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100 thoughts on “Using POOP As Medicine | New Research!

  1. Please do a video on tinnitus people need to know how debilitating it can be and how to prevent it. I got mine while clubbing at uni and it has changed my life completely it takes time but you can still have a life

  2. Wowww nunca había escuchado de un tratamiento con heces fecales. Pero debe ser muy traumático para un paciente someterse a un procedimiento como eso, bueno al menos lo sería para mí. Gracias por el video!!! aprendí algo nuevo.

  3. Hey Dr Mike. When in medical school, can you retake tests if you fail them or are all the test one time only? I ask because my family member wants to go to medical school.

  4. I have inflammatory bowel disease and received an ileostomy 3 years ago as a result of no medications working for me. I'd LOVE to see you do a video on IBD (UC and Crohn's), stomas, and the misconceptions around what IBD actually is!

  5. I would love if you could talk about allergies and celiac disease! I have both! It would be so funny to see you go gluten free for a month

  6. Doc mike using his dishwasher for nuts while I sit here desperately wishing I had one to save my hands from eczema caused by dish soap…….

  7. can someone tell me why anytime a random person (eg if I’m walking in a street and someone comes up to) comes up to me , I go in panic/shock mode , like I freeze or my heart rate increases? it’s like I’m in shock and I recover maybe a 2 min later but why is this ?

  8. I just finished antibiotics for a c diff infection but because I’m in China the stronger medicine is banned so I’m still struggling and YouTube recommends this video. Great…

  9. i literally screamed when i saw the part about you being in jamaica…….i live in jamaica and your my favourite doctor ….ive watch most of your videos.

  10. This is such an interesting topic! I'm a nurse and actually learned about this treatment from an episode of the Good Doctor

  11. Is there a link to the actual study/a published paper (not the WebMD article)? Would love to read it!
    Also just wondering, did the investigators sequence the gut microbiome of the "super donor" to figure out what genera of bacteria were present in the poop and how it differs from other donors?

  12. I heard about this from the infectious disease doc at work and I was MIND BLOWN 🤯. So crazy!!!! I wonder if the patient tried it. He told her to freeze a healthy person’s poop and blend in a smoothie lol.

  13. I just subscribed and rang your bell. Can you review Squatty Potty? Does it work? Also, there are two medical shows I would like you to review. They are the Resident and New Amsterdam.

  14. Learned about this in class, your friend gives you poop so the bacteria in your gut is more leveled. If the balance is thrown off and a certain one bacteria becomes more dominant, it can cause problems.

  15. Yeah… we watched a nova episode on this sort of stuff. Oh science class. I do recommend watching it. I can’t remember the name, but I’m sure you can find it in the nova website.

  16. I have a couple questions to ask. What classes do you have to take to be a doctor for sports medicine in high school? And how many years of college does it take to be one?

  17. Well well, medicine will always surprise us in ways we would never expect.Thank you so much for sharing such interesting information 🙂
    Love from Canada xoxo

  18. Hi Dr. Mike, I really enjoyed watching this and all of your other videos. They are very funny and educational. Sending a lot love and well wishes from Jamaica! Keep making great content!

  19. When you’re in rad tech school and know that the type of shock you would experience from excessive diarrhea is hypovolemic shock

  20. omg imagine it rupturing and it getting in thier mouth they have to taste that eww 😂 or from them going to fast and the docotors themselfs having to smell it the whole time as they do it ugh

  21. Yes. Yes I have. My wife is a nurse on the GI floor of a hospital and I get to hear all the lovely stories over dinner.

  22. I can’t help but think that you’d be an awesome super poop donor, Mike. Ya better be donating all your poop my man

  23. I wonder if there is a channel like this for engineers…
    I’d like see an engineers perspective on things in movies/games like dr mike and the medical dramas.

    For instance the crawling through air ducts trope:
    – air duct changes sizes
    – there’s no dampers
    – it’s probably loud (if you can hear the a/c blowing you could probably hear someone crawling through it)
    – there’s no duct liners
    -flex duct will probably not support your weight.

  24. okay, sometimes when i move my hands in certain positions i can feel/see the veins in my hand move, is this normal or am i dying? i

  25. CDiff is the worst. Got it after having surgery… I REALLY considered the fecal transplant, but my doctor hadn't heard of it. Pooping every 20 minutes day and night is so beyond awful

  26. Hey doctor Mike I’m interested in the medical field and I’m wondering would getting a bachelors in nursing would help you in understanding the material in med school??

  27. Hello Dr. Mike, hope your day has been well. I was just wondering if you could please dedicate video to insomnia and sleep disorders. I tried talking about it to my doctor and she only told me to buy melatonin!!! My sleep is getting so bad that I've been missing college (which is expensive af btw) and late to work on morning shifts. Basically, I can never fall asleep and when I do i cannot wake up. PLEASEEEEEEEE HELP

  28. I would be really happy if I found out I had super poop. I’m so curious as to what makes super poop. If I eat specific foods, would that make my poop even more powerful? 😂

  29. I would love more educational hospital/office vlogs, I feel they could be a great learning tool for those of us in school for medical professions. Especially when you explain common everyday things you see in your practice.

  30. When he was explaining about the transplant, I was waiting for him to say "JUST KIDDING"…and he never did…

    Anyone seen that Dove (the soap) commercial about babies' microbiome? I will never watch that commercial in the same way again.

  31. I learnt this in one of my previous research classes!!! It was a research class solely on research of the human microbiome and there has been good literature on fecal transplantations for c. diff. Super cool that you're talking about this here. Also a big fan of the topic of poop 💩

  32. Hey Dr. Mike I recently came across your channel from a responding to comments video and I had a question: What foods can you recommend to a picky eater (myself) that are healthier than eating pizza and chicken everyday? Struggling so much just to try and eat chicken salad. 😩

  33. Here's a fun poop fact&question:
    When mom gives birth to her baby vaginally, baby gets the good bacterial stuff from the birth canal and also builds his microbiome by being in contact with mom's poop during labor… But what if mom's microbiome is not the best (she has IBS or some other ish) : is baby's also going to be damaged?

  34. Have you ever read the book "I contain multitudes"? If not, I recommend it! Very fascinating to learn about the microbiome

  35. I tried to read some of the IBS studies. My 4-year college degree did not jump in and help me comprehend the articles. QUESTION: Would adding a probiotic yogurt culture (administered separately but in the same 24 hour period as the fecal microbiota), increase that 50% remission rate? As for super donors, they should be subject to observation, assessment and onsite professional assistance in nutrition… so medical students? Pay them by lowering their student loan balances, but be sure there is no IRS liability for these students. BTW Bear is beautiful.

  36. Hello Dr. Mike, could you please make a video on organ donation specially the myth that doctors want to kill you to get your organs:(

  37. I know that if your microbiome is destroyed (not destroyed but insanely damaged) a poop from a very healthy person that transplanted is like a hard or soft restart for your microbiome

  38. What happened to Roxy (if that not her/his name I don't remember I would remember the name if I was a long time fan)

  39. I actually heard about fecal transplants from biohackers that have done this on themselves by getting poop from a super healthy friend, blending it, straining it then ingesting it. Sounds gross but I suppose if you're desperate for relief. I'm pretty sure there's a couple videos on YT about this.

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