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Top 10 Scary Hospital Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Hospital Urban Legends. Quickly before we get into this video, I just
want to ask you guys if you want to hear more urban legend videos? Also, as this is a hospital themed episode,
let me know if you have ever been to hospital. I was in hospital for over a month when I
was a child…I’ll tell you all about it at the end of the video. So – scary hospital urban legends…. Hospitals can be a scary place to be at the
best of times, but these horrifying stories make them like truly terrifying places best
avoided. To make matters worse, I have done some digging
and some of these urban legends have turned out to be true. 10 – In Germany, Legend has it that an abandoned
hospital is over run by zombies. The Kinderkrankenhaus on the outskirts of
Berlin is pretty terrifying a) because it is an abandoned Children’s hospital and
B because it might be infested by brain sucking zombies. Frim the outside, the the building in the
woods has been battered by the elements and ransacked by vandals. Who knows what is going on on the inside…. Urban legend in the nearby town is that the
old abandoned hospital is home to a number of zombies waiting to strike. Those who dare visit the location have taken
some terrifying pictures if the interior and exterior. On the flip side, though, some of the graffiti
is pretty cool. My question is, are they regular zombies,
or child zombies? 9 – Killed By Death
Killed by death is an urban legend that focuses on sick kids in a childrens hospital. Children are admitted to the hospital with
severe flulike symptoms and see a creepy, nightmarish monster stalking the corridors
at night. Those still ill with the flu are taken, one
by one at night by the Kindestod, which means the Childs Death in German. The Kindestod sucks out the kids souls, leaving
them to die prematurely, with doctors thinking it was their weak immune systems failing to
fight off the flu. Only people with the flu can see the monster,
leaving healthy people to think the kids are delirious when they complain of seeing the
beast. It turns out that while this creepy child
killing monster seems like the stuff of Urban legends, after some digging, I found it was
an adapted creepypasta from a 1998 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 8 – Red Wrist Bands
The wristband story is a creepypasta about a doctor who sees dead people. Basically the story goes that a Doctor Ulman
was working as a surgeon and unfortunately could not save the life of one of his patients. As a signifier that this patient was dead,
Dr Ulman placed a Red wristband on the deceased. After cleaning up and taking a moment, Dr
Ulman hopped in the hospital elevator to take a break in the cafeteria. As he was heading down, a woman in a hospital
white gown hopped in after him. Ever the gent, Ulman asked which floor the
woman was heading to. She said she was expected in the morgue. Baffled, Dr Ulman noticed another passenger
try to jump in the elevator, but miss as the doors closed in his face. Ulman locked eyes with the man before the
doors shut. He went white. The lady asked what was wrong. He said that he thought the man was a patient
who had just died. The woman asked how he could be sure, and
Dr Ulman said that he was wearing a red wristband. The woman smiled and held up her arm, and
said… like this one? The elevator went down. 7 – You should never go to a hospital at the
beginning of a fiscal year because you’ll get hurt. Ooh, fiscal year….talk sexy to me. No, seriously though, this is actually an
urban legend. People think that if they go to a hospital,
particularly a training hospital, they are likely to suffer an injury at the hands of
doctors because the new fiscal year marks a new intake of junior doctors who are inexperienced. While there is some slight evidence to back
this up, health care providers insist this is an urban legend. 6 – Babies Switched At Birth
We have all heard the urban legend of two babies born in the same hospital getting switched
at birth, right? They are then brought up by the wrong families
and on their 18th birthday they find out they were actually switched? It’s a classic, there was even a TV series
about it on ABC. Well, this actually does happen! How scary would it be to realise you were
actually from a whole other family entirely and you could have had a very different life? This happened to Doris Gruenwald, born in
1990. 27 years later, following a routine blood
test, she found out that she had been given to the wrong family. Speaking to local news outlets, she said:
My whole body started shaking… It was like the ground under my feet disappeared. The woman from Australia took University Hospital
Graz to court, and the medical facility was ordered to pay 90 thousand euros in damages. This is a crazy story…. 5- Toxic Blood Infects Hospital
On a cold February evening in 1994, a 31 year old women, Gloria Ramirez, visited a hospital
in Riverside California. The woman was ill and had been previously
diagnosed with cervical cancer. The woman had some unusual symptoms…her
heart was beating rapidly, he blood pressure plummeting and she was taking slow shallow
breaths. She was injected with valium and other drugs
to sedate her. When she was stripped of her clothes, they
noticed her body was covered in an oily sheen and there was a garlicy odor coming from her
mouth. When her blood was taken, they noticed it
smelled very strongly of ammonia. The medics who had taken her blood became
queasy, then fainted. One stopped breathing for several minutes
and another shook uncontrollably, losing the feeling in their limbs. It seems that Ramirez was releasing a toxicity. 23 of the 37 emergency room staff members
on shift that day experienced symptoms, 5 were hospitalized and one spent two weeks
in intensive care for apnea. Ramirez died that evening and there was no
official explanation from Livermore investigators for the bouts of illness on the ward. Weirdly enough,this Urban Legend seems to
actually be true – there are news articles and studies about the incident. Well, this urban legend turned out to be true…. We have Dr Death at number 4
Dr Death is the legend of a seemingly lovely family doctor who would charm the elderly
within his care. Secretly though, he was convincing the vulnerable
OAPs to write him into their Wills, then slowly killing them off with lethal drug combinations. When they died, he recorded their deaths as
old age and would pocket their money. Sounds like a murderous creepypasta, but it
is true. In the late 90s in South Manchester , UK,
Linda Reynolds of Donneybrook Surgery expressed concerns about the high mortality rate of
Dr Harold Shipman’s patients. Police were alerted, but unable to initially
gather enough evidence. 6 months after the initial claims, Police
found sufficient evidence that Dr Shipman was spiking his elderly patients with Diamorphine
and forging their wills. In total, Harold Shipman is thought to have
killed over 215 patients between 1975 and 1998. The majority of his victims were woman, although
he did kill some men. The majority of the victims were over the
age of 75. The youngest was in their 40s. 3 – The Legend of the Kingseat Psychiatric
Hospital You could not pay me to go here….you literally
could not. This is an old, abandoned mental asylum in
New Zealand of all places. Staff were nasty to patients, with many abuse
claims and even murder claims coming from relatives of those admitted to the facility. Interestingly, despite many patients dying
in their stay at Kingseat, it is said by locals that more staff members and nurses died than
any of them. There are suggestions that something in the
place led people to suicide. Now the building is abandoned, which makes
it even creepier. I have no idea why you would ever visit, but
if you did, you can still see the scratch marks on the wall where patients tried to
claw their way out of their rooms. That is not all you might find, either. It seems that the building has been at the
centre of paranormal investigations for years, with local legend saying the building is haunted
by as many as 100 ghosts, most famously the ghost of a grey looking nurse. Get me awaaaay from there. 2 – The Russian Sleep Experiment
The Russian Sleep Experiment was a hospital experiment that was said to have taken place
in Soviet Russia on political prisoners during world war 2. Russian doctors were reportedly fascinated
by the reason why people sleep and the use of sleep deprivation as torture. Prisoners were told they would be freed if
they took place in a 30 day experiment. Allegedly, a special gas was used by medics
to keep patients awake. For five days, patients were seemingly okayish,
but after the five day mark, they became increasingly paranoid and erratic. After 9 days they started screaming until
they tore their vocal chords. Then patients began smearing their faeces
over the room they were in. After 14 days, the captives became very quiet
and claimed they no longer wanted to be free. In this time, one of the test subjects had
passed away. When the gas was turned off that was keeping
them from sleeping, the remaining patients screamed that they wanted the gas back on. They had torn muscle and skin from their bodies,
with some organs even being removed and thrown on the floor. Eventually the patients could no longer be
described as human or even human looking. When asked what they were, one of the subjects
smiled and said We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all,
begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every
night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis
when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread.”. Rhiiiiiight. This is probably just an urban legend, but
honestly who knows when it comes to war crimes committed by Soviet Russia. Finally at number one, a disgusting and scary
urban legend that turns out is the truth….. 1 – Chinese Hospitals Sell Dead Babies to
Eat The rumour was that a number of hospitals
in China were selling aborted child foetuses as Chinese people believed that eating the
will boost stamina and sexual health. This, unfortunately, is true. It was even reported that surgeons were eating
the foetuses themselves. In 2011, South Korean Customs seized 17 thousand
pills containing powdered baby flesh that had been smuggled in from China. There was a documentary made about the practice
that aired in South Korea that showed doctors refrigerating dead babies. An undercover reporter learned that corrupt
medics at hospitals are selling the dead babies on to paying customers who want to eat the
babies for their health. One consumer said that he would cook the foetuses
in a soup with ginger and orange peel. So there we have it, that was the Top 10 Scary
Hospital Urban Legends. Which of these do you think was the scariest! Let me know? So I said I would tell you about a time I
was in hospital – some if you may or may not have seen my scar in a few videos – I
was in Hospital for 6 weeks when I was 6 – I had my 7th Birthday there. *story*
But it is okay, I live to tell the tale and tell you all about these scary urban legends!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Hospital Urban Legends

  1. 1.born (appendix)
    3.throat swollen (i could've died by this and bc my allergy)
    1 like = 1 person who is at a hospital will survive

  2. 1. Born
    2. 6 months old had pneumonia
    3. Flu
    4. Sprained Arm
    5. Stomach virus,Dehydrated, Throwing up, And Almost death
    6. Visiting people
    I had a pretty rough baby hood ;-;

  3. Im deathly allergic to wool and when i was a kid about 8 i accidently slept under a army wool blanket 1 time and i got severe bronchitis was admitted for 8 days

  4. Ppl keep writing born but yeah anyways… I had to go to a hospital because i had horrible nose bleeds. Everytime it stopped it would start again so i had to stay until it stopped they were wondering whether to burn the nerves or leave it it took about 7 weeks to stop i literally thought i was gonna die i was losing tons of blood so they had to keep refilling bags so i wouldnt lose to much i was 9 at the time i was horrified

    Yes i know this is a year old

  5. Number eight was a gake. I have seen an animation gor it. It is very good.
    I have also been two a hospital 2 times. Berth and ammonia

  6. When she said that the doctor unfortunately couldn’t save the person I thought she said fortunately then, I was like SO YOUR GLAD THAT THEY DIED!

  7. 1: when I was born
    2: Throwing up everything I eat
    3: my brother put something in his ear
    4: Extreme fever

  8. Yep,

    1: a week after my birth
    2-9: Broken/Sprained bones
    10-11: Lack of B-12 affecting my spine and walking/check up on recovery and my meds I take for B12

  9. 1: birth ❤️
    2. Getting my ear reconstructed
    3. To see my dad
    4. To see my grandmother
    5. To see my grandfather

  10. I had to get a CT scan because they were not sure if I had bells palsy or not……. long story short I did

  11. I've been at a hospital for 3 months. I broke my legs at a very small age, (1 year) from falling off my crib after crawling over it. I had to be there for 3 months so i couldn't hurt myself more. My mom tells me this alot.

  12. I have gone to the hospital many times

    2:g tube going in
    3:g tube comes out
    4:check ups
    5:brother broke arm at school
    6:eating problems

  13. 1.Born
    4.Deathly Sick
    5.Sprained Ankle
    6.sick again
    7.Sick with like 5 things
    8 .Surgery
    9.Complications due to surgery

    (I have a blood disease that causes my immune system to be weak so I get sick a lot)

  14. 1.born
    2.Heart Problems
    3.Fell on glass
    4.Head cut open by drunk dad
    5.Leg almost fell off
    6.Hit by a truck
    7.Dog attack
    8.Broke my arm
    9.Almost drowned
    10.Got shot while being robbed

  15. When I was borne 3 more times to have surgery on my eyes and then to give birth at the age of 16 to a buetifull baby boy

  16. Everyone else is doing it!
    1. Born
    2. Head split open (still infant)
    3. Mild concussion
    4. Tubes in my ears
    5. Foot infection
    6. Knee locked up
    7. Charlie horses in my foot (almost had shock therapy)
    8. Flu
    That's it…for now! 😅

  17. I was admitted to the hospital for trying to commit suicide and psychotic reasons. I got better throughout the 3 months but I can't stop thinking about what happened in there.

  18. I was expecting to hear about “north bend psychiatric hospital” more commonly known as “the ward” from the movie it was in cause it was so scary

  19. 1.born
    2.broke my leg on a trampoline
    4.broke my wrist
    5.broke my foot and big toe
    I know more will come but I wish they wouldn't

  20. 9:44 I remember when this story came out on the news many years ago when I first started college. I mentioned it to one of my friends and they started yelling at me that I was so gullible and that it was propaganda to make me hate people and that no one would actually do that because we are civilized. Unfortunately it looks like I was right.

  21. I've been in the hospital twice.
    1: life threatening infection near my brain. (Emergency surgery)
    2: Throw into a mental hospital cause school would let me in till I got help

  22. First born, Back in 3 days later with a 103 degree temp, 9 yrs old concussion from a basketball, 10 years old broken nose, 21 years old (oct 2012) ovarian cyst rupture, 21 yrs (nov 2012) twisted bowel syndrome + appendicitis, and still in and out due to those surgeries. Not to mention 8 different car crashes, I don't even drive….

  23. I been to a hospital when:
    1) when I came out my moms vag
    2) when I got a concussion
    3) had to get a stitches on my pinky
    4) the flu

  24. Lé Men : Imma change my T-shirt everyday but no way in hell am I going to change my pants everyday. No one is gonna focus on my pants anyway

    My girl Rebecca : Imma change my pants but not my top coz everyone is gonna focus on my pants , even though half of my pants are not visible .


  25. I was in the hospital for a few months because people smoked around me and I had asma and low oxygen level I almost had to transfer to Birmingham by helicopter but my oxygen level got back to normal

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