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The Importance Of Self Care | Self Care Summer Essentials

there’s so many birds outside of my
window right now tell me more so excited about South care summer too
hello welcome to my channel if you are new here hello I’m Carrie Rad if you are
back welcome back thank you guys so much for being here I am so excited about
this video today and yes I am sitting here chilling in a very comfy robe but
with a warm drink on my cozy bed because of the nature of this video because
we’re talking about self-care because I’m introducing a series called
self-care summer that I am unbelievably excited to share with you guys if you
guys are new here please make sure that you take a moment to check that you are
subscribed to my channel you just hit that subscribe button and if you’ve been
here before make sure that you have notifications turned on any for newly
subscribing same thing that way you would never miss a new video for me and
you get a notification anytime it post a new video south care center I will be
giving you guys a new video every other day in the month of June surrounding
around self-care and self-love and the reason why I’ve decided to do a video
every other day is because I want it to really be a conversation between the two
of us I want us to really be able to fully indulge in the whole experience
South care is a big range of different things there are so many different ways
to practice self-care on a daily basis like putting a face mask on lighting a
candle relaxing listening to a podcast all of those things that I talk about
and practice every single day in my daily life but it also can be about
finding inner beauty and finding inner strength and dealing with harder things
and also embracing the beauty of life and your life and so I want to do this
series revolved around self-care but I also want you guys to understand that
it’s not just going to be about how I spend my mornings like what my morning
ritual is or what my or teams of like in what products I like
using for self-care which I’m sure I’ll mention many times in this series but
the main focus on this series is going to be about inner strength inner beauty
things that we deal with on a daily basis and things that we try to overcome
and really looking inside and finding the things that are hard dissecting them
being gentle with ourselves also realizing the things that we’re so lucky
for in life and just overall having conversations that I think are so cool I
want to have deeper conversations with you guys and yeah I’m nervous about
uploading every other day because I’ve never done anything like this on my main
channel I’ve done daily vlogging in the month of December on my vlog channel so
I have some experience behind what it feels like to be doing that but I’ve
never done anything like this on my main channel and I’m doing this because it is
fully me I’m excited about the challenge because there’s really no mistakes that
can be made if you’re giving something your best shot and also there’s no
mistakes that can be made when you’re doing something that is 100% you and is
fully something that you feel like you need to do I’m going to be sharing
videos with you guys that I have been dreaming up for a very long time we’re
gonna do stuff like experiencing Reiki for the first time energy healing it’s
something that I’ve been so interested in my entire life and it’s something
that I’ve actually kind of practiced myself for a long time without even
realizing fully that that’s exactly what I was doing so I’m so interested in
learning more about it I’m also going to be talking about just confidence and
like how to achieve that I’m going to be talking about failure I’m also going to
have a first-time experience with ASMR so that’ll be really cool and really
interesting to dive into and so it’ll be a first time for all of us
and it will be a really cool experience and I hope that you guys are really
excited about the series because I am really freaking stoked about it
self-care summer is also going to consist of some travel and adventure
videos because adventure in my life and definitely in other people’s lives as
well is a major source of self-care and fulfillment in life for me being outside
and feeling my feet on the ground and traveling and exploring and just seeing
beautiful nature and different cultures and the way that people live is so
fulfilling Travel is the most fulfilling thing the most fulfilling experience
that you could ever have in life I am going to be 30 this year which is crazy
and I noticed I don’t talk about my age very much on my channel because when I
do mention my age every once in a while people are shocked by my age and they’re
just like wait what how do you like you’re almost 30 like what and then I
don’t know why I’ve been always like hesitant to share my age probably just
because I felt like the whole YouTube world was so young and maybe I was like
just this old lady on the internet and it’s so funny because I have now reached
a point where I’m like I am so excited about aging I am so happy to be turning
30 and I’ve learned so much throughout my life and the older you get the more
at peace you become with yourself and more understanding you have about the
world and the people in it and the relationships you have in your life and
the way to navigate things and it’s just so cool it’s so cool that every single
year you become a wiser person and I’m excited to be like this old lady filled
with all of these amazing experiences and all of this knowledge and just all
these things to share with people that’s why I’m so excited about this series
because I just excited to talk about all of these
different things and these different ways to heal and these different
experiences that we go through and what we can learn from them and just to have
a conversation with you guys so please I’d love to hear from you guys in the
comments on every subject that we talk about because I don’t know everything
I’m still on this path of self growth and learning about myself and the world
and everything so please let me know your experiences and the things that you
would like me to talk about too because I have not filmed everything this month
it’s going to be very much so in the moment so I can switch things up if
there’s something in particular that you guys want me to talk about please let it
be known in the comments that I’m going to be going into the comments of these
videos more than any other video that I’d ever posted because I’m just so
excited for these deeper conversations this is just an introduction video to
kick off and let you guys know exactly what to expect and what we’re going to
be doing and when it’s going to be going live so make sure that you guys are
keeping up with it the first video goes up remember On June 2nd on a Saturday I
don’t have a time for when the videos will be going up they’ll be going up
every other day for sure I’m going to try my best to get them up in the
morning but it could be the afternoon or evening but just know that it will be
every other day for this series I’m going in with the intention to make it a
little bit more candid I have a tendency to really think deeply about a lot of my
videos in a sense where sometimes I feel like I can’t film them because I don’t
have everything set up and perfect and ready to go this is gonna be a lot more
candid it’s gonna be natural it’s gonna be comfortable and I had a really cool
conversation with Alana Davison by the way who I’m gonna give a shout out to
right now because her and I had breakfast together when she was in LA
and she does daily uploads a lot so like right now she’s doing every day May and
she makes content about lifestyle also Beauty content which she has like the
best beauty recommendations and we were at breakfast and I was just asking her
like how are you producing so much content like this is incredible like
you’re doing so much and she was just like I’m just
not wrong me throw the camera up what it makes sense and I just get it done and
she was like in people are just really responding to how candid and natural it
is and I loved that and I am really taking that advice that she gave me
through this series because she really made me look at that like oh my gosh
thank you totally right like people just want you to be there and to be raw and
to be open to be candid and especially in this series for me I think that that
is really important so definitely expect a little bit more of the sit-down chatty
conversations which I know a lot of you really enjoy too so I’m excited to give
you guys some more of that so that is it I just wanted to give you guys all that
information tell you what’s happening I’m so excited for self-care summer and
also throughout the series please use the hashtag for random things like if
you’re going outside if you’re traveling if you’re doing a self-care night
whatever you’re doing use the hashtags health care summer and I’d love to take
a look at some of the pictures that you guys are doing and I’ll talk about that
more throughout the series like I’m gonna have questions for you guys that
I’m gonna have like homework for you guys to do like not necessarily homework
but like good homework that’s like will be fun to do and I think that if you
guys use the hashtag anytime you do something that revolves around South
caret would be really cool to check it out I have officially said that I’m very
excited about self-care somewhere like 7500 times in this video so I will stop
saying that I will let you guys go now I will see you in a week when you kick off
the series and definitely let me know in the comments if there’s anything in
particular that you guys want me to talk about I would love to hear from you guys
so give this video a thumbs up if you are excited for self-care summer and I
will see you guys in a week

100 thoughts on “The Importance Of Self Care | Self Care Summer Essentials

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    I am almost 31, 30 isn't bad. I freaked out too! We are babies, let's live it up!

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    I personally think advertisement in the middle of the video really distracts if you're in the flow of listening to you talking (especially when it comes to videos like this) but that's just my opinion
    much love:)

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  23. Hi Carrie! An interesting topic would be how to stop caring about other people's success, good lot in life and relationships and be happy with what you have. I'd like to get to the bottom of why it is I always freak out when I see someone successful especially when they're my age and I immediately think less of myself, of what I have, of my relationships and Just think that i'm not interesting and successful enough to be of any importance. It's terrible isn't it? Is it jealousy? Is it self loathing? Let's debate! Xoxo

  24. I'm so excited for this series! I think whatever you come up with will be great! Your candid mindset will be helpful because as you go through your month there will be opportunities to share what you loved and learned. Things that can't necessarily be pre-filmed. Love you and can't wait to hear what you have to say!

  25. Hi Carrie!:) I’m so excited for this new series… this is my first summer of true relaxation and more self-discovery before I start Nursing school. I love the content you create, what you promote, and it’s so refreshing as an older teen to view this. I would love to hear your stories or thoughts on the journey of transitioning from being a teen to a young adult, and any advice you have. I’m super happy with the goals I have accomplished and where I am in life plus the mindset I’ve achieved. But I am nervous about the transition of adulthood and truly spending more time to myself and overcoming obstacles to make my dreams come true on my own. You’re awesome and can’t wait to see the series!!❤️

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    Also, being my age i feel like i should know exactly what I should be doing with the rest of my life like it seems to be for everyone else, but i just don't know!! Its so stressful. How do you figure out life?!?

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    Btw I feel the same about ageing and people are always so surprised/weirded out when I say I'm excited about getting older

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  32. I was literally just watching Allana Davidsons videos and she is one of my favorites so it’s so awesome to know you guys are friends! Super excited for this series! You’re so relatable and gentle and can’t wait to learn from you!💕✨

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    So thank you xx

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    Lots of love, Nina

  51. How does she not have over a million subs? She is so authentic and so beautiful (from the inside out!) keeping doing great Carrie!!!

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