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This is Where Your Journey Begins – Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

This is where your journey begins. Where
all of your hard work pays off, where the human touch is cultivated in the health
care of animals and where lifelong friendships and colleagues are made in
classrooms, laboratories, and clinical rotations. Here is where your aspirations
can become a reality. This is the Auburn University College of Veterinary
Medicine. As one of 30 accredited veterinary medicine programs, we strive to keep our tuition competitive. It’s currently the second lowest of any
program in the United States. One in ten prospective students are admitted and, those who are, arrive as successful achievers with an average GPA of 3.6. The
students arrive prepared and having volunteered and gained valuable
experience in areas such as shelter medicine and large animals. They’ve also
worked on research projects which range from topics such as focus on human
cancer or understanding the effects of oil on penguin feet. Students begin their
education with courses that serve as a lifelong foundation for clinical
practice. They receive training across species, making them uniquely qualified
to fill a variety of roles in medicine, health, and research. While involved in
the rigorous and proven academic curriculum at Auburn, our students expand
their interests through participation in national clubs, organizations, and
outreach. in the third year the white coat ceremony is held which shifts education to clinical hands-on learning. During clinical training, students choose
from 36 unique two-week experiences within the Veterinary Teaching Hospitals.
Other opportunities include faculty mentor surgical training programs,
externships, in marine mammal medicine, and an eight-week preceptorship in
clinical or research environment. All to prepare students for a career in
veterinary medicine. Student are exposed to important
educational components such as running a practice, communicating with clients,
conducting research in the areas of biomedical research, food supply and
public health. Auburn students are highly successful. Students pass the North
American Veterinary Licensing Exam at a rate of 99% compared to a national
average of 95%. Employers compliment our students pointing to
strongly developed clinical skills that allow young veterinarians to
significantly contribute at the outset of their career and when they graduate
one fourth of graduates completes advanced studies or externships to
further refine professional skills or enroll in a residency program to become
board certified specialists. Auburn’s veterinary graduates, on average, are offered two jobs as they seek employment. The small community of three thousand
veterinarians who graduate each year carry the Auburn spirit across the
country and the world. Follow your dream. Begin your journey here at the Auburn
University College of Veterinary Medicine and soar with the spirit that
can take you to the highest level in academic, professional and personal excellence.

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  1. NOT if you end up working for Liz McMurtrie of Springhouse Animal Hospital. She's sexist, won't hire men, she's a boss that unprofessionally asks her employees to do her personal chores and favors outside of work that when she doesn't get what she wants makes all her employees miserable, won't give her employees appropriate tax info, has tantrums, and screws her employees out of overtime that she requires from them because she doesn't schedule appointments properly for well over a decade and is an absolute nut job.

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