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Uncut Interview – JFK’s Emergency Room Doctor  : Dr. Robert McClelland

Q: Can you describe your relationship with
Dr. Malcolm Perry III? Q: Could you describe his
professional reputation? Q: And did he ever talk about his grandfather? Q: Did he ever talk about some of his uh, country, uh, (studder) how he practiced medicine? Cuz he was known to, he could get from point A to point B pretty fast. Q: And so you grew up in Gilmer? A: Yes. Q: And you mentioned that your grandfather was a horse and buggy doctor. Q: And tell us the story about him, coming back on the horse asleep. Q: Um. What were you doing the morning of November 22, 1963? Q: And, so you went to the room. Q: When you say ‘force yourself’, were you feeling anxiety? Q: So during, because of the lunch hour and because of previous arrangements with the senior staffer to be in Galveston, a number of the senior staffers were not there. Q:And, what was, after you saw Mrs. Kennedy when did you see the President? Q: It must have been an awesome moment. Q: When you, uh, can you tell us why Dr. Perry elected to do the tracheotomy. Q: And uh, Dr. Perry had told me (I’d just like you to say it) that the first bullet had avoided the carotid artery and his
spinal column which gave him a little bit of hope for a little bit of time
that he could sell save his life. Q: And uh, you noticed the head wound. Q: And was, (I forgot the name of the other part of the brain that controls the breathing.) Cerebellum. The part of the brain that controls the breathing. Q: Tell us how the medulla was keeping the president alive. Q: And at what point did ya’ll realize this was a futile… Q: and how did Mrs. Kennedy find out that her husband (had passed)? Q: As I understand it, she asked that the nation not be informed that he had died until the last rites. Q: Can you talk about that? Q: The last rites, were they administered while you were there? Q: Who, so Dr. Clark told Mrs. Kennedy that her husband had passed away. Q: As I recall on the camera footage when she left the hospital she was very composed. Q: We all handle grief differently and uh, how long, what did they do with the Presidents body after he died? Q: So no autopsy was performed here in Dallas? Q: How has this event changed your life? Q: Did uh, uh, you have any interactions with Mrs. Kennedy before or during or after? Q: Um. Did you notice any brain matter? Was she carrying any brain matter? Q: Did you ever hear from Mrs. Kennedy afterwards? Q: Or any of the doctors that you know of. Q: Um, did you see then Vice President Johnson at all? Q: He was? Q: Is there anything I should have asked and didn’t? Q: How did growing up in Gilmer prepare you for that day? Q: How did growing up in Gilmer prepare you for that day? Q: Were you ever threatened? Q: Dr. Perry, I thought, and I may be
mistaken because I didn’t take any notes. Q: I thought he inferred that he had been. Q: Uh, was his family ever threatened? You see he left the state of Texas after this occurred. Q: And went up to New York to practice medicine and retired back in Texas Q: I thought he told me
that he left because he did not feel safe. Q: I might be mistaken. Q: Now he went on television (studders), it’s poor filming, I’ve seen the footage. Q: that afternoon and described a little bit about the..and he made a mistake of some sort and I don’t know what it was. Q: But everybody jumped on that, AH HA! he, and the truth is he was 34 years old he just had a traumatic situation something that none of us were ever faced and if he made a mistake
telling what happened big deal as far as I’m concerned big deal but what was
it this was conflicting with that footage with what really happened? Q: And then later changed the testimony that it came in from the back. Q:Where do you think it came in from? Q:Well I can thank you enough for sharing your eyewitness to history because I think of what we could
have had with if they interview doctors after President Lincoln had died you know
nobody seems to interview them or they wouldn’t talk or didn’t or whatever now
there were people who shared their stories of what they thought happened
but I don’t recall there some but I don’t recall like this kind of interview
with any of the doctor And he lived all through the night Possibly with modern day surgery they could have saved him … he lived so long but I’ve never read a full medical, you know, detailed analysis of, this gives us an insight into this assassination that the American public will never have about President Lincoln. (off camera) Governor Connally? Oh we forgot the next few parts, did you operate at all on Governor Connally? Q: Governor Connally was a friend of my father’s
and like Dr. Perry he really didn’t like talking about the assassination. But he did
tell my father one time, he said if the bullet would have been just a little angled just a little
bit different it might have hit his heart or his lung or something. And now tell
us that that was the end of your weekend tell us about Sunday when Lee Harvey
Oswald. Q: And when you got to the hospital did you ever, I think Dr. Perry also assisted with that surgery. Q: Was there ever a point where you thought you might be able to save him? Q:As I recall Dr. Perry said he was in surgery 30 minutes maybe, 45, I don’t remember but he would tie up, what’s the medical term is a
suture, suture this laceration and is that the correct term? Suture this
last and he said just we couldn’t get him closed off fast enough because he kept bleeding so much. Q: And that bullet just, this is not the term he used, but really lacerated so many vessels. Q: And this is where you’re thinking different from the Warren Commission’s report.

100 thoughts on “Uncut Interview – JFK’s Emergency Room Doctor : Dr. Robert McClelland

  1. he was worked on before the hospital at the funeral home and they removed him from the nice casket to a old shipping casket . and this was not documented as the cover up of the temple wound . at autopsy they found a surgical incision running from mid skull to almost forehead . FACT!

  2. The dark legacy of Bush —-

  3. Very Proud of you Dr McClellen for standing by your initial assessment that the fatal shot came from the front, in spite of the fake news that the Deep State has been shoving down our throats to TELL US TO BELIEVE THEM. To fit with the magic bullet theory that their Patsy Oswald fired the shots as a lone gunman, although then the lone gunman is silenced!

  4. “The distress he was in trying to breathe “ wtf, he was dead before he got to the hospital, he was dead the second that bullet ripped through his head, how stupid do these people think we are!

  5. Sooo LHO didnt shoot anybody. All shots from the front? Balistic results were fake, fingerprint results were fake. LHO missed every shot. HARD TO BELIEVE.

  6. Had to be 100 people involved, all kept quiet. Newspapers, books, movies would've paid millions for proof or a conffession.

  7. Curious, he states that Dr. Perry is of excellent character, but it was Dr. Perry that stated repeatedly that they were too busy to determine with certainty which wounds were exit and entrance wounds during the press conference held immediately after the operation. So, was Dr. Perry lying so soon after the tragedy?

  8. Looked like the first gunman hit jfk and the governor but didnt kill him so the driver pulled a quick pistol out and shot him in the head while the other agent in the passenger seat sat upright to block any view. Looked like his wife tried to escape the car cause she knew the driver shot her husband. The secret service agent on the back looks to usher her back into the car.

  9. So hard to hear the interviewers they had to subtitle the video. The question is by the interviewers were less than nonsensical. All this information about Jackie Kennedy, priest etc. are well documented and indisputable, and do not pertain to the doctor being interviewed. I would have asked medical questions relating to the wounds. Specific medical questions. Highly specific medical questions. So you get one of the Parkland doctors for an interview and the interviewers are more interested in what Jackie Kennedy did and also the priests. What the F.

  10. He first says the head wound waa "fiive inches in circumference"; later he said it was "five inches in diameter." Alas.

  11. YEP.. This topic brings the fruitcakes out of the woodwork.. Sorry, JFK was shot from behind by Oswald who is eternally linked to him . 100 yards w/ a scope? no problem..nuckleheads

  12. Photographic evidences and video records absoulutely prove that Bobby Kennedy was murdered by David Sanchez Morales and Gordon Campell.

    Morales was a serious man and experienced killer. He was CIA operator in South America and Cuba. He managed coups, assassinations and murders for CIA.

    He was a great hatred of communism and He knew David Ferrie, Jack Ruby, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw and Carlos Marcello.

    He confessed this reality to his friends when he was drunk :

    I was in Dallas when We got son of a bitch, I was in Los Angeles when We got little bastard.

    Morales was not a man who lies. He was a serious man and If he talked about something, this something is truth.

  13. C.I.A. coordinated with mob dept of defense funded operation . Mafia worked closely with intelligence community to conduct "hit" on JFK it was a Coup de ta

  14. The History Channel in November 2003, the 40th anniversary, broadcast, over a week span, much of the truth about the events – before the FBI illegally quashed it all.  JFK was killed by a conspiracy which included LBJ, HL Hunt (Oil Millionaire), J. Edgar Hoover, Clint Murcheson (oil millionaire) and elements of the Secret Service, FBI, and CIA.   He was shot from the front at the grassy knoll by numerous assassins hired by the CIA, and from the back from the depository – by LBJs hired assassin Malcolm Wallace – whose thumbprint was found in the depository. 

    LBJ and Hoover worked to cover it all up, and in addition to framing Oswald, they replaced the windshield of the limo over the weekend  since it had bullet holes,  operated post-mortem on the wounds to try to make the entrance wound like an exit wound so it would appear he was shot only from the back, and they killed witnesses…and of course had to kill Oswald – using Jack Ruby for that…  The assassination was in Dallas because they thought LBJ had the best chance to control the coverup from there. 

    Remember the obviously faked photo of Oswald holding a rifle – where his head from a completely different photo was incompetently pasted on the body in the photo?   And the post-mortem wound modifications were also feebly executed – and these show evidence of the coverup – using 1963 technology…

    In 2003 on the History Channel numerous people testified to events including LBJs mistress, his lawyer, his secretary, the supervisor at Ford in Detroit who changed out the windshield, the family of the surgeon who operated post-mortem on the wounds, and the fingerprint expert who identified the thumbprint of Malcolm Wallace after the FBI tried to cover it up…. and many others… including the woman who first noticed the bullet holes in the windshield while at Parkland Hospital, and she told the FBI officers on the scene…

    The Warren Commission Report was a complete farce and their conclusions made no sense – because they were lying to cover up the truth.

    This was a coup right in the USA.  JFK was going to eliminate the oil depletion allowance, and LBJ wanted to be president, and he thought he was entitled to murder people and had done it before – using Malcolm Wallace to kill a political rival in Texas many years earlier,  and his own sister who could not keep quiet because she had mental problems… And LBJ even is recorded on the internet as saying that essentially he had the right to murder people since it was for the greater good…

  15. The alleged assassin was shot 2 days after the president. That for me was enough proof that something was not right. I never changed my mind afterwards. The files sealed for 75 years was another indication of a cover up.

  16. It’s one thing to expose the truth. It’s another to bring the guilty to justice and pay the price. The mainstream media have to be bought to account for this and all false flagrant events and wars since

  17. I just watched a video of another doctor , whom says something totally different from what this man is saying and 15 minutes into this one I haven't heard mention of his name?? Now this seems odd to me that the doctor I saw said they never had a chance and that the tracheotomy was it seemed to him and attempt to make that wound look different this Dr Crenshaw was never interviewed for a statement for the Warren Comm.?? Seems more than a little strange!!

  18. Cui Bono? LBJ, the Mob, the military and related industry companies, CIA. All ties are lying on the table, they have the money, the means, the intel and the personel. It is this STATE. You live in such a "banana republic", which you think your politicians are fighting overseas. Wake up. After WWI the some leaders and circles of the USA learned it is very profitable to be engaged in perpetual wars. You do not know this or you do not believe this? Well, it is maybe better for you.

  19. What a sharp and competent gentleman. I am happy he didn't mysteriously die by driving off the road or commit "suicide."

  20. I saw a representation of a small hole entrance wound on the back of Kennedys head very close to the top of his head. If this is accurate there doesn't need to be a shooter from the front.Bullets will make odd turns after hitting something solid.And if true, would have taken off much of the side of his head. Too bad the security from the Secret Service was so lousy.Riding without a bubble top through a street with tall buildings was a stupid thing to do.

  21. yes he was shot from the front by the guy that sat in front of him jesse venture shows the original clip. where the guy turns around and shoots him


  23. A supersonic bullet does different damage than a pistol–it all adds up to Oswald–no big deal–it was a fish-in-a-barrel shot.

  24. If there hadn't been a frontal neck entrance wound there would've been no reason to do a tracheotomy. And, if that bullet did not come out the back of JFK's neck, where do we ever see that bullet taken out of JFK at some point? Answer: Nowhere, because it wouldn't have matched so-called Oswald's rifle.






  26. Duelles and the CIA with the help from Johnson killed Kennedy. Johnson was not the person that ordered the killing of Kennedy he only followed orders. In those years the CIA was assassinating people around the world and fixed elections in other countries.

  27. Parkland Hospital Report:
    Heartbeat but No Pulse!

    Texas Autopsy Report:
    Skull Bone but Gross No Skeletal!

  28. Yet the Warren Report would not acknowledge anything but the President being shot from behind and Oswald was the lone shooter. That is physically impossible unless Oswald could be in two different places at once. So frustrating and I suspect we will never know the truth.

  29. Some Doctors are stupid; like this one! Didn't see the small entry wound in the back? "just wanted to restore breathing"- I have a fucked- up sense of humor; so does Dr. Robert! He just wanted to make all these conspiracy clowns a little crazier! Clowns! Find some real issues! The planet is on fire! Dr. Rob could not be that stupid!

  30. JFK died 'immediately' because there was no swelling of the trauma area and face. Dr. Robert McClelland's description is therefore suspect, at least in some alleged details.

  31. Two Kennedy aides in the car behind the limo heard several shots from the front and so did one of the security guys driving the Kennedy car. Governor Connally first impression "they are going to kill us all" was telling. It seems that there was a flurry of shots, exactly as you would expect when a sniper triangulation. Dealy Plaza was a perfect killing field according to a retired sniper:

    "After wandering around the floor for a few minutes, I turned my attention to the window in the southeast corner of the infamous Sniper's Nest… I immediately felt like I had been hit with a sledge hammer. The word that came to mind at what I saw as I looked down through the window to Elm Street and the kill zone was: Impossible!"

    I knew instantly that Oswald could not have done it… because I could not have done it… Oswald could not have possibly fired three shots in rapid succession–5.6 seconds according to the museum displays–with a worn-out military surplus Mannlicher-Carcano mounted with a cheap telescopic sight…"

    Unlike Oswald, who failed to qualify on the rifle range in Boot Camp, and who barely qualified "Marksman" – the lowest of three grades – on a later try, I was a trained and combat-experienced Marine sniper. I had spent a year in Vietnam, during which time I had numerous occasions to line up living, breathing human beings in the crosshairs of my precision Unertl scope and squeeze the trigger of my bolt-action Model 70 Winchester…"

    "Here I was, a professional police officer and writer, looking down at the most famous ambush site in history through the eyes of a sniper. A strange feeling came over me. A feeling of calm, dampening my anger. The trained investigator inside me surfaced and took over my emotions."

  32. Thoughts: Dr. McClelland thinks JFK was shot from the front and the bullet exited from the back of his head. The problems I have with that idea are that, apparently, the bullet hit no one in the following vehicle(s) AND on the Zapruder film, you see nothing exiting at the back of his head, you see a large flap on the side of his head.

  33. The Parkland Doctors who were involved in any way with the events of Nov. 22, 1963, were FORBIDDEN (and denied) any access to the "Official Autopsy Photos" for at least the first 25 years. Reason? Because after the 25 years, INDIVIDUALLY they were allowed to view the photos, and before, they had to tell what they saw as far as bullet damage to his skull/throat, and tell where THEY SAW VISIBLY where the damage to the back of his head was, the size of the hole, etc……….AFTER all of them described this and THEN were allowed to view the "Official Autopsy Photos," and EVERY ONE TO A MAN said, "This is NOT what I saw that day." The big picture was, that there must be NO corroboration, so the ACTUAL Medical Staff who saw the FIRSTHAND EVIDENCE and damage that day, could not be allowed to refute the phony Warren Commission Omission. Just like the Trump "collusion" fairy tale, the "powers that be" determined what was going to be, DESPITE ALL EVIDENCE. They removed a President THEN by assassination, but Trump won and is exposing the darker elements of our "Justice" and "Intelligence" people.

  34. everyone thinks it was a rifle .but it was a handgun with a scope I know this for a fact the grassy knoll hand gun 44 magnum with a scope see my uncle was right next to the shooter he was dressed in a dallas police officers uniform goodnight everyone case closed forget Oswald and ruby and the cia and the fbi this guy was a mob hitman //

  35. When i grew up the " conspiracy" was who and why Kennedy was shot by oswald .
    Not the very clear obvious bullet came from the front and oswald was 240 feet behind Kennedy . And that the lone gunman story would end federal jurisdiction and federal investigation and vice president johnson would be president . And he ducked before the shooters started shooting . And there was so many people involved . So everything that happened since might be part of an ongoing crime that isn't even over .

  36. No doubt in my mind. 2 shooters. Not Oswald. 2 CIA guy's. I have always believed that. 45.people said the shot came from the picket fence. I dont know alot about head shots
    But. I think the 2nd shooter behind the fence blew his head open
    U would fall forward it if was from the back
    The Zupruder film shows the shot from the front and going left. Goverment cover up
    Same as Bobbys . We would of had 16 years of KENENNDY s.

  37. James Files took the headshot from the knoll it took me 3min 23 seconds to walk from the knoll to market and elm street where the getaway car was parked.

  38. Guys there's this picture of the motorcade after the shooting the white thing on it is it his brain? Please answer

  39. Doctors should not answer ballistics questions. All shots were from Oswald. The reaction to the head wound is common in that scenario. Occam's Razor.

  40. It's amazing that this doctor clings to his belief of a frontal shot based on a copy of the Zapruder film he saw in back 1975. Since that time, frame-by-frame analysis of the film has been readily accessible. Such analysis reveals that in frame 312, the president's head pitches forward suddenly (a shot from the rear),then in frame 313, it flies backward. The naked eye cannot catch that initial forward movement, and it looks as though the president' head is moving only backward (a shot from the front). It takes a frame-by-frame analysis to show the truth, which is that the kill shot came from the rear, as did the two other shots. The doc should have another (frame-by-frame) look, at least to avoid his reputation from being tarnished by association with the wacko conspiracy crowd.

  41. Rubbish. The Zapruder Film is a known a deep FAKE with technologies used to make unheard of until 40 years later. In 1963, Abraham Zapruder of Russian descent, was a 32nd degree Mason, and was no ordinary bystander. He was an active member of two CIA-backed organisations, the Dallas Council on World Affairs, founded by Henry Neil Mallon (George H.W. Bush’s mentor,) a member of the Skull and Bones Society at Yale; and, the Crusade for a Free Europe.We all know the CIA is basically Hollywood and special effects were fairly advanced even back then( blood packs?). This was a holy-wood mass trauma staged public execution, ask why Jackie was not crying carrying a piece of brain? or reacting and why the "corpse" was rushed out by SS. One of the main reasons that fakery was used was to (a) cover-up the fact that 25 named witnesses saw JFK’s limo come to a complete stop for around 3 seconds during which time the "fatal head shot(s)" occurred

  42. Im looking for my children Mr. Sir from parkland the only thing is as a young child vie been at parkland the young adult clinic thrue emergency as a walk in at the front desk in the year 1982 and up vie only left my if number and social security card number. How can I find my children the only sons born in parkland was Andrew ray Saucedo from the Ramos that's Connie Ramos then Sharon Marie gonzales son Fernando Jesus Saucedo . I have more children and looking for them look at bill Clinton history and blood he needs a USA id two.

  43. Re: the Parkland doctors, surgeons, interns, nurses, etc. None of them
    were/are forensic pathologists. Hence, they have no informed opinion
    about bullet directions, trajectories or number of shooters involved
    (let alone conspiracies). Remember also that the president was never
    even TURNED OVER at Parkland, so they could see the entrance wound in
    his back. They all mistakenly thought there was only an entrance wound
    in the throat.

  44. Re: the Parkland doctors, surgeons, interns, nurses, etc. None of them
    were/are forensic pathologists. Hence, they have no informed opinion
    about bullet directions, trajectories or number of shooters involved
    (let alone conspiracies). Remember also that the president was never
    even TURNED OVER at Parkland, so they could see the entrance wound in
    his back. They all mistakenly thought there was only an entrance wound
    in the throat.

  45. The horse walked the whole way?
    The grandfather couldnt have slept on the horse if the horse were trotting or cantering!

  46. Why would a shot in the front of the head cause a massive wound in the back? I dont know how guns work. But i know that different kinds of bullets do very different kinds of things to the body.
    Also, why dont they ask the doctor directly could all the shots have come from the book depository and if he thinks there was more than one shooter and did he think it was a conspiracy.

  47. You don't need a medical or doctoral back ground to know the difference between an entry wound and an exit wound. Because of the massiveness and devastation of the wound he was clinically dead even before the limousine sped away from the site.
    Any attempt to revive or resuscitate JFK was futile.

  48. This is the first time I've heard that Dr. Perry fled Texas and practiced in New York. Probably to avoid LBJ and his henchmen. Great interview. I will always believe that JFK was fatally shot from the front .

  49. Great interview! A true professional and truth teller. It was especially interesting to hear him confirm that Dr Malcolm Perry had been threatened and changed his story for that reason. He even moved out of state.

  50. At the end the interviewer states that he doesn't think any interviews were done with the doctors of Lincoln as he lay dying. In fact, the doctor that was there made extensive notes at the time and I believe, afterwards.

  51. There is only one explanation why Robert Kennedy the attorney general did not launch a special investigation into his brother's killing. George Hickey one of the secret service men riding behind the president shot Kennedy the second time blowing out the side of his head with a different bullet than the first bullet used by Oswald. Hickey AR-15 had hollow point bullets that blew out a large chunk of the Presidents head. This explains why the Secrete Service acted with such force to keep Kennedy's body in their possession. The Kennedy family knew this and accepted that it was an accident. Knowing that the Bush family knew Oswald I am not so sure that they didn't plan Hickey's shot to look like an accident.

  52. Dr. McClellan basically is saying the kill third shot entered the head from the front. There was a second shooter. The C.I.A. did not want this guy on the stand.

  53. Yep, a massive rear exit wound. AMEN!!!! ..Which debunks the stupid and politically motivated Warren Report conclusions!!

  54. This is incredible. This man said that jfk's cerebellum fell off! All other drs in bethesda said they saw a cerebellum! How can they see it if there wasnt one?????

  55. Never afraid to speak the truth….malcolm Perry was there his integrity is without question and he's not the only one to say these things….one can be mistaken but nearly every doctor to a man??!!!….they got away with it…i can't believe people still believe the ridiculous Warren commission version of events

  56. If the Secret Service hadn't illegally stolen the president's body at gunpoint, a proper autopsy would've been performed at Parkland. Instead of the tightly controlled and incompetent autopsy at Bethesda.

  57. The Warren Commission aided and abetted the assasination of JFK. That much has been very clear since its creation. Why are those people above the law? That would be assuming there is still rule of law in the USA. Given the situation of zero prosecutions/punishments for the wealthy (law does not apply to them not matter how egregious the act – 3,000 murdered in 911, hundreds in OKLA bombing), but outrageous punishments for the poor (years in prison for small MJ possession and decades of incarseration for petty theft), America does not appear to have a real justice system. Scary! Wouldn't want to live there.

  58. Interesting history though the Doc claimed the bullet came from the front whereas it obviously came from the back (watching the various films)

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