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Hello, my name is Jamie Ryan. I’m the
director of education and campus support services. Our team provides a range of
services at the School of Medicine. Since May we have been part of the operations
and facilities management department offering one-stop shopping for reserving
space, planning meetings, and offering meeting coordination services for
conferences and events. Our team also provides operational service support as
liaisons for our auxiliary services. I’d like to introduce you to two of our
auxiliary service lead, Melissa Gahala and Christine Jochim who will provide
more information about these services on campus.>>Thank You Jamie
I support food and catering services which include two Kaldi Coffee
locations, Ces &Judy’s Catering, Bon Appetit Catering, Shell Cafe, and the
newly opened Farmstead Cafe in the McDonald Pediatric Research building.
With the openings of Farmstead Cafe and Kaldi’s Coffee we are so thrilled to
bring to you more options on campus. Now Christine will tell us more about the
other auxiliary services available on campus.>>Thanks Melissa.
I manage the two FedEx locations, as well as the campus store at the Mid
Campus Center. With all three locations being new this year, we are so excited to
grow these services on campus. Now let’s take a quick look at the newest service
locations. ‘Music’>On campus we have two locations, we have the Farrell location which we are standing in now, and our newest location at the Mid Campus Center building.>So I often switch back and forth just depending on where I am on campus. Both Kaldi’s have great options, I know this one tends to
have more meat options, the other one more vegetarian. The other one’s a little
quieter, so what I want to have meeting, I have it there.
>>We have scratch-made baked goods, we have delicious coffee beverages, we got
smiling faces and an awesome environment to enjoy your coffee and lunch in.>>The Washington University School of Medicine Campus Store is conveniently located on
the first floor of the Mid Campus Center. Focusing on a hassle-free shopping
experience, the store provides access to a great variety of convenience products,
gifts, and spirit wear.>>This is my first time here. It’s nice and
convenient and I definitely want to get some swag from my parents. They’ve been
complaining about it, so now that it’s here I can definitely go get some.
>>The campus store is dedicated to delivering access and affordability with
an extensive assortment of course materials. FedEx has two campus locations for your
convenience: inside the campus store in the MCC building, and on the CSRV link.
For parcel or package handling, FedEx offers everything from storage and
delivery to packing and shipping. With an extensive printing and distribution
network, FedEx Office delivers best-in-class printing that is fast and
cost-effective.>>Farmstead Cafe by Bon Apetit is another great dining choice on campus featuring fresh gourmet farm-to-fork creations and a
professional friendly staff, you’ll always find something satisfying.>>It’s a great place to meet people, great place for the faculty, staff and students to come in and enjoy a great meal made from scratch.
Many of our products are locally sourced. We have a farmers market here
every Thursday. We actually get many of our products from the local farmers that
come by. You know, we pride ourselves on trying to source at least 20% of our
product, if not more, from local farms and farmers within 150 miles.
We have vegan/vegetarian options. We can also provide gluten-free options as well,
or any other diet area of restrictions.

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