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20 thoughts on “United States Postal Service "USPS" workers stealing Veterans medications in the mail….

  1. Thank you for raising awareness and holding someone accountable. This theft happens as people are forced to mail order. It's why I advocate every day for all Americans to not be forced to mail-order pharmacy. Also, check your EOBs that show how much taxpayers paid for drugs. Some veterans have discovered that taxpayers are being overcharged a lot of money. This does also happen with UPS and FedEx. When we get our meds from the hands of our trusted pharmacists this risk of theft, delays, and many other issues are eliminated. People should always have this option in their coverage.

  2. Received an empty bottle in a open package. They told me mine was torn open in one of their machines. And they were probably laying on the floor somewhere.

  3. My I don't blame you for being upset I have been Pass off I hope you get everything straightened out That is very wrong with they did Shut up their asses sideways

  4. Yes, I have. Several in fact, for a while no mater what important paper; like insurance premium due notices, mailed to me would first go to Basco IL. Then get marked wrong delivery and a couple of days before the due date they would appear in my mailbox. The last one did not even make it to the house. The way I found out it was due, my insurance agent call to tell me my policy had been canceled. Luckily, I was in the grace period and got it reinstated. If its money or a check in the mail forget it. When I was younger my sister sent me a birthday card in the mail with some cash. That was over 15 years ago and it still has not made it to the house. I have a company I do part time work for out of Chicago. They pay me once a year through the mail. Year before last year I get a phone call from the CFO, "wanting to know why I had not cashed their check?" Well, I hadn't gotten their check yet. Annoyed, cancels the first check and sends another. That one took 28 days to come from Chicago to West Central Illinois. Guess what, Two months ago the first check show up at my house in a stack of mail wrapped in a rubber band. Every time I complained a little more. The topper of them all! I have an older cell phone and the battery is getting weak. On EBay I find a new battery case for the phone. The seller is in Springfield, IL.. Springfield is 63 miles to the east of me down I-72. One hour down the interstate. The seller mails the case to me. It go from Springfield to Bloomington IL. From Bloomington to St. Louis, MO.. From St. Louis to Quincy IL.. From Quincy to Payson, IL.. Payson post office says hey this is not in our district. So, Payson forward the package to the right district right? Wrong! Payson send the package back to Quincy, Quincy back to St. Louis, St. Louis back to Bloomington, and then Bloomington back to Springfield. The seller re-sends the package and it goes back though the same circuit except this time the package ends up in my mailbox. Gleefully I open the package to find the case broken and will not function. The moral to this long story, is these people are part of the swamp. They know, short of them going postal and shooting up the place or get caught stealing they are never going to get fired. I cannot prove this but, I personally feel that if you don't take them out completely the first time. All you do is annoy them or you are of the wrong politics. They will use their jobs to make your life hell if they can. Just some food for thought Deplorable Constitutionalist.

  5. Yeah D.C. ……… I had my pain meds stolen ….. same exact thing as what you're talking about.
    St. Louis to Peoria to where I live , bag cut open with a knife and then sealed back up with tape. I hope you have better luck than I did getting satisfaction.

  6. Oh Great Scott!! I'm a Veteran and that's how I get my Meds, in mail. Thanks for information!! God Bless You Always?? Go Navy!!

  7. Bet you $50 they’re never caught. It will show a mail room “ Sortment” which has 2-20 of the same type of people that never “snitch” on each other.

  8. USPS has gotten much worse in the past few years. Problems always occur at the St Louis or Hazelwood MO facility. I ordered cerakote to paint with and sometimes they sit for 4-7 days before shipping to me. Comes from KY, past me in Southern Illinois to St Louis/Hazelwood, then to me. 😳

  9. I can tell you what happened to your bag , It " didnt fit through the sorter " so they had to open it ….. I deal with the bags all the time , never had a opened one , once in a great while , just a completely missing 1 .

  10. You need to contact the Postal Inspectors. They can investigate this and will most likely catch the criminal who stole your property. Start by contacting your local Postmaster.
    I was going to say it could have been an accident, but the way the parcel was opened suggests otherwise.

    I work for the USPS and am offended by the actions of people like that. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in any profession. The best thing us honest people can do is to work at weeding them out. By the way, those figures are for full time employees. I'm a substitute and make a lot less than those figures.

  11. The fabric of society has been completely torn asunder.
    I have no faith or hope for anything on state or federal level.
    Everything has become corrupted.
    I’m completely disgusted with where things have gone and where they’re going. If you think things are bad now, they’re only going to get worse.

  12. That's bullsh💩! Call the DEA.. they're pretty good about investing things like this. You shouldn't have to go through this BS.

  13. That box of homemade cookies we sent to you in basic. You never got them, but they showed up at my house 8 months AFTER you returned home. The box looked like it had been run over!

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