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100 thoughts on “Total Body Yoga Workout Challenge – Day 2 Core Integration | Yoga With Tim

  1. Love the challenge. I can't help but worry though – as someone who is prone to loosing his balance in some standing poses – about how far you would drop if you stepped off that roof.

  2. Still here!!! Had neck and shoulder pain yesterday so I did yoga for those spots & came back today to catch up!! ☮🖤☀️

  3. My 3rd year doing your challenges and I am feeling the difference this time around. Thanks so much for what you offer. Also, this Day 2 does not appear in the playlist. Just wanted you to know. Looking forward to more!

  4. Hey Tim! Loving the pace and exertion level of the new challenge, just where I need to be right now. I've turned many a friend on to Yoga With Tim. I've always valued your alignment cues and your playful spirit. Thank you!

  5. Still in! First year doing this challenge with you. Have you been sending out emails? Haven't received them after signing up yesterday

  6. Can I say I won the yoga competition with my inferior stretching! Just kidding love you’re videos Tim, or as my kids and hubby say “Yoga with Sexy Tim”! Everyday my friend

  7. Behind one day. Have jetlag from travelling to Kosovo Republic. Will double up tomorrow. Thank you!

  8. Still in. some long term low back issues sending me mildly distressing information during sphinx and cobra. pain makes me worried I should be doing something else, but I want to stay active, trying to keep-up though because I love your videos and think a more "sattvic" practice help me get through it eventually! I appreciate your videos so much. Do you or any other viewers here have advice for chronic low back pain? its always been mild but always sneaks back up on me from somewhere.

  9. Still in, love the new format. Half hour is perfect, more than that is just a psychological barrier and deterrent. Did your last year challenge twice and so far so good with this one 🙂

  10. Thank you, Tim! The best New Year present from you:) I am in since 2015, love what you do and dream to meet and practice yoga with you in real:D

  11. 4th 30 day resolution I'm still in. Last time I quit smoking December until October quit again this New Years, gotta make it through the whole year. Glad to be with ya this year again always lovin' it.

  12. I am in! 🙂 Thank you, I cannot wait to see myself on day 30 then 60, then 180 🙂 I feel great, have an amazing day Tim

  13. Still with you Tim, one day behind, is that okay? Bevan and Mary, 65 and 63, doing yoga every day since 1974, for real dude.

  14. Tim – this is my second year doing the challenge. I learn so much from you. Thank you for slowing down the movements and helping teach us how to be aware of each body part. A question from today (and other days), when we fold forward over our leg after first extending with a flat back halfway in pyramid pose(??), are we to round our backs then or try to keep them flat and straight down over our front leg? Thanks for your help. Kristen

  15. Still in!! this is my second year, you really make it fun and accessible Tim! Great job! Love the new rooftop setting and dog too. lol

  16. I’m in with you. First time sticking to a daily yoga routine. I never thought that I would enjoy yoga and I never thought that it would give me a good mind/body workout. This is great, I’m committed.

  17. Really love this challenge ! I am a bit behind because life and also other challenge in the same time ! But will keep up and finish the challenge on my time, thank you for the class

  18. This is my 3rd challenge with you and I'm still in 🙂 I very much like this one as the level of workouts is higher.

  19. this is my third time doing your 30 day challenges, never backed out. Coming to Bali, but only when I feel confident beating all y'all xD

  20. Hey Tim, just noticed this video isn't included in the playlist for the 2020 challenge, but found it here. Love the challenge every year! Thanks!

  21. Thanks for the not weird videos. A normal person teaching yoga! I like that you get right into things and break it down to benefit our body and build strength.

  22. Still in! Behind because of travel. Love how your explanations for alignment and breathing ….and your sprinkle of humorous comments!

  23. Love your little jokes and sarcastic comments. It makes the practice even more fun and accessible for me:)

  24. Very good. For soft people get strong and stronger we undoubtely need soft challenges! For start with…
    Ciao Tim and Ollie and everybody in yours hearts.
    Antonella Giuliani

  25. good stuff…and I seriously said to myself, this is how you drown right before you said this would be drowning : )

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