ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
UW Medicine Virtual Clinic

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: UW 360 is proudly
supported by Pacific Office Automation, copy,
print, workflow, and IT, problem solved. DR. JOHN SCOTT:
And then if there’s a prescription that needs to be
written, then we can do that. JENNIFER HERRMAN: They look like
tiny little blisters, almost. SPEAKER 3: For Jennifer
Herman, the health concern happened, as it so often
does, over a weekend. A mysterious rash on her
youngest son Aidan’s face. JENNIFER HERRMAN: We
were sitting right here and he was sleeping on my lap. And I started googling
small blisters and that was very scary. SPEAKER 3: It was something
the mother of four hadn’t seen before,
and she was dreading having to pack up all her
kids and head to urgent care to get Aidan checked out. Fortunately, she didn’t have to. JENNIFER HERRMAN: So I
logged in and put a request in for an appointment. And within five minutes, had
a call back from a physician. SPEAKER 3: Jennifer was able
to have a doctor see Aidan over the phone via FaceTime
through the UW Medicine Virtual Clinic, which is available to
anyone in Washington State. SPEAKER 2: So does
anybody in the household have any symptoms? Anybody– JENNIFER HERRMAN:
It’s something that I think is just invaluable. It’s so convenient. Great service. DR. JOHN SCOTT:
And you just want to get better quicker, right? I mean, you feel miserable and
you want to get better faster. So this is a great
convenience for many patients. SPEAKER 3: Dr. John Scott,
who oversees the UW Medicine’s telemedicine program,
says the virtual clinics are a hit with both patients
and health care providers. This is being very well
received by patients here in the Northwest. DR. JOHN SCOTT: They’re
happy that they’re providing a service
that can save the patient a trip to the
emergency room or urgent care. So it’s really
helping the patients, and so we’re happy to be
able to help our patients. SPEAKER 3: He says the
virtual clinics are meant to address
non-emergency health needs, like coughs and sinus
infections and headaches. Or, like with Aidan,
a mysterious rash, which fortunately turned
out to be nothing serious. SPEAKER 2: I think it’s
totally safe to just monitor him and see what happens. SPEAKER 3: Each virtual
visit costs $40. On call doctors and
nurse practitioners can evaluate patients
and write prescriptions through video calls
via FaceTime or Skype, or just an old fashioned phone
call if the patient prefers, any time of day or night
every day of the year. Dr. Scott says more than
150 patients a month schedule a virtual house
call through UW Medicine, and that number is
expected grow quickly. DR. JOHN SCOTT: I think it
is the way of the future. So our former head of
Medicare, Don Berwick, thinks that by 2017, about 70%
of all of our outpatient visits will be done this way. SPEAKER 3: For patients
like the Herrmans, that wave of the
future is already part of their everyday life. SPEAKER 2: Do you have
any questions for me before we sign off here? SPEAKER 3: Jennifer says
the virtual clinics have transformed her family’s
health care by allowing them to address their health concerns
faster, more conveniently, and less expensively,
keeping everyone in this home happier
and healthier. JENNIFER HERRMAN: It’s just
incredible peace of mind that it’s great doctors
providing great care. And I feel really
lucky to have it. Thank you. SPEAKER 2: You’re very welcome. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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