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tik tok memes dr phil prescribed to me

this is my voice one day in America, this
is my voice two days in America this is my voice at a month in America so easy
low mama go wonky aah go absolutely bonkers
aah you wake up from a nap to find your coochie bleeding oh shit I started my
period you run to the bathroom and grab a box of tampons before you do anything
you realize there’s a security camera watching you I goddamn it yeah i’m
fourfiveseconds from wildin and we got three more days to Friday play a little pong
shuffling stones by lil punkin exit breaking all my household rules when my
parents are home eating upstairs saying bad words
blasting bad music like being annoying I’m sick and I’m toilet I had to take a
Doody where the Doody the water the water my booty so it’s raining and I
made this boat and I was trying to see is Pennywise real so let’s just give
them this is me walking back to the target
bathroom to relight my ass you’re playing five minutes in heaven with your
friends your friends spins the bottle and it lands on you and stitch stitch
grabs your cold wet hand and takes you into the closet as he whispers in your
ear by when the teachers in the classroom
Chadd here’s the pencil you needed this pencil is greatly appreciated pile when
the teachers not in the classroom hey Charlie yes mom um I was just wondering
can you tell me how my god mom you you you look beautiful
Oh how’s the cost one where’s my friggin cheese
hey can I help you yeah sure yeah sure yeah you can go finish her what did you take my charger No
then what’s that that’s mine I have no idea where yours is I know you took it
that’s mine get out of my room it’s my charger let
me look at it I know what mine looks like stop leave
mom Matthew hit me stops us up you can have
the charger okay thank you Ross slow down slow down Baili country we if I break your heart and I’m a dumb
dude you hey Dad David what’s going on man
dad I have something to tell you okay okay well what is it I didn’t really
know how to tell you cuz I didn’t I didn’t know how you would react okay
well you know you can tell me anything so go ahead go ahead lay it on me okay
dad um I’m gay Wow you’re gay yeah I hope that’s okay I’m sorry if I
embarrass you or anything I hope you still love me David of course I love you
it’s okay to be gay you just I just want you to be happy
and I love you thanks dad I really appreciate that
can I have a hug not that’s just gay bro oh hell no oh yeah I hate when people
like refused to eat leftovers like I don’t care if it’s two weeks old and has
mold on it just eat it I’m just gonna revive a dead Hey stop everything
who are you I’m you you can’t be me I mean you’re you for you don’t you my
name is you that’s really confusing why are you in my room you come from the
future the future yes the future to stop you because of this don’t gonna sing
come on Obama mean I can’t stand it think I won’t give me cloud I have to do
this this is the only way have to shoot you where you will shoot
you do it I have to do this okay I’m sorry what’d you say
say that you are they did well well of course you did what’d you say say that
it’s awful fuck us

38 thoughts on “tik tok memes dr phil prescribed to me

  1. 1:48
    Me: My alien i raided from Area 51 and has grown up so fast. She is using Tik Tok for the first time
    Area 51 guards: she is located in the US

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