ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Vaqueros MD Early Assurance Program | UTRGV School of Medicine

Today we’re going to share excellent
news with you and we are launching together with UTRGV Honors College,
the Vaqueros MD Pre-Medicine Early Assurance program. Vaqueros MD is a
program for excellent high school students that will allow them to apply
to UTRGV Honors College and at the same time to apply for conditional acceptance
into UTRGV’s School of Medicine. It will also allow these students then to
have a clear path to and through medical school
without having to compete in the application process at the end of
college. Had this program been around when I was in high school, I feel like I would have benefited from it because it would have
provided more guidance on what I needed to do in undergrad to reach my ultimate
goal. And I think a lot of students in the valley have a lot of potential to be
able to do this and have a lot of potential to be rockstars in whatever
career that they choose and I feel this program will end up opening a lot of
opportunities for the students here. I’d like to make this personal invitation to
all high school students who have wanted to be physicians. Vaqueros MD offers
you a unique opportunity to stay in South Texas close to home. To learn in a
wonderful environment in the UTRGV Honors College and to move into our
School of Medicine here at UTRGV to take advantage of our unique community
and the opportunities that we have to train you as future physicians. You know
your own potential and you know what path you need to take. Our application
opens November 1st. The last day to submit your application is January 22,
2020. Best of luck!

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