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UCSB Student Health

Welcome to UC Santa Barbara your home for the next few years a home
to live work playing and excel. No matter where you are, access to
excellent health care is of primary importance. One of the many advantages have UC Santa Barbara’s compact campus and adjacent student town
of Isla Vista, is our fully accredited, comprehensive
Student Health Center which is under a mile from almost any place that
our students live work and play. We want to provide a
medical home for all our students at UCSB our staff are experts in college health and
strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment. to support student success we offer a
broad range of services so that health needs won’t interfere with your academic work
all our services are confidential and not shared with others unless our students give us permission. We use state-of-the-art electronic medical records
and we also work with local medical specialists, if needed. Welcome to UCSB your health
journey starts here. the Student Health Center is a one-stop
destination for every common need situated right in between the university
campus and Isla Vista you’re never more than a few minutes
away from us. Quite simply, if you have a health need that does not
require an emergency room visit, you should come by and see us. If you’re
feeling unwell, visit or email one of our advice nurses or
call 24/7 this is free of charge they will help
you decide on your next steps. If you’re sick or hurt come to Urgent
Care. We have a full service lab for any kind
of test we have women’s health services a physical therapy suite, X-rays orthopedics and sports medicine,
dermatology Eye care we have all immunizations including for
travel anywhere. We have an adjoining dental
care center that handles anything from cleanings to crowns. And, we have a pharmacy that can handle
prescriptions from here or from your doctors at home and can
give you advice on non-prescription remedies too. At Student Health, we’re not just here for your physical health, we’re here for your mental health needs as well. College, especially in the first year, can be stressful and even overwhelming.
If you or someone you know needs help with depression, anxiety
substance use, or other mental health conditions we
have a full behavioral health department providing treatment,
prevention, and early intervention. the Student Health website allows you to make appointments, confidentially email your clinician, refill prescriptions and get information
on health center hours, insurance and healthcare issues. From top to bottom, inside and out we hope you’ll make Student Health the first step by your health journey. our goal is to keep you in top shape during your years at UCSB and into the future. Come on by it’s a
short walk, skateboard or bike ride to better health. 0

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