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Tridosha concept – the Ayurvedic rationale and element in the menstruation practices

In fact, even the people who practice this
menstruation practices, they have forgotten there is an Ayurvedic rationale, Ayurvedic
element to most of the menstruation practices that is mentioned in Vedas, Dharmasathra-s
or any other texts. Ayurveda recognizes menstruation as a physiological
process governed by the Tridosha-s. I spoke about Tridosha-s – Vata, Pitta and
Kapha. Vata refers to all the activities inside us,
movement, the Prana, Apana all these activities are Vata. Pitta is related to digestion and other related
activities. Kapha is related to cumulation. These are different activities, biological
activities and these are governed by different forces inside our body, different biological
and such forces. So, Ayurveda defines health in terms of balance
of Tridosha-s and illness in terms of imbalance of Tridosha-s. So, it divides the whole monthly cycle into
three phases – Ritukala, RituvyateetaKala, Rajasrava Kala.Rajasrava Kala is the actual
menstruation wherein it is dominated by Vata.Vata means Apana Vayu, the force, the Vayu the
energy that is pushing of the things downwards. Ritukalaprepares the body for ovulation. It is predominated by Kapha. RituvyateetaKala refers to secretory phase,
where nutrients are secreted in anticipation of the ovulation. When the ovulation does not happen then comes
this Rajasrava kala. So today we feel, the modern narrative is
that, having pain during menstruation, cramps, pains etc. is anormal thing. But Ayurveda says that is not a normal thing,
normal menstruation is one which is painless, which is without any burning sensation, which
is neither scanty, the blood flow is neither scanty nor very excessive. But today, we have somewhat forgotten, there
is something called normal menstruation. We feel that having pain itself is normal. The reason is that our lifestyle has caused
so much imbalance to the dosha-s, that most woman experience pain more or less always. So normal menstruation occurs when dosha-s
are in proper balance. Sushruthasamhitha says abnormal menstruation
is when there is disturbed Vayu i.e. Vata, Pittam, Kapham. They are all in disturbed condition and this
disturbing in dosha-s affects the health, the biological, physical health of the woman
and it also affects the, hampers the ability to conceive, to give birth.

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