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US Christian Cults That Encourage To Not Use Medicine

I never kiss them no, at least I kissed this grave, I guess. And this isn’t just me, this happens today. This happens other places, other churches. Still ongoing. I don’t think it didn’t work. Ok can you expain that? -Yeah, because I think it was her time to go. God called her home. -And so this is a first child you lost? And so you never had any doubt, you know? No, I didn’t. I still don’t though. I don’t think they would have saved her.

9 thoughts on “US Christian Cults That Encourage To Not Use Medicine

  1. I’ve lost all faith in drug and vaccine companies.
    The sooner we can really research and back natural alternatives instead of dismissing and hindering such research the better off we’ll all be.

  2. EVERY religion is a cult. Simple math tells us that if we believe in a god, there is 2,000 other gods from 2,000 other religions that will burn us for eternity. So it doesn't matter which scam you fall for….simple math says everyone's going to this made up place called hell. Logic and facts don't lie…..but religions sure do.

  3. Christianity is the most ignorant , backward , science rejecting , patriarchal religion among all religions.

  4. The word religion comes from the latin word religare witch means to bind and the truth of the matter is REALLY where you are born is what you are bind to… Open your eyes God is not a man or a woman it's what binds everything in the universe.

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