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Visions: Eyecare Clinic Training Australia’s Best

The University of Melbourne’s
newly expanded eye care clinic is providing real-world clinical
training for the next generation of Australian optometrists. The state of the art clinic in
Swanston Street is the only one of it’s kind in Victoria
open to the public. It is amongst the largest
full-scope training clinics in the southern hemisphere
for optometry students. The clinic is the training
ground for current Bachelor of Optometry students
and in the future will train students of the
University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Optometry
which is an Australian first. Previous head of Optometry
and Visions Sciences, Dr Alex Gentle, said the
University of Melbourne is providing a huge point of
difference when it comes to optometry training. The facility has been
design to give our students the best possible clinical
training before they graduate. We’ve expanded the clinic
to give them more clinical context than they’ve had
previously and that will make Melbourne unique
throughout Australia. It’s also given us the space
to introduce new specialist clinics in areas that students
perhaps have not had so much experience in in the past. Some of those areas include a Keratoconus fitting
service which is a disease that affects about one in a
thousand of Australians and is easily managed
with contact lenses and students don’t get enough
experience at the moment at fitting these contact lenses. And our partnership with
Keratoconus Australia in establishing this clinic will
allow us to see that our students see a number of these
patients before graduation which is to the the benefit
of the Australian public and obviously to the
benefit of the students. Our students, again,
probably don’t see enough children as they go through
their training and establishing this specialist paediatric
clinic staffed by experts in the field who will guide the
students through those examinations, will allow us
to improve the experiences of the students on graduation. This is really a key clinic for
certainly the University and for Keratoconus Australia. It’s the first clinic of it’s kind
where in a teaching capacity students will have the
opportunity to see Keratoconus patients so before students
actually hit private practice they at least will have heard
about Keratoconus and will have had the opportunity to
fit patients with a rigid contact lens or whatever treatment
may be required. It’s really great training here
because we’ve got new technology and we get to
see a wide base of clients with all different problems
and a wide age range as well. And it’s also really good
because it’s a student clinic run for students and
by students as well. People wishing to make
appointments at the University EyeCare Clinic
should call 03 9347 1714 Monday to Friday nine to five
or Saturdays nine to one.

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