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Video Tour of Nemours Cardiac Center – Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Most patients begin their visit here at the
Cardiac Center in our outpatient clinic, which is located on the first floor of the hospital.
And that’s where the family will get all of the studies and testing that they need,
meet with the nursing staff and have their visit with their cardiologist. You can be examined by your physician, have
an echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram, an exercise test, and we also do certain kinds
of monitoring. One of the things that makes us unique is
that we are able to diagnose in utero a lot of the congenital heart defects that we treat
here at the Cardiac Center. We also provide consultation with our clinical
psychologist. We also have a genetics counselor. We have a dietician. So we try and provide
all the services related to heart care in one place at one time. The cardiac inpatient unit is a unit that
consists of 12 private rooms, one double room, and an area that we call our cardiac recovery
room. And we have for the parents actual beds, so it’s not a cot or a pullout couch. They
are allowed to stay there 24 hours with their child when they’re there. The unit is wired
for telemetry. That means that they can go off the unit, they can go to the cafeteria
and we can still monitor them. [Unintelligible] also has a playroom. We have a child life
specialist who we can involve with the child. At Nemours, family-centered care is very important
to everybody. We like to have families involved as much as possible in the care of their child
– feed the babies, change their diaper, give them a bath. We tell the parents to bring
anything that might make their child feel comfortable – a toy, a favorite blanket,
anything that they’d like to put in the room to decorate it. Because it was really designed from the beginning to take care of kids with heart problems, the physical layout of the cardiac center is one of the things that makes it very easy to take care of children in here. Just down the hallway is the operating room and the cardiac intensive care
unit, as well as the cardiac cath lab. It’s state of the art imaging, it’s integrated
imaging where when we need to see the pictures we can. We have an operating room that is dedicated
to the cardio team and, therefore, if there is an emergency we don’t need to wait or
delay an intervention, particularly when time is of the essence. One of the worries that families often bring
to the hospital is about the anesthesiology. We take care of kids with heart disease every
day. We’re really able to sort of accomplish the getting ready, going and coming back to
the operating room with no tears. And that’s our ultimate goal. Alright, see you in a couple minutes!
Bye. The cardiac ICU is a 14 bed unit that is equipped
to handle patients after cardiac surgery. We have the highest technology in the hospital.
Because the intensity in the cardiac ICU sometimes is high, we do not have sleeping facilities.
But there is a Ronald McDonald House right next door. Sometimes families will sleep there.
The families are always welcome to call 24 hours a day and to get updates. And we will
also alert a family if there is a change in status so that the families can come right
back. So the Family Resource Center is a great place
for families to go when they just need to get away. You can grab a book to read, you
can jump on a computer check your email, do some laundry, grab a nap if you want to, or
just sit there and just be by yourself and quiet. One of the advantages of our location is the beautiful surroundings, And whether it’s parents being able to walk outside and get some fresh air, it’s a great environment to be in. We have a Family Advisory Council,
a specialized Family Advisory
Council just for the Cardiac Center. The parents have talked to us about how much they want to be near their children and so we’re promoting that, We focus on little things that parents can
participate in care. And sometimes it’s just holding a baby’s hand or stroking the
baby’s head. Parents know their children the best. It’s really important that parents
are involved in the care and then can be a partner in helping their child to get well. Family-centered rounding is when the care
team goes bedside to bedside and talks about each child, how they’re doing, what the
plan for the day is, the goals, the milestones, and what they have to accomplish. You’re brought into the team with the question of ‘what questions do you have’ and ‘do
you understand things it helps you make it through. The Nemours Cardiac Center is somewhat unique
insofar as we’re small and we’re intimate. Yet when you look at our outcomes and the
way in which we’re able to provide a little bit more individualized care, I’m proud
to be part of the Cardiac Center. Recently we had a child who had an important
heart problem and had come into the hospital for care and really was quite sick. And just
mobilizing resources quickly, in getting the operating room ready and getting the ICU ready,
was really compelling. So I just thought, WOW. I was in awe because they were in the
right place, with the right people, doing the right thing in an expert way. Our level of commitment to the care of patients
and families is extraordinary. We really know our families and our families
know us. And I think that that trust and the communication that develops over time really
lets us give the parents peace of mind. For children that have congenital heart disease,
it’s kind of a lifelong journey. And to watch that infant grow and develop and to
see those graduation pictures from high school from the families, it’s very rewarding.

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  1. If a diagnosis is made in utero and the patient will need surgery a few days after delivery, does the delivery occur at your hospital or is the baby transferred to your hospital from another facility?

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