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What is a “Sissy Challenge” Kettlebell Workout?

what is the Sissy challenge? a great
trick to have up your sleeve is a quick intense nasty little kettlebell workout
that will get a whole lot done in a short period of time way back in 2011
when I was first certified as an arc AC 2 I met a couple of people from the edge
team performance center and kettlebell Club who are also attending the workshop
unfortunately their Facebook page about the event seems to be defunct now but
they used to hold a contest event called this sissy challenge it was essentially
a contest to see who could do a twist it and how twisted it is latter of 25
kettlebell swings and 25 burpees in the best time 25 swings 1 Burpee 24 swings 2
burpees 23 swings 3 burpees keep going down to 2 swings 24 burpees 1 swing 25
burpees told you it was nasty as the number of swings declines
what a mean lesson those burpees add up super duper quick I remember first
trying it in a friend’s backyard in the middle of a hot Florida summer after my
face turned purple my friend stopped her gardening and came
over to see if I was actually okay don’t try it
in the summer outside in Florida at the least you’ll scare your friends at the
worst you might keel over this workout is really best for people who are super
solid in their kettlebell swing technique and have the necessary
proprioception and abdominal stability to pull off a heck of a lot of burpees
without risking lower back pain and injury it is also essential to know
thyself and not be too stubborn to take a break and walk it off from time to
time all of that being said ever since 2011 I’ve made use of several modified
versions of this twisted ladder kettlebell swing Burpee pattern for
other situations first of all you can easily vary the intensity of the swings
by choosing heavier or lighter kettlebells remember whatever you choose
make sure that it’s a kettlebell you can swing with excellent form when working
with a small group or if I have a particularly motivated and competitive
client who wants a quick work out they can use at home I offer
the following variations go for 10 reps to be honest I do this version myself
for a quick high-intensity cardio session if I need to get rolling for a
long computer heavy day I may do the 10 rep version earlier in the day and then
do a raw strength or skill workout later in the day you can also swap out the
burpees for sprawls which are burpees with no push-up and no jump or remove
the jump from your burpees these variations are great for less
conditioned folks or if you’re using push-ups advanced push-ups and/or
plyometrics in your main workout and don’t want to burn them out during
burpees time here’s an example that’s in my regular rotation 10 kettlebell swings
1 Burpee 9 kettlebell swings 2 burpees 8 kettlebell swings 3 burpees all the way
down to one kettlebell swing 10 burpees when doing the 10 rep version I try to
do it straight through it makes for a fast gnarly little high-intensity cardio
workout it also clocks in at a total of 55 swings and 55 burpees so it leaves
plenty of room for other challenges in the session or day please subscribe to
my channel for more and visit

2 thoughts on “What is a “Sissy Challenge” Kettlebell Workout?

  1. I am really digging these.

    I hear burpee, I get chest tightness.

    Also did you ever have or know anyone who's had extreme forearm soreness/pump from high rep, heavy(ish) KB swings?

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