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Twitch Prime: Care Package Kilo

Winter is coming, and December’s
Twitch Prime package is too! Are you ready?
You’d better be! Care Package Kilo
features new rental vehicles, a legendary commander,
and other bonuses. Combat in winter is not easy, especially
if it’s in an urban environment. An enemy could be
lurking around any corner. The settling
snow can hide a lot; the remnants of houses,
tracks and even enemy tanks. Good thing it’s you who’s waiting around
the corner in your Captured King Tiger. If your prey walks
into your trap, well… let’s just say they’ll feel
the full force of this beast! As always, there’s a collection
of missions with great rewards specifically for the
Captured King Tiger to take on! Care Package Kilo
is even more enticing. Get your hands on:
Two new Soviet rental vehicles. The first is the Berlin Quartet’s
very own IS-2 that sits at Tier seven and the second is the
Tier eight T-54 first prototype. If you like what you see, you
can purchase them at a discount while the Care Package is active. A unique and legendary
commander, Aleksey Kharlamov, with three perks: Sixth Sense,
Repair, and Jack of All Trades. 1 day of World of Tanks
Premium Account. 10 Missions for x5 XP
when victorious. 6 “Red Machine” emblems. A collection of
15 Premium consumables. And the “Power Play” medal
unique to Care Package Kilo. To get all this,
сlick “Claim Offer” on the dedicated World
of Tanks Twitch Prime page. Link your Twitch Prime
and World of Tanks accounts. Then click the “Authorize”
button to redeem the offer. It’s that simple. To get the Captured King Tiger, you’ll need to claim the special
offer separately, but only once. Now let’s get your loot! Already in the game?
Just exit and log in again. Visit the official
website to learn more. Good luck on the battlefield!

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