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[Treatment] Jaseng’s Chuna Herbal Medicine for Spinal Disorder (Part 2)

자생병원은 디스크를 포함한 척추 전문 병원입니다. 더 많은 외국인들이 한국에서 전통 한방치료를 받기 원하고 있습니다. 그래서 저희는 5년전, 외국인 환자 전용 클리닉을 개설했습니다. 지금은 많은 외국인들이 치료 목적만을 가지고
저희 병원을 찾고 있습니다.

5 thoughts on “[Treatment] Jaseng’s Chuna Herbal Medicine for Spinal Disorder (Part 2)

  1. I can't wait to have my back pain stopped. I'm an RN for 20 years that caused me this bad back. I should have gone to Jaseng Hospital a month ago. I feel much better after one accupunction therapy yesterday and I'm taking herbal medicine since yesterday.

  2. If the patient keeps following the instructions what the physician gave, the pain will be gone gradually. Happy to hear that you already feel better with acupuncture treatment.

  3. I've been trying for a few years now to regenerate the nerves in my neck after being diagnosed with cervical myopathy, my body had become weak to the point where I need help with my everyday chores including getting up out of bed, would this medicine help and regenerating the nerves in my neck? After I had my laminectomy surgery? If so where do I buy it at? You can e-mail me at JR BRO [email protected], thanks

  4. Please help me get some more information on this Chuna Herbal medicine as I am also suffering from SCI from a very long time and I would be grateful if this herbal medicine could get me some relief from the prolonged ailment.

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