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hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new earwax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing [Music] hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching our earwax removal compilation video today we have three patients in this compilation so first patient he has come through with very blocked up years lots of reduced hearing so we’ve got the standard sizes on the tube in here just to micro section around the edges first of all trying to pull this dryer piece of earwax into the centre of the ear canal you can see unsticking it there from the ear canal walls just slowly working our way around just trying to free this up making lots of wiggly motions just to try and free up as much of this earwax as we can from the ear canal walls before we attempt to take it out I apologise my voice again guys I’m still a bit follow with a cold at the moment sir starting to break away a little bit getting a grip on the next section of earwax there you can see very slowly working this down the ear canal it’s starting to rather stay together in it in a big piece the front end is starting to stretch a little bit so I’m trying to get hold of a harder piece a bit further up the ear canal you know it’s just quite to the entrance we can use the Jobson horn now to turn get behind it to slowly work this out there we go so you can see quite a big chunk there I came away really cleanly there’s the eardrum looking nice and shiny and healthy so this is the same patient but there the other yet you can see we’ve got what looks like a shinier wet or earwax on this side so we’re just gonna use the micro microsuction here just to unstick this because sometimes it can be quite sticky around the edges which is gonna stop us from getting this out I’ll just lifting a little bit of dry skin there pulling away there we go now we can get to a little bit more of the earwax on the outside edge you can see where it’s all collapsing into the centre of this block of earwax so pulling it all into the middle gives us a better chance of getting this out now so you can see we’re wiggling it above back and forth but not really seeing tremendous amount of movement there now it’s starting well there you go you can just start to see it you get the feel for when it’s going to come out so sometimes little little movements like that you don’t really you know it’s not going to budge but when you start to the whole thing really start to rock back and forth and you know you’ve got you’ve got a good grip on here and it’s going to work its way out so as you can see the entrance to this here ear canals really narrow so it widens as soon as you go through the entrance so basically this piece of earwax is too big to fit out of the ear canal the moment you can see it’s only just about accommodating the larger zone the tube so I’m gonna break it down a little bit in the entrance here trying to work it out there we go just starting to come away you can see a much much deeper piece of earwax now so sitting just in front of the eardrum this one so we go that lifts some of this skin and debris there just trying to see if we can get this out in one piece you can see this sort of dry skin flap to the right side here just collapsing in on itself there we go so we’re starting to move that that’s what’s holding the bottom section this earwax in place so trying to pull the earwax you can see it moving over the top of that bit of skin taking it with it there is the remainder of it see it’s all embedded in that earwax running straight through the middle of it you’ve got to be careful when you’re sexually in skin like this because it can make quite a high-pitched shrill whistle sometimes when you microsuction it so sometimes you have to use a smaller end luckily we managed to get the whole thing in there in one go so it stops that whistling sound so we’ve got it to the outer part of the ear canal is that ribbon of dry skin coming over there as with the last piece of ear wax it’s a bit too big to fit out the ear canals we’re just going to break it down at the ear canal entrance there you go just slowly unraveling it and picking this bit of ear wax it’s really jammed and it doesn’t want to come out and see just how tough this bit of ear wax well it’s to try and break it down enough to get it out it’s taking a bit of work you’ll see little bits of skin still embedded in there so as we’re breaking this down the skins unraveling it’s coming out and see how much richer get a shake in this sir this I’ve been known to try and break this down the reason the camera shakes a little bit a couple of people say with the camera being quite kind of Jerry sometimes when you’re carrying out microsuction like this you have to form what they call a bridge which basically means when I’m holding the camera I always have a finger pressed against the side of the head in the camera hand and a finger press against the side of the head with the tool hand so when you see me making lots of movements with a tool the camera never Tinley judges up and down because they’re both resting on the same obviously area so it just means that you get get this little bit of jury movement so switch into the Jobson Hong so it allows us to get in there really get behind it now and MIOSHA go all-out there’s the eardrum looking really shiny healthy so this is what we removed so that larger piece to the right side is from the second year the smaller pieces from the first year yeah so this is our second patient in the compilation so you can see this patient’s got some quite dry ear wax you can see it’s much smoother on the surface a deeper colour and it looks almost polished for wonder a better word so you can see that as we get a grip on here with the micro microsuction tube it’s very very playable so as you’re moving it stretching and sticking to the ear canal wall you’re really stuck to this left-hand side ear canal wall here so having to unstick down work that out before we can do anything else with this ear wax just getting a grip on the bottom here moving it you can see trying to wiggle it back and forth but you can see it’s really firmly attached now we’re starting to break some of that adhesion there to the left hand ear canal wall you can see a lot more movement now look to the ear wax as you move it up and down so trying to hold on to it with the mic restriction tube at the moment not always the easiest thing to do when the box is polished like this so trying to find little protrusions from the ear wax to suck into the zoellner tube to hold on to this this ear wax at the entrance here but quite firmly wedged up there we go starting to move just wiggling this up and down there we are got to work it around into the bowl of the ear canal quite a long piece of quite a long piece of ear wax there now we’ll just take a look behind those a little bit there at the entrance we get rid of that with a microsuction and a little bit here up in the attic so I’ll just go and grab all that as well there we go and there’s the eardrum or looking nice and healthy for this patient so this is what we removed only one you need to do it for this gent you can see it’s quite a firm old block there or search or 3/4 of an inch there abouts maybe just under since the last patient in the compilation very very different types of way so basically we start off with very soft ear wax then slightly hard of us this is really dried out solid ear wax this one so we’re going to use the zoellner tube here just to microsuction what I’m doing with this I can see the ear wax is hard hardened up so I’m looking for anywhere I can get a bit of purchase on this ear wax ideally what I’m gonna try and uses the crocodile forceps here I’m just using the microsuction tube to see if we can create the gap which I can just see this is really hard ear wax to the right set we’re gonna lift this up see if we can at least it with the with a crocodile forceps um thank you so much for sharing the videos recently guys it’s been a massive difference to the channel we’re getting loads more views so if you don’t mind if it’s okay with you guys if you don’t mind sharing some of these videos and drop us a like that will be absolutely fab thank you very much so we’ve got a grip with a crocodile forceps now really holding on to this box is staying together really nicely in one big piece so just taking this away there you go and hope you come so I’ll take a look behind and there’s the ear drum or looking nice and healthy so this is what removed you can see it was one solid piece it’s supposed to all centimetre and a half I was then inches just over half an inch their boats well thanks for watching guys it’s Q very much for now with you today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’d not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more our videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us there’s always guys until the next time take care

83 thoughts on “TOP 3 EAR WAX REMOVAL FROM CLINIC W/C 25/03/19 – EP167

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  5. I've got a question :
    I know you're not supposed to use cotton buds (and seeing the havoc they can wreak in some of your videos I completely get it), but I sometimes get an itch quite deep in my ear that drives me crazy unless I use a cotton bud to "scratch".
    Do you have any tips on how else I can get rid of the itching without cotton buds?
    Thank you so much in advance 😊

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  7. Love your videos! Do you mostly do earwax extractions at your clinic? Or do you perform hearing tests, fit people with hearing aids, etc. as well?

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    Is there a larger suction tube, because I know that there is a smaller suction tube for patients that have ear canals that are too narrow to use the normal size.
    Is there a larger one for ear canals that are wide that you could use to get a better grip on the wax and/or skin.
    Get better soon Rhys!🙂

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  25. I’ve commented this before but I’m still wondering: if the ear is meant to naturally push out wax, why does it usually get stuck and block the ear canal?

  26. so if ear microsuction hadn't been invented yet, these people would be stuck with clogged ears forever? i struggle to believe that the human body (which is usually self-cleaning and self-healing in many ways) could be so "clumsy" to the point of self-handicap when it comes to earwax plugs and hearing loss… maybe the plug actually happens in order to prevent some harmful compound (like some air pollutant or some dangerous frequency) from reaching the inner ear?

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