ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
UConn Health Minute: Rapid Recovery After Joint Replacement

Hip and knee replacements are some of
the most common surgeries that are performed and there are about a million
of them done every year in the United States. And
that number is projected to increase to about two million by the year 2030. The
biggest advance in joint replacement is the faster recovery time. Most patients
are going home the day of—or the day after—surgery. We’re getting them up much
faster. They’re walking around a couple hours after surgery, and that’s due to
better pain management. We like to give a lot of different pain medications to
reduce the use of opioids, and use regional anesthesia with blocks and
spinals. Also we use different techniques to decrease the amount of blood loss. We
achieve successful outcomes through a team approach. We have an awesome
orthopedic service here with doctors, residents, physician’s assistants, APRNs,
physical therapists, nurses, and we now have a nurse coordinator that stays in
touch with the patients, before surgery and afterwards, to make sure that
everyone is doing well and progressing as expected after surgery.

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