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The Use of Medications While Grieving Part 2

hello hello Cassandra Sullivan here with revived your hope coaching I help others rise above their grief into a place of acceptance and hope and joy in life again and and so this week I am going to be talking a little bit of follow up from previous video about medication and how it can help you on your journey I received a ton of emails and questions and they were often the same questions about my journey the house the Y's what I took and so I figured I'd bring you the top four questions that were repeated and answer them in a video so it can help you understand a little bit more about how medications can help and/or hinder your progress so the first question that I got was about side effects when taking medications and yes you can have negative side effects just as much as you can have positive side effects so a couple side effects that I have experienced were headaches and strong headaches they were not fun I also experienced being like this walking emotionless zombie like nothing fazed me nothing angered me nothing made me sad on the opposite side nothing was really liked or happy it was just kind of like that's cool alright sorry you see it that way okay like it was just I don't know it was really freaky I did not like it it was very uncomfortable however that was only you know a couple weeks into the medication so I needed to give it that full timeframe for my body to get used to it and anyhow so that was a really that was one of the scarier ones for me I did not like that it was uncomfortable and another one is drowsiness you could have a lot of drowsiness with any medication and there are other smaller side effects but those were the main ones that I have experienced and and so yeah there's always going to be side effects but again you're going to want to give this medication time to really set in with your body your body is not used to it so it's getting used to this foreign substance that you're bringing in so you want to allow that time give it cushion so say about two to four weeks I'd go about four weeks just to make sure and I was also asked what I've taken so the first round while back when Braden after Braden shortly after Braden had died I got on Prozac which was absolutely terrible for me it did not do it did the opposite like talk about side effects I mean this thing had way negative side effects way negative and and actually thanked me deeper into my depression so I gave that one actually like a couple months to try to get used to and it just I wasn't climbing out so they been switched me to something else that I can't remember then I found Siddha low pram first Alexa and that was my saving grace at that time I don't remember the side-effects in the beginning because it has been almost a decade since taking it or starting to take it and I just remember them and I was also taking lorazepam and that was a little intense for my body so I learned that I needed to cut it in half or in quarters and that I would just take small smaller doses as needed and then if I needed you know two quarters I would do that but I would always start with a quarter depending on how intense my anxiety or panic was and so yeah so that was my experience with side effects and that's what I was prescribed this second round I was prescribed lexapro and that was the one that gave me the walking zombie emotionless state like yeah so now though I mean it's been amazing it really got me over the hump that I needed to wear now I can actually start weaning off which leads me to my third question who is how do you how did you get off of your medication and the I want to just kind of put a disclaimer out there I do not recommend the way that I did this I highly recommend you talk to your doctor and devise a plan with with him or her talk to your doctor so my first time coming off medication was a cold turkey and I did not mean to I had initially wanted to wean off of it however I got the flu and realized I had already not taken it for about two to three weeks and at that point needed to make a decision to begin taking it again and then wean off or just muscle through I chose to muscle through luckily I have a very patient husband I have I had a coach and I had a therapist and I had my doctor so together we were able to everyone was able to rally me and help me through this process because it got intense I mean it my body coming off of what I was on just really the reactions were very negative it sucked for probably about a month maybe a little longer than that and I sunk into a deep depression and had to really work my way out of that one without the use of medication again do not recommend it was terrible this time I have talked to my doctor and we have devised a plan to actually wean off and do littler doses every week or two weeks again I am NOT your doctor I am not recommending you anything other than to talk to your doctor to devise a plan and just letting you know what works for me and what I have done um so the last question that I got a lot of was how did you make the final decision to get back on medication after working so hard to get off of it what did that final step for you so I will say that the initial thought of getting back on a medication was I had a lot of thoughts of being a failure I felt very defeated and deflated because I had done so much work to get off of the medications prior and I'm a coach I coach people through emotions like if I have to get on a medication because I can't control my emotions who might have show up for other people however I am human and I had to come to terms with the fact that I'm not perfect yay so ego needed to get dropped and I had to realize that there are tools out there that need to be utilized when when my tools are not working and luckily there are medications as tools that we can use to get us through the hump if you're not even getting out of bed every day or you're just so down in the dumps that you just can't even think about getting your mind right it might be time to get on something and go talk to your doctor about that I had a chat with my therapist my doctor my coach and unanimously across the board it was you're not a failure I've had to use them before and I'm a professional and I'm of this and I'm of that and that really did help to have someone else say I'm a therapist and I had to take medication after my divorce or I'm a doctor and I had to take medication after this loss or after this devastating thing in my life and to realize that you know we're all just human do our best and it doesn't negate the fact that I'm a coach it doesn't make my coaching any less or me any less than it's okay and to be honest it helped it helped me get over the hump it helped me launch my business it helped me get out there and start being a light for other people and really supporting people and opening myself up in a way that there's no way I was gonna be able to open myself up for if I hadn't taken that step I would not be in the position I am now I would not be healthy enough right now to support anyone else and I am so grateful and honored for the women that are allowing me to support them on their journey and give them that light and that hope again so thank God for medication I know it has a bad rap and it feels akita to do but sometimes it's it's necessary and it's there for us to utilize so I hope this video has helped you in some way comment below let me know if it's helped you let me know how medications helped you on your journey if it has let's support each other drop your comments below for me and if you know someone that could use this video share it give it over to them let them watch it support them through it let them know they're not a failure if they choose medication alright until next week guys bye

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