ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Vlog#15: Ocho Rios Trip, Highway Meds, Lunch at Margaritaville

good morning guys so it's the next day today is Sunday the 17th of February and today we are heading off to OG okay yes we're heading out – OH – I just woke up just short and stuff got ready and everything no um my sister is supposed is gonna be here shortly I think so yeah I need stuff no.8 all right now um yes so sure but I'm gonna be on our way so yeah so I'm gonna show you guys what I have on right so come another light all right so my shirt is from I think my sister got for me in the when she went to the states I think and I'm wearing this chain thing from so and then I'm wearing these sweats from Half Price rocks from Mars and then my this one thing from war so yeah so I'll see you guys when we leave the house [Laughter] [Laughter] align we're celebrating showed it looks like a video store over there and store for what to go tomorrow we're here it's not Aaron's the fun that's a roly-poly over there no no when you forgive Thanks Oh so leaving know who does better jerm arabic you cheeseburger that was good I know how to rank the big appetizers I think it was not chose some quiche some shrimp wings and I didn't know how to be strawberry doctor and stuff yeah hello let me say she you know what Oh spark pudding terrified to treat the Care Partner is that movie okay now I am a she became trash just another please mister oh my god you know shelter Milano is a good thing say she clean because something so Allah Most Wanted food so be anything

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