ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
UF Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program

I chose UF because of the great
educational resources and opportunities here I chose UF because when I came
here I felt at home kind of a family friendly program I guess you could say I
chose UF in Gainesville because the breath of the training it’s on the campus of a
university with the college of medicine nursing pharmacy and the opportunity to
collaborate and work with so many other experts is unparalleled you see so many
patients it’s so high volume its also really high acuity so you get a
lot of great experience taken care of very sick patients random cases that I
honestly didn’t even expect to see in real life I’ve seen several yeah I feel
that the you know the amount of patients that we see here will make it
comfortable practicing in any setting when we graduate from here the faculty I
feel like are very supportive here they’re very committed to education
attendings here really do take time to sit down and go through common like
EKGs common plan problems that they’ve experienced as well and kind of try and
get you to think the way that they think it’s a different array of personalities
too so I feel like shifts go differently with different attendings I learn
different styles which i think is important when you’re in a residency
program because you want to know different ways to do different
situations so you develop your own style that way
we have happy faculty who really are going to be engaged in you becoming a
better doctor they really want this to be the best experience for us the thing
I like about the program the most is that it gives you the leeway to really
pursue what you’re passionate about the number of fellowships that are available
are tremendous everyone’s very proud to be here the gator spirit is very unique
here and everyone’s always wants to make it better I love that I’m proud to be
here immediately you felt like you were part of the family I really paid
attention to the residents and to see if they seemed happy if they seemed like
they had lives that they could dedicate to even outside of emergency medicine
and most of the people had that and I have continued to see that while I’ve
been here it was one of the main reasons why I chose yes I love my fellow
residents our first-year class is very close we were the first class of 14 and
we instantly got along very very well we’ve kind of leaned on each other at
all times to get the support that we need and for all learning and growing
together I would enthusiastically encourage
anybody who was making their ranked list to put UF at the top it’s really been
wonderful training couldn’t ask for for anything better and I feel like I’ve
seen it grow over over the three years that I’ve been here I felt like it’s
just progressively getting better

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