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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.316 Part. 1 [ENG/IND/2020.02.16]

The Return of Superman, episode 316. “Playing with Daddy”. Good morning, Jam Jam. You’re very cheerful early in the morning. Where should I put this? Why are you packing, Jam Jam? We’re going somewhere to have some fun. Shall we? Yes. Where are you going? She’s answering her own questions. (Going on a trip is always fun) (She’s doing well on her own.) We need to pack up now. We need to get ready to go on a trip. Where? It’s where Mom and Dad went for our honeymoon. – Now it’s a family trip. / – It’s not far. We need to get our passports by the way. I have them ready here. – Let’s look at the photo. / – It’s Jam Jam’s passport. – What, Jam Jam’s passport? / – Let’s see. It’s fun to look at the photos. This is Jam Jam’s photo. – “Jam Jam’s photo”. / – Let me see as well. – What is this? Jam Jam. / – Show us too. Jam Jam, who is that? Wait, she looks a bit like my daughter, Hayoung. Why is my hair slanted? Why is your hair slanted? I guess I made a mistake cutting your bang. (It’s okay.) It’s pretty. (The more you look at it, the more charming it is.) Will you take all of our passports? She doesn’t forget to take the passports. What will Jam Jam take with her? She’s already put two dolls. (And the important thing is…) What is she looking for? (Where did I put it?) Where’s the watermelon? – Watermelon? / – Watermelon? Watermelon? You want to take a watermelon? – You can’t take watermelon. / – It’s winter. You want to buy a watermelon to take with you? – Watermelon. / – What? Watermelon shoes. Do you want some watermelon? Watermelon shoes. (She says it clearly.) – Are you looking for the shoes? / – Watermelon shoes? (Yes, the shoes!) – Oh, your… / – Where are they? Your swimming shoes. How do you understand that? She has some things she wants to take. I was wondering what you wanted. I thought you wanted to eat watermelon. Watermelon shoes. Watermelon shoes. Do you want to put them on now? – No. / – Will you pack them? – When I swim. / – You’ll wear them to swim? Watermelon shoes are to wear when she goes swimming. – I guess they’re her aqua shoes. / – I’ll take these. – I’m done. / – Thank you. Gosh, she’s all grown up. Kiss me. We’re done packing. (She kisses Dad to celebrate preparing for the trip.) She wiped it off. – My goodness. / – Why did you wipe off my kiss? (I’m sorry, I did it without realizing.) Come on. Look at her acting cute. (He doesn’t know which is the real one) (The thought of going on a trip makes her sing.) – ♪ He doesn’t know ♪ / – She’s so good. The thought of going on a trip makes her sing. Soyul and I went to Singapore for our honeymoon. Actually, all three of us went, but my wife had to be careful back then. This time, we’re going to make great memories together and enjoy Singapore fully. Jam Jam is going! – Going. / – Going. (This was filmed from 6th to 8th of December 2019.) Its green nature whispers to you during the day and its shining lights welcome you at night. It’s a fancy paradise filled with romance and leisure. A gourmet paradise filled with global cuisine. This tourist haven stimulates your senses every day with fascinating scenes. They came to Singapore. Dad is an archaeopteryx. (“Back in My Day”) (They debuted like a comet in 1996.) In 1996, they made their debut like a comet and became a legend of the 20th century. However, this daddy couldn’t forget his past heyday and ended up getting stuck in his memories. Back in my day… (We’d say “Alas, hooray!” It was a famous phrase.) (Why?) (The modern kid, Jam Jam tries to understand her dad.) (Why? Why?) (It’s kind of tiring that you keep asking why.) (Why?) (Jam Jam asks “Why?” to her nostalgic dad.) The 21st-century-kid, Jam Jam and her 20th-century dad have the most amazing trip that transcends a century. Let’s go with them now. Jam Jam. Daddy has prepared a huge convertible car for you. This big? A convertible? Is Heejun going to spend a lot today? (Your face is funny, Dad.) – This big. / – I think Heejun is more excited. Goodness. I guess Heejun has ambitiously prepared something. You’re so cute, Daddy. – Am I cute? / – Yes. Give me a kiss. – Goodness. Her cuteness / – It was an Eskimo kiss. is on another level. – Goodness. / – An Eskimo kiss. She’s so cute. It must be even better that she’s with her mom as well. I know. (Their convertible car is here.) – The convertible? / – Is it here? (He meant the city tour bus.) – Let’s get on this. / – That’s what he meant. – It’s the city tour bus. / – Right. Excuse me, how much is it? It’s 29 dollars each. – Thank you. / – Thank you. The upper deck is open. Right, like a convertible. It’s completely open. – The sky looks so beautiful. / – It’s beautiful. This is great! (They happily shout on top of their lungs.) Hurrah! – Hurrah! / – This feels great! Right, it’s exciting to feel the wind on the bus. Jam Jam looks so excited. – Honey. / – Yes? Back in my day, the back seat of a bus had a special meaning. You had to do something in the back seat. He must’ve sat in the back seat during our outings. Ta-da! – What is this? / – Do you know what this is? It’s a “mymy” cassette player. It was a hip item, a portable cassette tape player. Of course I know it. I used to listen to H.O.T’s cassette – until the tape stretched out. / – Did you? – This is a “Mymy”. / – What year is that from? – Back in my day… / – We used MP3 players in my time. (She was born in 1991.) Even the mom and the dad have a generation gap. My generation used MP3s – to download songs. / – That’s too bad. – This is more nostalgic. / – We were more stylish. It gives you a warm feeling as you listen to it in the last row on the bus. – There are so many good songs. / – Does it play? (“Since, You’ve Gone” by Moon Heejun) It plays. Gosh. But I agree. Interestingly enough, cassette tapes have a special vibe to it. Of course. ♪ It looks so sad ♪ This song… ♪ No ♪ Your voice sounds so young. – How is it? Do you like it? / – I love it. (The one born in the 21st century feels left out.) She doesn’t know anything. (This old man is reminiscing.) Only her parents are excited. – Stop singing. / – What? What did you say? – Stop singing. / – Stop singing? She doesn’t know the song. Why did you pull it out? I won’t listen to it. – Should we stop? / – Yes. I was only trying to bring back the 90s nostalgia. It’s our first time on a double-decker with Jam Jam. – Shouldn’t we take a picture? / – A picture? – Yes. / – I prepared for it. Back in my day… – Did he prepare a film camera? / – What is this? (Back in my day…) What is this? We have to use this. – What is this? / – This is the mood we’re going for. Goodness, I can’t believe I got it right. I haven’t seen one in a long time. You have to go like this. – Listen to it. / – Did you forget? When the thing stops rolling, that means it’s ready. – Look at the camera. One… / – If you make a mistake, you could lose all of your photos. – That’s right. / – I can’t take multiple shots. I have to rewind it every time. One, two, three. – Let me see the picture. / – Do you want to see? Look here. Look through this. – How cute. / – What? Nothing’s there. Don’t we have to take it to a photo studio? Yes, and we have to pick it up later. – Yes. / – This is crazy. (The pictures look natural.) It turned out well. (They don’t need any retouching.) We’re here! Their first destination is the landmark of Singapore, Marina Bay. The imaginary beast with a lion’s head and a fish’s body, – the Merlion is a must-see here. / – That’s right. You must get a picture here. It’s the merlion. – Water. / – There’s water coming out. Why is there water coming out? I wonder why. Maybe it drank a lot of water. Why? – Maybe it’s brushing its teeth. / – Brushing? Why is it brushing its teeth? Why? I think the lion had too much candy. Why? That’s why it’s brushing its teeth. He’s answering her patiently. Lion, lion. – It feels cool. / – It feels so cool. (They’re splashed with the lion’s gargle water.) – The water is splashing a little. / – It’s cold. – How cute. / – Mom, it’s moist. – “It’s moist.” / – “It’s moist.” – Does it feel good? / – Are you happy? She’s excited after seeing the water. – The film camera is back. / – One, two, three. – Lion. / – Lion. – Lion. / – One, two. – When you travel, pictures are a must. / – Of course. Their pictures look so peaceful and warm. – We’ll catch the water like this. / – Look here. (They take a picture with a concept.) – Jam Jam. / – Look at Dad. (Jam Jam is catching the water.) Jam Jam, you have to take pictures like this here. What is that? Some people always take pictures with concepts. Okay. (Dad decided to take it by himself.) – He’s good. He’s so good. / – This angle is perfect. That feels refreshing. (Dad continues to take concept pictures.) Jam Jam, do you remember we came to this place before? – Yes. / – She does? – Do you really remember? / – I remember. – You do? / – Yes. – You were in Mom’s tummy. / – She wasn’t even born. I saw like this. (You’re so cute.) – Did you look out like this? / – Did you see? – Through her mom’s belly button? / – Did you see it? Honey, isn’t this the place? This is where we took the picture. – Yes, this is it. / – Right here. Here. It was here. Wow, she’s right. Sir, could you take a picture of us? – This is a meaningful place. / – You’re busy. You have to take pictures of us too. – Jam Jam was in her mom’s tummy back then. / – Yes. (They took a family picture with Jam Jam 3 years later) It must remind them of their memories. This is like a grocery store. Jam Jam, strawberry. Where are you going? – Banana. There are bananas too. / – Bananas? – Please give me a banana. / – Here. – You want a banana. / – Let’s pay for them first. – Over there. / – Ask them to charge us. Does she know how to pay? – How much is it? / – “How much…” (She understood Korean. It’s 3 dollars and 10 cents.) She understood. Gosh. She doesn’t have money. There isn’t any. Jam Jam. Ask for it. – I’ll lift you. / – Are you putting it in your pocket? – Put it in. / – You should give her the money. How cute. Hold her up. – Okay, thank you. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Give me change.) She was able to purchase something abroad. She really bought something abroad. – She really did. / – Thank you. Sit here. (Her dad prepared a portable cushion for her.) – That’s nice. / – How is it? – Is it comfortable? Do you like it? / – Yes. They love their daughter so much. Do bananas in Singapore taste different? – I bet they taste delicious. / – Back in my day, – Not again. / – traveling abroad wasn’t something easy to do. He brings it up again just as we’re about to forget. Even his wife is getting tired of it. If you go to Gyeongju, you have to eat the bread. – In Jeonju, bibimbap. / – Dad, why aren’t you eating? – Why aren’t you eating? / – She’s stopping him. – I’m busy talking. / – Why aren’t you eating? – She’s covering his mouth. / – It’s good. You have to eat – the famous dishes of each region. / – Dad, eat. – Am I too noisy? / – Yes. Am I a little noisy? – She stopped him cutely. / – Am I noisy? – Eat that. / – Should I eat this? (Dad is hurt.) – Am I too noisy? / – Yes. She’s blunt. Jam Jam must like bananas. How cute. Jam Jam. Ice cream. What ice cream? (She returns the banana.) She’s telling him to hurry. It’s a Merlion ice cream. – Which flavor do you want? / – It sure looks unique. – Mango. / – Mom, have the strawberry. – Thank you. / – Strawberry for Mom. How did you know that was strawberry? This is durian and this is mango. Durian is… – Dad, you have the mango. / – a fruit. – She’s giving him mango? / – Will you try the durian? Does she know how to eat it? (Once you put a piece of durian in your mouth…) Is it good? (The strong smell attacks you after a little while.) – Durians have a unique strong smell. / – That’s right. – Cheers. / – Doesn’t it smell? It must smell already. Try it. It might be sweet since it’s a popsicle. Is it weird? (She tries it one more time.) It might just be sweet. The aroma is hitting her now. I guess she doesn’t like the durian taste. – It can taste strange. / – Have the mango. – Mango. / – Mango. – She was startled. / – Wash your mouth. Yes, just eat the mango popsicle. Back in my day, you couldn’t be picky with food. Why travel if you’re only going to eat instant noodles? – That’s you. / – I don’t understand it. You have to eat durians. – Sure. / – Enjoy it, Dad. – What is he going to do? / – Enjoy the durian. (It’s here.) The aroma came right away. – He can’t take back his words. / – This is strong. – This is… / – Is it good? – He can’t spit it out. / – It’s delicious. Jam Jam, it’s delicious. Try a bite. Don’t only eat instant noodles when traveling. Open up. (She ended up taking another bite.) – He’s feeding her again. / – How is it? She ate it. (She washes her mouth with the mango popsicle.) Are you washing your mouth with the mango popsicle? She’s washing her tongue with the mango ice cream. Are you gargling? He’s so persistent. – Eat yours. / – Yes, you should eat it. It’s not my taste either. – None of us like it. / – Now he says the truth. Durian is not easy to eat. – Is it good? / – The mango popsicle is good. Since we ate popsicles as our appetizer, we should eat our main meal now. Let’s go. – Go, go. / – Go, go. Wait for us. I looked through a lot of booklets. Apparently, this is a famous restaurant. – Really? / – Booklets instead of the internet? – Hello. Nice to meet you. / – Hello. – Excuse me. / – Yes? Menu, please. – The menu? / – Yes. – He’s right on the dot. / – Thank you. He doesn’t say anything redundant. Menu, menu, menu. – This one. / – Yes. One. – And this one. / – Black potatoes? – Just say, “This one”. / – Was this what we eat this back then? (Body language) (What are you doing?) Cereal prawn. – Did she understand? / – Yes, yes. That’s right. – He says it’s right. / – And one diet coke. – One diet coke for you? / – Yes. I’m dieting. (I’m trying to become like this.) (Is he a comedian?) That’s it. Thank you. – Thank you so much. / – Thank you. (I’m going to eat like this.) – She’s excited to eat. / – She must be hungry. Watermelon juice. – The watermelon juice is here. / – Thank you. – It’s watermelon juice. / – Diet… Diet coke. (Two thumbs up) – She gave it two thumbs-up. / – Very hot. Diet. – Is it good? / – Watermelon juice. I should have a cheat day. She likes it. (Chewing) Watching my calories is too sad, so let’s just enjoy. (The main dishes enter.) – This is crazy. / – What is that? It’s cereal prawns, made extra aromatic by the almonds. – Look at how plump it is. / – It’s plump. They’re so meaty. This is spicy and sweet chili crab. If you dip the crab meat in the sauce, the taste will be fantastic. They also got some side menus to enjoy together. Heejun ordered well. (It’s their first meal in Singapore.) (Wide-eyed) This looks amazing. Good job. What a good combination. It looks delicious. Is it okay for you to eat all of these? – I shouldn’t. / – Heejun mentioned he’s on a diet. but we’re abroad, so we should enjoy our meals. – I will work out harder. / – Good idea. You need to eat something anyway. I should try to eat just a little. (A diet with his diet coke) Enjoy your meal, Dad. – Yes. He got a diet coke. / – Let’s enjoy our meal. – I want to try this. / – Do you? Do you want this? – I have my own spoon. / – Let’s try it. – Okay. / – I’ll eat with my spoon. We should eat this. It’s a prawn. (Heejun chooses cereal shrimp.) Dad, don’t eat it. – Why not? / – Why not? – Should I not eat it? / – There’s sand on it. Do you think there’s sand on it? Get the sand off for him. – She thought the batter was sand. / – It seems so. Jam Jam, this is okay to eat. – How did she think of that? / – Isn’t it sand? It’s not sand. Remember when Seoeon and Seojun gave you a flower pot, but it was actually chocolate? (Thanks to Seoeon and Seojun…) Yes, that’s right. The twins played a prank on her. It was actually chocolate. (Try it yourself.) It’s chocolate, right? You surprised me. (They had chocolate that looked like dirt.) Just like that, this is something you can eat. – It’s good. / – Do you want to try it? – Right? / – I see. I didn’t know. You didn’t know. You’re eating well. – You’re eating well. / – Is it good? How is it? It must taste pretty good. – She likes it. / – Do you want some rice? – No! / – Do you want more prawns? – I should… / – She’s into it. – Dad will do it. / – It must be crispy and delicious. (She removes the camera.) She’s getting rid of the camera. (Shooting the show isn’t important right now.) I’ll peel them for you. (Come here, cereal prawns.) She has fallen for it. I guess it’s good. (Eating) Is it good? (This is good.) – Dad, it’s crispy. / – Is it? – It must be crispy and tasty. / – Is it crispy? – Chocolate. / – Chocolate? – There’s chocolate inside. / – Is there really? Jam Jam, you must think everything tasty is chocolate. It means it’s tasty. How is it? Is it good? She’s eating so well. – You’re right. / – I will put it here. I’ve been on my diet for too long – that my tongue is sensitive. / – What is she making? She mixed the cereal with the fried rice. This is Jam Jam’s restaurant. Should I try it? She’s pretty creative with her food. – I bet you it’s good. / – I’m sure. It took a lot of effort for her dad to find the place. If she eats this well, – it must make Heejun so happy. / – I’m sure. (She is eating well.) Mom’s smacking her lips. (Traces of her pigging out) – Is it good? / – Mom, try this. – Try the rice. / – Should I try it? I’ll give it to you. She’s giving some to her mom. She is such a good daughter. – Is it good? / – It’s so good. (Dad is the best!) How many thumbs-up did she give today? I ate this inside Mom’s tummy. – Did you eat this inside Mom? / – Really? Do you remember it? I looked out like this. – You did? / – How adorable. I see. That’s how you know. – Was it delicious? / – She’s so cute. What is this? (He’s dipping the bun in the chili sauce.) I know what that chili sauce tastes like. You’re supposed to dip it. The chili sauce tastes… – It’s so good. / – What do we do? It looks so good. – I thought he was on a diet. / – It’s so good. It’s spicy yet sweet. There’s a refreshing taste too. (He grabs a plump chili crab.) – It’s so good. / – It looks delicious. (He’s on a diet.) I’ve been on diet for so long, my tongue is sensitive. It’s so delicious. I’ll try it by itself. (He starts bingeing.) He decided to let go of his inhibition. – It tastes / – Is it good? a little like fried chicken. We haven’t tried that yet. (How will the black pepper crab taste like?) (It’s still alive!) – It’s alive. / – When you’re on a diet, and you eat something that strong-flavored… – You’d lose your mind a bit. / – This is like soy sauce chicken. You have to eat this when you come to this restaurant. Sambal kangkong. Put it on some fried rice. With Heejun there, it feels like “Live Info Show”. If it tastes good, it’s zero calories. It helps to eat this when your food is too greasy. – He might eat the table at this rate. / – I know. Honey, does it taste good? – “Honey”? / – Yes. It’s really good. (Meanwhile, the real “honey” is…) (Cereal shrimp) At first, I thought they ordered too much. (Chili crab) She’s also pretty skilled at eating. You know how to eat properly. I want some. – Open up. / – How do I take some? (Jam Jam is looking after her mom.) This is Singaporean kimchi. – Is it Singaporean kimchi? / – They need to eat it. – It might be too greasy. / – Singaporean kimchi is – tasty. / – Is it? Thank you. – How sweet. / – It’s so good. (They ate their meal like a storm.) – Honey. Whenever I went to work, / – Yes? you had to work hard looking after Jam Jam on your own. Since we’re abroad and all, I’ll give you some freedom. – Really? I love it. / – Really? – This is what every mom wants. / – Really? I love it. (I don’t know what happened, but I’ll clap!) Mom’s leaving. She’s clapping along since Mom sounds excited. Don’t call me, okay? In return, take “mymy” with you. They’re the best when you’re going around alone. Everything looks more beautiful when there’s music. Have fun with Dad. (Mom, go get some rest.) It’s their first morning without Mom. Where did Mom go? – Gosh. / – She went to get you a present. Will she come today? She’ll bring you a present. She’ll come soon. Did someone come? Did someone come? Who’s here? Gosh, Dad. He must have slept deeply. I’ll do yours after I do mine. Check, check. Did you do the mic check? (Smiling) Mister. No… Did you sleep well, sir? “Sir”. (He greets the cameramen first.) – He knows how to address them. / – Did you sleep well? – Yes. / – He’s such a people person. – Haoh, you’re good at greeting. / – Hello. Hello. Who am I? – Heegun. / – Am I Heegun? – Yes, that’s Dad’s name. / – He knows it exactly. – I’m hungry. / – Are you? I couldn’t do the dishes yesterday. – I’m hungry. / – What a mess. – I forgot to do the dishes. / – It’s realistic that he’s doing everything by himself. There’s no time to do the dishes. (He goes up to the cameraman.) Haoh is good at playing by himself. Go to Mom’s room. – Why? / – Come on. Turn off the camera. Turn this one off too. By the way, what happened to Haoh here? (Dad is doing the dishes.) (Meanwhile, Haoh) (is singing a familiar song.) (Last week, he sang the chorus of “I Miss You”.) (Now he’s singing the beginning of the song.) (I can’t go) (To you, crying like a fool) (Don’t you know I only hurt you) The lyrics are actually hard. (Don’t you know I only hurt you) (Why are you waiting for me, just leave) – Where are you going? / – He’s dizzy. How cute. He fainted. Haoh, do you miss Mom so much that you don’t want to do anything? I don’t want to do anything. It’s hard on me too. Haoh, I’ll make your favorite beef and scorched rice. Potatoes. (However…) – Go to Mom’s room. / – Why? Come on. – Turn off the camera. / – Why? – Turn off the camera. / – Turn it off? Do you want them to turn it off? – But he liked the cameramen. / – I’ll turn it off. – Is it off? / – It’s off. Did you really turn it off? I did. Is something not to his liking? I think he had a change of heart. Turn this off too. – It’s turned off. / – Is he checking every single one? – Why? / – I’ll do this. He loved the cameras that took pictures of him. (After checking the cameras…) What is it, Haoh? What’s the matter? (His breathing sounds serious.) – I’ll make rice. / – Is he upset? Please put it in. – Please put it in. / – No way. Haoh, are you pooping? Yes. Okay. Did he turn off the cameras to do this? My goodness. (He’s using all of his muscles.) He’s making me clench up too. (He takes some time to calm down with a ballad.) (Don’t you know I only hurt you) (Why are you waiting for me…) (This must be a sign to tell us he succeeded.) (The camera slides down as if waiting for this moment.) He’s finishing up. That was the last of it. Why did I sing it like that? (Why are you waiting for me?) (He corrects his pitch while taking care of business.) – He even corrected his pitch. / – I think you’re done. (Let’s change your diaper, then.) Let’s remove the microphone. – Okay, I’ll remove it. / – Why? Why remove the mic? – It’s uncomfortable. / – It is. It’s done. – Was the microphone uncomfortable? / – I pooped a lot. (He can feel it.) – He knows that without looking? / – Yes, you did. That’s why you must eat a lot, right? Yes! Okay. Let’s start eating. – Let’s go. / – Won Bin. (He shows up wearing fancy sunglasses.) – You’re not Won Bin. / – He’s the son of a hip-hopper. Even his eating show looks hip. – That’s right. / – Haoh. (Their breakfast consists of potatoes, beef and rice.) – I’ll make you scorched rice. / – Let’s eat meat. – Let’s eat meat. / – Look at this. Do they eat waffles for breakfast? I’ll make you scorched rice. Give me a moment. It’s hot. Let me do it. – Dad. / – See? It’s hot. It’s sizzling. This is a waffle iron. People make waffles with this. Once I make this, we’ll share this together. – I’ll close it now. / – Gosh, what a great idea. (They have a music class while they wait.) (He’s like a jukebox.) – Gosh, he knows the lyrics. / – ♪ On one hand ♪ (He’s holding the crayons) (that he bought for me) (Finishing notes) Goodness. (There’s so much I want to draw) But the white piece of paper was too small. (Exploding with emotions) Goodness. Was the white paper too small? – That’s why I was sad. / – Is that so? Yes. (This 26-month-old boy understood the lyrics.) He relates to the lyrics when he’s only 26 months old. – Shall we check? Look, Haoh. / – He’s amazing. (Is the scorched rice waffle ready?) (Perfect) – It looks great. / – Snacks. You have to make it crispy like snacks. Right. It’s crispy like snacks. – Let me break it. / – Wow! Let me break this for you. – This is amazing. / – It’s amazing. – I bet it has a nice texture. / – With my hands. It’s not hot. You can eat it. (Haoh has a bite of the scorched rice waffle.) Scorched rice. – That’s too little for a taste. / – There you go. (He picks up a big piece.) There you go. (Munching) It’s crispy like snacks. – His vocabulary is… / – Is it crispy like snacks? Haoh, I’ll cook the meat first since you want it. This is the Korean beef that you like. Look at the meat. – Your favorite Korean beef. / – It’s vivid red. (Sizzling) – The meat… / – Did you hear that? (The sizzling sound makes me salivate.) Since we’re impatient, we’ll put three chunks at once. (After admiring it briefly…) I’ll close the lid. – Close the lid. / – You’ll close it? – I can hear the sound. / – You can, right? Gosh, Haoh. This is no joke. Look. – How will the meat look? / – Look. (Revealing right away) (The meat is evenly cooked on both sides at once.) – Those must be juicy. / – Oh, my gosh. Why do they look so moist? – I’ll blow on it. / – Yes, blow on it before you eat. (Blowing) – I’ll eat once it’s cool. / – Eat it once it’s cool. – You should blow on it too. / – Okay. – Let’s check the meat. / – Dads usually say that. You can eat now. (He gets his chopsticks ready right away.) – This is good. / – He can use chopsticks? (This perfect 26-month-old can control his chopsticks.) It got rid of the grease completely. It’s good. Eat it. You’re a big eater. He’s replenishing his iron today. He’s having meat for breakfast. He eats well. (Eating just meat can get greasy.) You’re a big eater. How nice. (An interesting eating show by a 26-month-old boy) It looks like a campaign video. He’s eating very well. A campaign video to promote the consumption of rice. (Haoh is great on an eating show too.) Gosh, I finished everything. You’re eating a lot today. Try this too. Shall we cook potatoes? (The waffle iron is full of tater tots now.) – This looks so good. / – He has a potato pancake now. – A waffle. / – As a dad myself, it’s not easy to figure out what your kid likes. Eat your waffle. Is that good? Eat a lot. – This is interesting. / – Is it interesting? Come here. Be careful. Come closer. – Thank you. / – Sure. Let’s eat a lot next time too. (The father-and-son’s next activity) What are they doing now with their mouths open? – Goodness. / – That’s Dongbaek. (Watching TV after their meal) (“When the Camellia Blooms” ended with a bang recently) You kissed me first. (There were many romantic scenes like this in it.) (But here, Dongbaek is getting scolded.) (Right then, Haoh spots) (Hyangmi who’s getting her hair permed.) – I want to get a perm too. / – What? Will you get a perm? (A perm all of a sudden?) I’ll get a perm. Dongbaek! (He shouts out her name with all of his heart.) – Haoh. / – Dongbaek! Dongbaek! Does he think he’ll see Dongbaek at the hair salon? Dongbaek! (My goodness.) You should call out Dad like that. Dongbaek! (Wait for me, Dongbaek!) They went to a market for Haoh who’s missing Dongbaek. Haoh, what is that? (Cucumber, Two dollars) – Cucumber. / – Cucumber. This is a mushroom. Mushroom. Another one. What’s that? Garlic. What about this one? – That’s an eggplant. / – My gosh. – That’s an eggplant. / – An eggplant. – Gosh. He knows eggplants too. / – What’s that? (Next to the eggplants are chili peppers.) – Chili peppers. / – Chili peppers. – Only you eat them. / – What about this? – Do you know? / – I doubt he knows. – That’s hard. / – Do you know what that is? Bell peppers are spicy. – My gosh. / – Bell peppers are spicy. They are spicy, aren’t they? No, bell peppers aren’t spicy. – What’s that? / – He knows the taste too. – Broccoli. / – Broccoli? – I know a lot. / – Yes, Haoh. You know a lot. Haoh, this is the hair salon Dongbaek was at. – Hello. / – Welcome. Ma’am, won’t he look great with a perm? He’ll look nice with an undercut perm. – An undercut perm? / – An undercut perm? You’re getting a perm. Haoh is getting a perm. I was curious about how perms for kids are done. (Observing closely) You look great. The owner is doing my hair. Right. The owner is doing your hair. – She was surprised. / – Use this one too. Okay. She will after this one. Thank you. You’re so nice. Ma’am, right here. – Okay. Thank you. / – All right. – He’s assisting her. / – It’s after this one. Okay. You grab this. How old is your baby? He’s 26 months old. He’s linguistically developed. He surprises me. – I’d say he’s a genius. / – He’s linguistically good. (The highest compliment) Haoh, she says you’re a genius. – He’s a genius. / – Gary must be so happy – to hear that. / – I think he’s a genius too. – It’s all done. / – He’s a genius. We’re done now. (Putting on the hat) He looks adorable. – That’s a pink hat. / – Let’s give it up for him. – Good boy. / – Good boy. Good job. The owner did it for me. That’s right. She did it for you. – It will be over soon. / – He knows the word “owner”. – Mom and Dad. / – Are those your mom and me? (There are two tangerines.) (Goodness, he’s so smart.) So they’re your mom and dad. – Mom and Dad. / – Mom and Dad. There’s a lot. – “There’s a lot.” / – “There’s a lot.” This is your mom. This is me. And who is this? – That’s Aunt. / – Your aunt? – Who’s this? / – Me. Haoh. – It’s a sweet potato. / – Do you live with your aunt? – She lives in Sinsa-dong. / – Sinsa-dong. Then where do you live? – I live in Jayang-dong. / – Jayang-dong? – My goodness. / – Jayang-dong. – We live in Jayang-dong. / – He’s a great talker. – He knows his mom’s phone number. / – He’s… – Really? / – Yes. What’s your mom’s number? It’s 010… (All the phone numbers start with 010.) – Start. / – He’s smart. – He’s very smart. / – Yes, he’s smart. He’s beyond smart. He even knows where he lives. – I was so surprised. / – Seriously. We got such a smart boy living in Jayang-dong. (He doesn’t know what to do with their compliments.) (This 26-month-old starts singing the Alphabet Song.) (Using his feet to stay on the beat) – Q, R, S, T, U / – He’s staying on the beat while singing the Alphabet Song. – You taught him well. / – I doubt he takes after me. I didn’t teach him anything. I don’t know how he learns these things. No 26-month-old babies can be as smart as he is. You did a fantastic job with your prenatal education. We’ll go out and buy some snacks. That’s all right. (They spot super delicious hotteok at the market.) – Oh, come on. / – She’s flipping hotteok. Ma’am, how much is it? It’s two dollars for three. – Two dollars for three. / – Then, give us six dollars’ worth of food. – Okay. / – “Six dollars’ worth of food”. Please give us delicious ones. Sure, you got it. – I’m going to eat hotteok. / – Is that so? – I’m hungry. / – I see. He’s so polite when he talks. Thank you, ma’am. Sure thing. – There’s the moon. / – The moon is up. (He connects his comment with a song.) (Where is the moon?) – ♪ It’s over Mount Nam ♪ / – There’s the moon. Haoh is as sentimental as he is eloquent. (The moon-shaped hotteok is ready while he sings.) I can’t believe a 26-month-old baby can sing like that. – Right. / – He can speak English too. – He can talk with ease. / – They are so surprised. My child couldn’t talk at the age of 26 months. – He couldn’t even talk. / – That’s right. – Your child was slow. He is fast. / – He is fast. He is a genius. He sang to the beat. He did this. My goodness. His pronunciation is on point too. What does his father do? – He is a singer. / – He is a singer. – “What does his father do?” / – Is he a solo artist? – No, he isn’t. / – He is a solo artist. – He raps. / – I see. Heave-ho. There you go. (Is someone talking about us?) Should I carry it? Is it heavy? I will carry it. – Let’s carry it together. / – Okay. – Let’s carry it like this. / – Heave-ho. Heave-ho. Those are pumpkins. Those are pumpkins. There are many jujubes. There are many jujubes. These look like what we saw at the shampooing place. – Yes, they do. / – The hair sprays? These are chestnuts. Yes, those are chestnuts. You need to peel chestnuts to eat them. (That’s right.) – It’s seaweed fulvescens. / – Seaweed fulvescens. – This is rice cake. / – Is this rice cake? – He knows so many words. / – This is so much fun. This is so much fun. (Haoh smiles.) – All right. / – We are here. Haoh, please open the door. Okay. Heave-ho. Did you bring hotteok? – Thank you. / – We brought hotteok. – Give it to her. / – You should take off your gloves. (You should do that if you want to eat.) – That’s right. / – I will do that. I am sorry. You take off your gloves before you eat, right? Thank you. (He gets his perm wrapped up before he eats.) Haoh, you are done. – The perm looks good. / – I don’t want it blow-dried. – He looks cute! / – Okay. – Haoh, look at your curls. / – His hair became curly. (His first perm is complete.) My goodness. – It looks nice. / – I became a prince. (He is very satisfied.) – He must be satisfied. / – Thank you. – He complimented himself. / – Thank you. How cute! – Smile prettily. / – Look at his smile. Smile prettily. He looks the same as his dad. Ma’am, please take this first. Thank you. – Happy Lunar New Year. / – Thank you. It’s fun to share food – at a local hair salon. / – That’s right. Is it tasty? – It’s tasty. / – It’s really tasty. It’s tasty. (Haoh suddenly stares at the grandma.) Is it sticky? – What? / – Sticky. – What did you say? / – He asked if it’s sticky. – I see. / – It’s sticky. (Haoh hands over a wet tissue.) He saw that her hands were getting sticky. Thank you. My goodness. Did you wipe your hands? – He asked if you wiped your hands. / – Yes, I did. He is so considerate. (Good job.) Is it tasty? Is it tasty? – My goodness. / – He can wink well too. He is cute. He can express himself freely. Yes. It’s fascinating. He can express his emotions. He said, “Is it sticky? Wipe your hands.” – He is really smart. / – Also, he is considerate of others. I am thankful for that. – The wet wipes… / – I hope he continues like this. What you learned in the cradle is carried to the grave. Consideration is a good trait. Thank you. In the past two days, you got a perm and had fun, Haoh. So we will celebrate with a cake. (Gary and Haoh celebrate their 1st 48 hours together.) – It’s to mark their first try. / – ♪ Dad and Haoh ♪ – Haoh did so well. / – ♪ Congratulations to us ♪ (They blow out the candles together.) All done! – Here. Open wide. / – Let’s eat. They should celebrate. Everyone is talking about how cute and smart Haoh is. That’s right. He is the talk of the town. (They look the same.) What? I have something on my mouth. (Does he want to reenact) (the famous scene from “Secret Garden”?) – Wipe it off, then. / – Okay. – Wipe it off, then. / – “Wipe it off yourself.” – Okay. / – He is cool. – Wipe it off. / – Okay. I did. (You should take care of your own hygiene.) Your mom will be here soon. We will give her a surprise. – A surprise? / – Yes. – We will give her a flower path. / – A flower path. We want her to be surprised when she comes in. We made a heart. – Red and pink. / – Let’s keep your hair pretty. It’s colorful! – He is so expressive. / – It’s colorful. Let’s walk back and forth. – Shall we do that? / – She will be overjoyed. (The romantic dad and son walk down the flower path.) It’s the flower path. – It’s her. / – It’s her. Haoh’s mom is back. (Mom arrives home.) They need to hide. They have an event. They need to hurry up and hide. (Running) Your mom is here. Your mom is here. (We need to surprise her.) Your mom is here. Haoh, stand like me. Stand like me. – How will she react? / – This is a surprise. She will be touched. – She is coming. / – Mom. – What is this? / – Haoh, where are you? – No! Mom! / – Hold on. This isn’t the picture we had in mind. (The surprise event is ruined.) – Mom! / – Hold on. – Haoh. / – Hold on. Haoh. What is this? (When he actually sees his mom…) – What? / – What is it? – What is it? / – He was desperate to see her. Aren’t you happy to see me, Haoh? – What is it? / – I am happy. He doesn’t look happy, though. – Then why won’t you look at me? / – Give her a kiss. Haoh, did you make this with your dad? Did you make it for me? – Didn’t you buy a present? / – What? (Mom, you were away to buy a present.) – Did you buy a present? / – She is empty-handed. – What? / – You were away to buy a car as my present. – I forgot about that. / – Let’s see what she brings. (Haoh thought his mom was away to buy his present.) – He didn’t forget about it. / – Your present? She brought it. It’s in her room. What are they going to do? (Let’s go and see it.) – Are you happy she is back? / – A present! A present! Were you waiting for the present instead of me? Your present is a car, right? No, it isn’t a car. What are they going to do? It isn’t a car. I brought tasty food. – Thankfully, she brought food. / – Ta-da! (She brought bread.) It’s a chocolate cake! It’s your dad’s favorite croquette. I am satisfied. You are satisfied. He is satisfied with that. – Goodness. / – He is a good boy. My goodness. – You know… / – This is a special occasion. We usually don’t give you chocolate, – but today is an exception. / – That’s right. (Gary takes a bite of the croquette.) (Mom’s tasty present makes them happy.) It’s tasty. Haoh, how was the hair salon? Do you think your hair is pretty? Are you satisfied? (He eats without answering.) Why do they look like brothers? – Did the two of you starve? / – You know, this is the sweetness you enjoy at the end of the child-rearing. Really? It’s tasty. – Is it tasty? / – Is it tasty? – It’s tasty. / – Is it tasty? We couldn’t take him to a hair salon for two years. – Seriously. He looks so cute. / – He even got a perm. Mom’s socks, hello. I can’t believe him. – My goodness. / – They are dirty! Two days passed like one day. Haoh, my socks are dirty. No one is listening to Gary. My socks are dirty. Your hair is so pretty. (They are in their own world.) How sweet! Did you miss me? Of course I missed you. I missed you a lot. – Hello. / – Hello. (Neglected, Lovey-dovey) Dads are always like that. You didn’t do that to me once these two days. Haoh. I will keep quiet since it’s the same in my family. You didn’t do that to me once. Stop it. Stop it? – You can’t beat mom’s love. / – Haoh, say to Dad, “Thank you for playing with me.” No, sleep with your mom. I will go to the club. Shall we follow him? – You can’t follow him there! / – Shall we follow him? – Shall we follow him? / – No! – Shall we follow him? / – Shall we follow him? No! – Let’s follow him. / – No! What are Mom, Dad and Haoh as a group? – A family. / – A family. – That’s right. / – That’s right. We are a family. – Come again. / – Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your hard work. – What is Haoh doing? / – Let me help you. Is he helping them move out? Let me help you. Hold on. You don’t need to touch it. I will help you. I will do it. I know how to do it. He wants to help them. Haoh, we need to pull them apart. We need to pull them apart. Let’s try it. – I will do it. I will do it. / – Put it down. – I put it down too. / – No. – Heave-ho. / – Put them over there. Heave-ho, heave-ho. Hold on. I will do it with you. – He’s incredible. / – I will do it with you. Thanks to Haoh, they cleaned up fast. I will be sad. – Don’t be. They’ll return. / – He got close to them. – I will be sad. / – Don’t be sad. It’s okay. They will come back. – I am sad. / – Let me take off the microphone. – Don’t take it off. / – Why not? – Haoh. / – Writer Park, don’t go. – “Writer Park”. / – Don’t go. Writer Park. Producer, don’t go! I will put on “C” slippers. “C” slippers. Let’s go. Let’s see them off. – Goodbye. / – Don’t make it hard on them. Writer Park, bye. (Let’s meet again.) (Where are William and Bentley?) William and Bentley! – Good morning. / – There they are. Did you sleep well? – Did you sleep well? / – Did you have a dream? – He knows what a dream is. / – I dreamed about the monsters in “Ghostbusters”. Really? Did you have a dream? (Hold on.) – A wolf. Dream. / – He dreamed about a wolf. A wolf? I guess Bentley dreamed about a wolf. (I caught a wolf.) Here comes a wolf! Where? Where? (I fooled you, right?) Are you scared of wolves? I am not scared of wolves. I am five years old. You wouldn’t know because you are four years old. It’s okay. I was like that when I was four years old. But now, I am five years old. I will protect you. – William turned five this year. / – You will change. Time passes fast. My goodness. (His speech has been upgraded.) I am craving food. He is craving food. He talks like an adult. (He arrives at the kitchen to satisfy his craving.) There must be food. In the morning, you should have some morning coffee. Morning coffee? (He pours coffee into the cup.) (To make it suit his taste) – Is he adding chocolate? / – This is it. All done! – It’s like a coffee commercial. / – It’s tasty coffee. – I know. It looks nice. / – A cup of coffee. – He raised his pinky finger. / – William. – William. / – Bentley smelled food. No, baby. You can’t drink this. You need to be five to drink this. A five-year-old can drink it, but not a four-year-old? For goodness’ sake. You won’t let me drink coffee in peace. My goodness. Hold on. This is bad. There is no way Bentley would give up. My goodness. Oh, no! – In the end… / – What is going on? What is going on? What are they going to do? I was drinking coffee. Bentley grabbed it from me. Coffee, my foot. Let’s clean up first. I smell barley tea. – It’s not barley tea. / – Barley tea. (Coffee?) Coffee? I made it. Where did you make it? I needed it to wake up. – What? / – My goodness. He knows why adults drink coffee. Why do you want to drink coffee? I am five years old. Do five-year-olds these days drink coffee? – This is four, right? / – Yes. If you add one, you get five. (I can drink coffee since I am five years old.) Turning five made you pretentious. – To children, a year is big. / – That’s right. – Sit down. / – I will go and read a book. – Sit down. / – He will read. – I will read this. / – The morning reading. – I will read an English book. / – It’s very thick. It’s an English book. (Eating popcorn) (Baby, watch carefully.) “A long time ago, zombies…” “I like zombies.” “I like pizza.” “I am… And the boy…” “Passing is all.” “My booger is so hot!” (Laughing) “My dad watches TV every day.” What? (Laughing) You are a funny boy. Is that what it says in the book? Baby, you read a picture book because you are four. “I am five years old.” That’s clearly an adult’s book. You are so pretentious. – Pretentious boy. / – A pretense is all you have. I am five. A pretense? A pretense? This isn’t a pretense. I am five. – I am five. / – He is five. Is it like Louis the 14th? All right. (44-year-old Sam makes breakfast.) (He pre-cooks the meat in the oven and pan-fries it.) What is that? What is that? It will be a feast. – It’s pork belly, right? / – These are juicy slabs of pork belly. I will cool them down – for a second. / – I bet they are very juicy. I can smell them from here. The smell… He smelled the meat from his room. Meat! (Bentley follows the smell of meat.) He identified the food from the smell. – Dad. / – Bentley doesn’t disappoint. (What I need right now is speed.) He is running off with it. – Will he eat it whole? / – He goes to his room. What is he going to do? (He goes to a safe place and takes a bite of the meat.) My goodness. (I am Bentley, the food fighter!) How does he… (Taking a big bite) He looks like a bandit gnawing on the meat. He is chewing and enjoying meat. It’s tasty. Meat? He is offering it to uncles and aunts. How cute! Eat. He got it on the lens. (He is greasing the lens.) How cute! Where is the baby? Where is the baby? He is lying down and eating meat. Look at him tear off the meat. Baby. He sensed something was up. He goes to keep watch. He needs to protect that meat. Baby. (William goes to find Bentley!) – The lens is blurry. / – Where is the baby? What is he doing there? – Is that his idea of hiding? / – The meat’s half gone. You shouldn’t eat here alone. Hey, what are you eating? (Bentley gets caught by Sam.) No, no, no. (Bentley gets caught by Sam.) The baby’s clothes got dirty. For goodness’ sake. Underwear. Come here, four-year-old Ben. Five-year-old William will get you changed. – Ben, put your hands up. / – My goodness. He can barely change his own clothes. He asked Bentley to put his hands up to change his top. He is an older brother all right. (His head comes out.) (Bentley, let’s wear a new top.) His head… My goodness. Put your hand in here. There you go. I am five years old. Baby, stand up. (How do I look?) He wore his top backward. (His top is…) – It’s backward. He figured it out. / – This is… I put it on backward on purpose. – On purpose? / – That’s fashion. Should I wear my top that way? (I will show you my coolness.) (What will the five-year-old wear?) My goodness. (What will the five-year-old wear?) We have matching looks. Both of them are wearing their tops backward. Let’s go outside. Hold my hand. This way. This way. This way. This way. This way. (Dad, look at us. We have matching looks.) How cute! – Hey, what are you doing? / – It’s fashion. – A five-year-old’s fashion. / – Your top is backward. No, I wore it right. No, you didn’t. You wore it backward. This is a five-year-old’s fashion. Where in the world is that considered fashionable? Paris? New York? (The 2020 S/S trend will take the world by storm) Is this from the fall and winter Paris collection? This is the fashion of a five-year-old in Eungam-dong. He is a five-year-old who refuses to be conventional. “Don’t put us in a mold!” (William and Bentley’s freedom) Peek-a-boo. – I should put things in here. / – What things? I am using the toilet. He is using the hood as a pouch. It’s a good idea. Unfortunately, it blocks his views and hurts his neck. Gosh, my neck. – Oh, my gosh. / – What? (What happened?) What happened this time? My goodness. (Eating) What do you have in there? How did you bring everything? (If you want to know, I will tell you.) – What happened? / – I am using the toilet. (15 minutes before the incident) William was getting toys and books. Sam went to clean the toilet. Bentley saw how William uses the hood. – So Bentley put what he likes in it. / – Food. – Meat too. / – Meat. Keep. “Keep”? Are those mung bean sprouts? This is unbelievable. (He got a drink for dessert.) The brothers have clear likes and dislikes. (Bentley made his hands and hood heavy.) The soft persimmon! – My goodness. / – The soft persimmon? (Rummaging) (The soft persimmon burst in the hood.) – Oh, no. / – What do we do with him? (Now you know, right?) Are you going to eat everything? (Hold on.) My goodness. (Thank you, but I will pass.) – Hey, what is going on? / – Ben did it. What is going on? Ben, Ben. Ben put everything he likes in his hood. William, this won’t do. Listen. Is this how you wear the top? Yes. Don’t be ridiculous. Look at your brother. – Dad, this is right! / – Goodness. Do you think everything you say is right? I know everything because I am five. – Do you think you can say and do everything? / – Yes! – I can’t believe you. / – Sam went easy on him so far. Let me make a phone call. Hello? Yes, hello. Would it be possible to make a reservation for today? It’s for Jeong Taeoh and Jeong Woosung. Where are we going? Why do you ask? Are you suddenly scared? I can go anywhere because I am five years old. – Go. / – Where will they go? – Where are they? / – Come. – It’s obviously a hospital. / – It smells nice. – It smells nice, right? / – They don’t know yet that – they are at a hospital. / – He hid the hospital smell – with his perfume. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. What is this? What is this? This is a kids cafe. They think they are at a kids cafe. (While they play at the kids’ zone) I would like to check-in for Jeong Taeoh and Jeong Woosung. – Please wait. / – Thank you. Do we need to wait? Yes. Just keep playing. Hello. What is this? What? Dad, what is this? What? Is this a monster? – Let me see. What is this? / – What is this? Why is it here? Let’s see how we can use it. (Annoyed) Dad, this is a fun place. No, this is a dental clinic. – What? / – The dentist. (Can someone explain why we are at a dental clinic?) He has a supernumerary tooth. William had a supernumerary tooth when they checked his teeth before. – Let’s check again… / – He’s scared of the dentist. You said – you aren’t scared. / – Will he keep up the pretense? – You are scared, right? / – I am not scared. Why are you shaking your legs? – I think you are scared. / – He is nervous. You are so scared that you’re shaking, right? – You are scared. / – I am not scared at all. I am good at taking shots. You have never gotten a shot in the eye, right? – I have. / – A shot in the eye? – That’s a pretense. / – I’ve had a shot in my teeth. You should have gotten a shot in your head. I got multiple shots in my head. I can’t believe they are having a battle. A battle of pretense. You haven’t had one in your foot, right? I had one in the sole. I am serious. I’ve had so many shots that I don’t find them painful. – Then you’ll take the shot well today. / – Yes. (No problem.) That’s good to hear. I will fart on you. I feel a fart coming. (Take the fart shot!) Sam lost. William won. He ended Sam with a fart. (It was fun to watch.) Jeong Woosung and Jeong Taeoh, – please enter. / – The time has come. – My goodness. / – It’s time. – Dental clinics are scary. / – Let’s enter. (Whirring) – That sound! / – What is this? – That sound makes the place scary. / – What? That way? A problem? – William knows that sound. / – A dinosaur. – A dinosaur. / – Is it a dinosaur? Dad, let’s not go there. You said you aren’t scared. – Why are you shaking your legs? / – It’s a crisis. You told me time and again that you aren’t scared. That’s right. This is bad. He was so confident. Please come in. – Hello. / – Hello. – What now? / – Who wants to lie down first? (Who wants to get treated first?) Who wants to go first? – Baby. / – Baby. – Will the baby go first? / – He isn’t scared, – but Bentley goes first. / – Doctor, the baby wants to go first. Do you want to go first? This is Bentley’s first time at a dental clinic. – You are a good boy. / – He doesn’t know anything. – He thinks it’s a bed. / – What brings you here? Woosung has never been – to a dental clinic. / – I see. I want to see how his teeth grew. This one has a supernumerary tooth. Baby, why don’t you lie down? (Like this?) – The other way. / – Your head should be here. – Your head should be there. / – Put your head there. – He does as he is told. / – Don’t you know that? Your head… There you go. – Let’s come up a bit more. / – There you go. He’s realizing something is strange. (He fails to lie down.) – Ben, Ben. / – No. I laid down still – when I was younger. / – Come on. – No. / – “No.” He is scared because he remembers the eye treatment. Why don’t we hold down Bentley’s belly? – I knew this would happen. / – No! No! (It can’t be helped.) – It can’t be helped. / – That’s right. Please hold his hands. Let’s hold your hands up. He is sad. – One, two, three. / – The light is on. One. (Checking the teeth and taking photos speedily) That’s right. Children aren’t patient, – so speed is key. / – All done. – All done. / – You’re done. (He gets a toy.) Thank you. I can’t believe you said, “Thank you.” (Bentley, good job!) How are his teeth? I will pull up the photos over here. – You have a cavity. / – These are – a food particle / – It’s a photo they took. – and a cavity. / – It’s a cavity. – A bug! A bug! / – A bug. – You have a bug in your mouth. / – Where is it? – Inside. / – Inside where? – It’s sitting. / – “It’s sitting.” – It’s inside here. In here. / – “It’s sitting.” – Inside? Inside? / – Is it inside? – Yes. / – Is it inside? – A bug? Bentley’s bug? / – Bentley’s bug. – Is there a bug? / – It doesn’t need to be removed, but we should expose the cavity to fluoride – to calm it down. / – It needs to be treated. Shall we have the fluoride treatment today? – Ben, will you be able to do it? / – No. – Fluoride helps prevents cavities. / – Fluoride? Baby, you will get fire in your mouth. – What are you going to do? / – It’s fluoride, – not fire. / – I am not scared. Really? Let’s see how you do when it’s your turn. (Bentley’s treatment begins first!) He needs to lie down again. Please move up a bit. It’s just applied on the tooth. – No! / – That’s right. He is struggling. (What?) – It’s okay. / – It’s just applied on the teeth. – It’s okay. / – Open wide. No! (Does it hurt a lot?) (This isn’t…) – No! / – Gosh. People would think it’s a nerve treatment. (This isn’t a cavity treatment.) They are just applying fluoride on his teeth. (Ben is getting fluoride applied on his teeth.) – My goodness. / – Sam and William are worried. – You are done. Go to Dad. / – He is done. – Good job. / – It’s scary the first time. Of course. – Good job. / – Thank you. – Hey. / – It tastes strange, and he feels strange. – His face is red. / – Hey. There are food particles between his teeth. – Really? / – Please use dental floss. – Look at his hair. / – Thank you. “Thank you.” He still has the mind to thank the assistant. Seeing Bentley cry – made William nervous. / – It’s okay. – It’s over. / – William will go next. (This is wrong.) – Baby, let’s go home now. / – What are you saying? “Let’s go home now”? He is trying to avoid it. It’s William’s turn now. (It’s the five-year-old William’s turn.) William, please sit here. Five-year-old William, you have no fear. – You aren’t scared. / – No, I am not scared. William, you got on the chair by yourself. – He did it courageously. / – Really? – He refuses to lose. / – You laid down. – Yes. / – Yes. Does it hurt a bit? No, I won’t do anything that hurts today. It should hurt. – Feel it. / – “Feel it.” – “It should hurt. I know.” / – Slowly. – William. / – Keep your eyes on the ceiling. – Doctor, go easy on me. / – Of course. I will go easy on you. William, open wide. – A bit more. / – He did it cautiously. – Let’s see if there is a bug. / – What? What? Do you see that way? – William, how old are you? / – I am five years old. Really? Are you a big boy? I guess this is nothing for a big boy! Your mouth is so big! You became a crocodile! Bite down. – You are doing great. / – How cute! One, two. You are doing great. You are so cool. – He is cool? / – The last one. The last one. – We need one last one. / – He can’t run away yet. Open wide. One, two. Do you want to see it? – I want to see. / – Please go to the office. – I like it. / – It’s nice, right? – Baby, did you see that? / – “Baby, did you see that?” – What do you think of the photo? / – I like it. (The five-year-old William’s class) William, you will stand here and take an X-ray. – Let’s stand here. / – That’s how they take an X-ray. Does this hurt? No, this is like a UFO camera. It doesn’t hurt at all. – Many children are scared of X-rays. / – You are good. – William, you’re doing great. / – He is staying still. – Even adults get nervous. / – Of course. – The machine whirs and turns. / – I am so surprised. It feels like I shouldn’t move an inch. I will apply fluoride on your teeth. (William will get fluoride applied on his teeth too.) Baby cried a lot. That’s because Bentley is a baby. You won’t cry because you are brave. Here it comes. Fluoride. – Fluoride. Fluoride. / – Here it comes. – The fluoride. / – Bentley refuses to suffer alone. (The painful memory makes him talk nonstop.) Will William be able to do well? I’m scared. You’re doing well because you’re a big boy. – Goodness. / – Good boy. He’s enduring it even though he’s scared. – You’re doing so well. / – Look at his hand. I’ve never seen anyone who stays as still as you. You’re the best. You’re doing so well. Look at his eyes. (This is the mentality of a five-year-old.) – William, you’re cool. / – He’s impressive. Look how sad his eyes are. Let’s give him a big round of applause. – Clap. / – Clap for your brother. – Clap. / – Well done. He’s so impressive. I’m five years old. You are. How was it? – It was really fun. / – Was it fun? He’s cool until the end. This is the class of a five-year-old. Five-year-old. Right. He’s good because he’s five years old. You’ll do well next year, right? – No, I can’t. / – “I can’t.” Have some confidence in yourself. Let’s see if you have any bugs. Bugs. Gosh, William. Are these mine? He doesn’t have many cavities, but there’s another problem. A problem? – It sounds serious. / – His supernumerary tooth is not in a good spot – according to the X-ray. / – Okay. His supernumerary tooth looks like a bullet going upward, and it’s pushing his permanent tooth up. His permanent tooth won’t grow straight because it’s being pushed up. It’ll be lifted. In a case like this, – he needs surgery as soon as possible. / – Oh, gosh. – Surgery? / – Surgery? Surgery? – William needs surgery? / – What’s surgery, Dad? You’ll get a shot and things like that. – Oh, gosh. / – Oh, no. He burst into tears. Oh, gosh. – Oh, no. / – It’s okay. – He’s been doing well so far. / – It’s okay. Did he wear a hat so he could do this? (Don’t cry.) Even adults get scared when they hear things like that. Of course. He endured it so well. I don’t want surgery. Dad, I don’t want surgery. – I don’t want it. / – You won’t do it now. William, it’s okay. When should he get this done? It’s good to have the surgery when he’s seven at the latest. – When he’s seven? / – Oh, gosh. Dad, I’m five years old now. You’re five years old now, so you have two more years left. Don’t worry. – That’s even scarier. / – You’re brave. You’re five years old, a big boy now. (You’re brave, William.) No. I’m only a kid. – You’re a kid, right. / – I’m not a big boy. It’s okay. – This is backward. / – He’s turning his top around. (Five-year-old William gives up on being pretentious.) He’s going to give up being pretentious. Look at the back. This is right. I’ve been telling you since earlier. Will I be able to endure the surgery? Don’t worry, William. We’ll do it after two years. – I said that’s scarier. / – I was actually so scared when you put fluoride in my mouth. Everything here was scary. Little baby. – It’s okay. / – Look at William’s face. You were so brave today. You were really brave. Come here. – That’s what’s important. / – William did great today. I’m five-year-old William. Why did you cry earlier at the dental clinic? I didn’t cry. The fluoride was burning. It made tears come out, but I didn’t cry. (Fluoride made the tears come out. I didn’t cry.) It just made me tear up a bit. – A tiny little bit. / – Gosh. – I’m not scared of anything. / – Right, you did well. (He laughs at his own comment.) (Where did Kyungwan’s family go today?) Which family came to a sauna on this cold day – to warm their bodies? / – Let’s go. This is my first time going to a sauna. The Doppelganger family is here. (Filmed on January 7th before coronavirus hit Korea) This is a really fun place. Sauna is the best place to go when it’s cold outside. You can eat, rest and sleep in one place. – Where is the dry sauna? / – Here. Has Yeonwoo been to a sauna? This is his first time. Germanium room. (Yeonwoo chooses the germanium room.) Part 2 will resume shortly.

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