ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
The Homeopathic Academy I The Homeopathic Academy I Introduction Video

Hi, my name is Dale Emerson. I’m here
today to talk to you about a brand new project it’s called The Homeopathic
Academy. Hi guys, now we are going to start
something. Something new. It’s a concept of homeopathy reloaded.
I am dr. Manish Solanki from Pune. I’m professor head department of practice of
medicine from das homeopathic medical college. Today I shall be discussing with
you all the role of homeopathy in cardiovascular diseases. Hello, my name is Grant Bentley and welcome to this course. HFA. Hello, my name is Louise Bentley
and I’m going to be giving you some classes on homeopathic facial analysis.
Hello guys, myself Akshay Swami and I’m here to deliver my course. The name
of my course is philosophical history of homeopathy. Hello friends, myself dr
Ronak Shah, today we would like to learn clinical materia medica. But here at B.Jain, what we’re doing is
we’re inviting the leading teachers to come and join us to allow those students
whether graduate or undergraduate will be very even professional homeopaths
to have access 24 hours a day. We have a soundproof bunker room here with the
most leading state-of-the-art technology. This technology is video technology and
beyond video technology. This technology will allow us using our special green
room here to show your screen, show your statistics or your graphics, your
PowerPoint presentations and even to share whatever other multimedia objects
that you may have that you’d like to present to your students

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