ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
University of St. Thomas Law Clinic: Federal Commutations Clinic

– Federal Commutations Clinic is set up to work with clients who are
serving federal sentences. We try to promote justice
through retroactive change in a federal prisoner’s sentence. It’s really a taste of actual practice. – You have something that
an employer is going to look at and say, “Wow, you
got experience with federal “drug laws and federal sentencing.” This gave me a chance to get
beyond the theory that we learn in class and reading cases. – [voiceover] I feel like
especially we’ve been outrageously fortunate and blessed (knocks on door) to have Professor Osler be our supervisor. – How are you? – [Osler] Good. Come on in, you guys look good. – [voiceover] He is one of
the leading global figures in the clemency initiative
and clemency efforts. – [Voiceover] In response
to President Obama’s clemency initiative,
Professor Osler started a pro-bono law firm at New York University. – [Voiceover] Our experience
in the clinic directly contributed to being hired
full-time for the firm we now work to prepare petitions
for federal clemency. – These executive
summaries that we prepare, they’re advocacy pieces. – Outside guidelines 240. – Because his guideline
was just 360 to life. – [Voiceover] One portion
of it is objective, or showing that mechanical calculation. But the other aspect is that’s where we find ourselves on the phone a lot. – Lee is out in Virginia. – On phone calls with clients
to kinda get their stories. Some of those things
that you’re going to need to put into practice when you graduate. – I love the way
the clinic does that. It really does put emphasis on that human element of practicing law. So many clients and so many
family members have expressed gratitude just based on the
fact that somebody was willing to listen to them. To actually put in time to help them. That and learning you
cannot get in a classroom. It’s not possible. There’s great value there that St. Thomas is fantastic at delivering.

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