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Verbal Homeopathy part 1 / Вербална хомеопатия 1

Most of the people have no idea of how the homeopathy is made. and that the homeopathy does not contain even one molecule of the substance which is made of. The homeopathic remedies which everyone buys from the pharmacies are with lactose mixed with alcohol solution from chemical point of view. Now i want to show How the tradional homeopathy is made and after that to show you the analogy between homeopathy and verbal homeopathy The result is the same, the only difference is that the verbal homeopathy is absolutely free, without any cost and its way easier to be made. Now i will show you how the tradional homeopathy is made. Here we have 12 bottles which are filled with 99 drops of pure water Here we have a Arnica tincture, which is well known homeopathic remedy made from Arnica Montana It is extremely poisonous and drinking this bottle will lead to heart attack or myocardial infarction First, we take the first bottle which contains 99 drops of pure water where we are going to put one drop of the tincture The substance is dilluted in ratio of 1 : 100 which is called 1C from the latin word centum (hundred) Now we close the bottle with the tap and shake it a bit Now we have the first dillution in homeopathy, though is still poisonous and its not DRINKABLE We continue the process We take one drop from the first dilluted solution which is in ration of 1 : 100 and put it into the second bottle where there are 99 drops of pure water We shake it again as to be homogeneous Now the substance is dilluted in ratio of 1 : 10 000 The second bottle is now called 2C, it has been dilluted twice 1 to 100 After that we take one drop from the second bottle and put it into the third bottle where we also have 99 drops of pure water and shake it again. Now we have bottle with dillution 3C. These dillution cant be found in the pharmacies because there are still poisonous. Now we take one drop from the third bottle and repeat the same process. Now we have 4C which you can find in France, but in Bulgaria is absent. The process continues and every time we take one drop from the previous bottle and put it to next bottle with 99 drops of pure water. In Bulgaria you can find in the drug stores 5C which is the fifth bottle where the dillution is with a number with ten zeros which is 10 billion. The ratio is 1 to 10 000 000 000 the ninth bottle is called 9C the substance here is dilluted in ratio of 1 to a number with 18 zeros. These numbers are only used in astronomy. The last bottle is 12C, which cannot be found in Bulgaria, but its of utmost importance for us because if you take it to the most precise and accurate chemical laboratory the result will show that this is only pure water. They will tell you that this bottle contains 99 drops of pure water, without any other substance in our case – Arnica Montata. Nevertheless the results this homeopathic remedy works perfect. It can be used for example if you have small trauma, small or medium haemorrhage, headache and bruising. It can be used as a prevention of infarction and strokes and it works flawlessly As most of you know this is empirical research, and there is no scientific evidence on how the homeopathy exactly works. This is the traditional method of making homeopathic remedies which dates back 250 years. There are other ways which incluce using of machines and Kursakov method. The question is what is the difference between Verbal Homeopathy? We know that Homeopathy works and that the water has memory. We can make homeopathic remedies without using this complex method of making homeopathy. Without making tincture from that poisonous plant. We can make the 12th bottle and the fifth bottle, even the 9th, how is this possible ? Now i will show you how exactly you can make it yourself. First, you need to take a bottle full of pure drinkable water Second, pull the bottle up to the mouth and say Arnica Montana 5C to the bottle. After that we close the bottle and shake it. We need to put some alcohol solution as a preservative for the water. Now we have Arnica Montana 5C solution for free! Now we can make Arnica Montana 9C and repeat the same process. Now we have Arnica Montana 9C We can make 12C if we want. In less than a minute we can acquire 3 homeopathic remedies at home effortlessly and for free. England homeopaths are using higher dilutions like 10M which is the ten thousand bottle In Helios they are using Korsakov method -machine which repeatedly empties and refills in a single vial until the desired potency is reached. You can easily acquire this complex remedy by pulling the vial near the mouth and saying Arnica Montana 10M In just 5 seconds you have Arnica Montana 10M which is not easily made for example in Helios. This remedy is costly as well, but you can make it for free by using my method. There is no difference in the effect on the body between Verbal and Tradional Homeopathy Whether you make your homeopathic remedy by using the tradional or verbal method the effect on the body will be the same. I can even say that the verbal ones work better because you can make them by yourself and they are 100% pure information. In the tradional ones there is still an influence from the chemical substance Anyway the verbal homeopathy works with the same power, intensity and in the same way as the tradional homeopathy. Everyone can acquire this knowledge by free which means free medical treatment The only problem is to know which homeopathic remedy is for our condition. This knowledge can be acquired by reading books, going to different homeopathic courses, seminars and many different ways. This method for making homeopathy is 100% free, easy, and effective. You can even make a combination of homeopathic remedies combined in one vial by saying it to the water with shaking after pronouncing every remedy which can be bought in every pharmacy.

4 thoughts on “Verbal Homeopathy part 1 / Вербална хомеопатия 1

  1. Благодаря за споделения опит!!!
    А дали действа или не – това ще се докаже с времето!
    Всеки има право на избор, как и с какво да лекува себе си и семейството!
    Вербалната хомеопатия ако не помогне, то поне няма и да навреди, за разлика от "тежката" химия.
    А що се отнася до вербалната Арника Монтана 30 СН – мога да кажа, че при нашето семейство действа 🙂 – пробвахме този метод при натъртвания, травми, мускулна треска – резултатът беше, че на следващата сутрин се събуждаш все едно нищо не се случило 🙂
    Всеки има право на мнение и избор!!!
    Уважавайте това право, обидите са излишни!

  2. Mam if its really true then lots of salute to u boz its one of the greatest discovery. But the various complex u r recomending they r in very very high poteny and why mixing so many remedies in so high potency . Why not 30 or 200 potency. Why not single medicine at a per cardinal laws of homeopathy. Mixing in such high dilution is not less then quakery. Plz reply the answer …..

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