ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix Celebrates 10 Years!

The tenth anniversary, as you know, is a big, big achievement for the college. I think it’s a passing of age and, in some
ways, is a recognition of the maturation that we’ve gone through. Very special time, I think, in the life of
the college. Putting Phoenix at the heart of Biomedical science and discovery. I think it’s an incredible source of pride
for this city — that we have a college of medicine that in a short ten years, now really has a national reputation for education. I’m very grateful. I absolutely love my school. I’m so glad that I came here. I’m so glad that I had this opportunity. Be a part of the evolution of academic medicine
and of health care reform. My whole life is a journey of learning, and
medical school has been one part of it. Keep at it. Perseverance is really the key. Our mission was to make sure that we had mentorship programs and pipeline programs because we wanted to reach out and make a difference. In the short amount of time I’ve gotten to
know him, we’ve been, you know, getting close and people from all kinds of backgrounds. There hasn’t been a single person I’ve met
that hasn’t amazed me. And here at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix — my med school, which I’m so proud to be a part of — always makes this huge celebration, and this year, they did not disappoint. The vision of what a university can and should be — this is exactly what it should be. I think the contribution that one can make
toward the betterment of society is something that’s inspiring and something that drives
us all. Building the foundation for a healthier Arizona and beyond…

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