… becsuse….. it …96 % of the csses cheating patients….giving …Blank Tablets. Making fool of people and their time and money and energy.

    But for a certain period of time…..
    the feeling of illness is compressed…but….the actual decease…come in its worst form acertain period later.

    And making fool of a patient is …..not allowed by any of the medical ethics…. and ….cheating a patient giving blank tsblets ….is punishable under the law.

  38. It is intresting. The placebo effect is mysterious. It would be unethical but trials should be conducted with a third group. One that receives no intervention by choice, a placebo group and a test group that receives the drug. It's depressing that science has not fully harnessed the mind to increase a drugs effectiveness. Belief is powerful but not clinically viable for everyone.

  39. Beyond logic i have cured many peoples with homeopathy and flower medicines. I have seen magical improvement in people

  40. Better to ask this: What is "SCIENTISM"? How does Scientism weirdly and chillingly look like and act like the early Church?How does Scientism use homeopathy as a bullying tactic, watch here. Discuss how and why Scientism bullying leave out the positive studies of Homeopathy by making huge unsupported proclamations that no studies show any benefit? Scientism's cherry picking. When Scientism make their huge unsubstantiated negative claims, and the opposite is clearly found, discussed and elaborated – note how human minds parrot the same negation over and again without clear analysis – tribunal by popular opinion.

    "As scientists, we have discovered a body of precisely observed factual data about the world, created a lot of good theories that make sense of much of that data — and we are part of a cultural heritage of scientism. Sociologists coined the term "scientism" back in the 1940s, when they realized that many scientists unthinkingly accepted many scientific theories as simple, unquestioned Truths, just like believers in any "ism," and thus we often acted like any prejudiced "believer," especially outside our immediate areas of expertise." Charles Tart, Phd

    Science… became Scientism, which means it didn't just pursue its own truths, it aggressively denied that there were any other truths at all… Ken Wilber
    A REAL scientist keeps an open mind and asks questions in an enlightening way.

    Note the way bullying types do very little to make the world safer by criticising the very real lack of true science in pharamaceuticals – how properly prescribed pharmaceuticals kill about 500,000 people annually in the U.S. and Europe. Death by pharmaceuticals is the number three cause of death after heart and cancer deaths — fact.
    Note how so many are so happy to take dangerous pharmaceuticals and typically act like a frightened elephant around homeopathy, oh the drama. Critical thinking takes a dive when examining pharma.

    See the article about Dr. John Ionnidis and collegues findings:

    Be open to how your so-called critical thinking makes the world more unstable.

  41. Keep calm,b open minded,go to a clasical homeopath like rajan shakaran,farohk master,bt rudresh, vitholucuss (who got alternative noble prize in homeopathy) and wait ,watch then u will realize the science and art of homeopathy,many homeopathic books r written by allopathic doctors who converted to homeopathy,hering,patak,many more , simply u not understand don't call it as shit ,we can make vibhuthi out of that shit–+++homeopathic student 🙂

  42. i used homeopathy for plantar fascitis and it cured. and homeopathy medicine i used is for free. i didn't pay money because its free service by devotees of sai.
    and u will be shocked all i took is 1 pill(4mm dia) a day for 2 months that's it.

    i didn't believe homeopathy works until a few times i was forced to use it. but after using it , it works more efficiently than allopathy.

  43. Hey….Girl…..
    You should know that you are quite pretty.
    And how I ended up to this comment well…I was reading ancient history of world while keeping my feet on acupressure pyramid. Suddenly I thought is acupuncture really works? To be answered I searched youtube rather googling it,I found one of the video from your channel…And in that video that guy suggested one video of yours during his own video,I saw a clip of yours and being a male I attracted to you and clicked the suggestion link and here I am.
    This way I ruined my study,and you got one praise for your beauty.
    Internet sucks.

  44. Misunderstood and Misused. If it is used right. Some of the Pills that are water soluble are mouth melts such as the well jeered sleep supplement Hyland's Calms Forte. The directions have been quite misleading and people take them accordingly. Take them the mouth melt way and Your in for a treat!

  45. I always kinda thought that homeopathy was like diluting the hell out of something with water to make it less potent
    Example: nightshade juice diluted with a f—ton of water, to the point it was no longer deadly.
    Or that it was used to build up an immunity to poisons.

  46. Whoever is against homeopathy I am talking to you, hey fool! Have you ever tried homeopathy? Or you’re a believer on allopathy which is working to destroy peoples health with misguided medical practice. I have more than enough evidence to prove how allopathy making people sick with their wrong treatment. They just fooling people. Just suppressing the symptoms not the actual disease so that they can sell drugs. The whole medical industry is controlled by big pharmaceutical companies. And FDA is the puppet of big pharma. I have so much evidence to show you better treatment protocols than allopathy and how effective they are but still they are kept out of public rudder by big pharma coz they don’t want to spoil their fortune. Go and do some research on orthomolecular medicine, regenerative medicine and all of these has tons of evidence from reputable medical journal. Homeopathy itself has more than 300 double blind placebo controlled studies published on the most reputable journals. My request for you guys pls dont be deluded by big pharma, coz if we let allopathic medicine to go where its going then in future we will have a medical study of what happens when you put poison to a malnourished body!
    How deluded you are to support allopathy which does not cure the underlying cause of the problem, they even treat fever, purely idiots. They themselves contradicts their own researches if you want proof then let me know I am busy but I will try my best to stop fools from misleading people.

  47. Not only now when homeopathy started its first step ,by one man army hahnemann the ppl like you goes on criticising it but no one ,no one have stoped it helping pure ppp ,go on barking we will go on curing 👍😊

  48. I think it's placebo effect in fact placebo effect is great. Quantum field theory may play a big role in homeopathy explanation.

  49. Homeopathy works, this experiment proves it ones and for all!

  50. Homeopathy can serve as an alternative.I have heard and seen it works for different people.There should be all kinds to medicine available like ayurveda,Greek, homeopathy,Chinese and so on.People should be able to try other if one doesn't work.Instead,big pharma tries to lobby and bribe the politicians and don't allow these other alternatives to come into existence.English medicines just treats the symptoms not the diseases.These kind of medicines treat the cause.

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