ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
The importance of child care

My husband and I started experiencing challenges
while trying to find appropriate childcare for our son after he was born. At that point we both worked full-time. However, because we didn’t have many childcare options, we had to figure out who had to scale back on work in order to take care of our son. I know that I’m extremely lucky to have a husband and family who continue to support me to pursue my career and work goals. But this isn’t the case for many women in BC. Many parents, especially mothers, don’t have the choice to go back to work because there aren’t enough childcare options. This is not okay. We must change so that more mothers can have more options that give them the ability to choose if they use child care services, go to work, school, or pursue other things. I hope that in the future, parents can have more options for childcare in BC. Whether it’s supporting mothers going back to work, or to support fathers staying at home – or supporting both parents to go to work so that their children can attend quality childcare facilities. And supporting a society where everyone can afford living close to where they work. A childcare system in BC will help both families and the economy by creating opportunities for parents to make choices for their families. This is the future I want to see for families in BC.

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