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The Great Cost of Rejecting God's Prescription for Black People.

you have to reason with us if if we are we do represent God having come to this country and if we do in fact represent with what we offer to black people to the doubt showers and doubts out nots in the dress and the the register daily regiments all that that which appeals to some black people when turns off other black people if in fact all of what we represent does in fact derive from God's prescription for black people if that is true and you should really freeze it with that if it's true then there is great cost of rejecting what we're offering and I dare say sister Janina black people's continues die socially economically HealthWatch we have a we are in the midst black America all brown black America by every metric Bob every single health metric black America is in a health crisis like we've never seen before but I am suggesting to us sister Janina from my teacher the Honorable brother Minister Farrakhan our dive health-wise and our dive by every other in every other category is a direct result of our rejection of God's prescription for black people and I believe I can make the empirical fact based argument and demonstrate in illustrate the direct connection between our as a people rejection of God's prescription for us our rejection of it and the various conditions that we as a people find ourselves in I can make that case empirical you know I actually think that should be our next show because I think there are a lot of people who would love to see you and fiercely make that case and that is something that is a nice continuation of what we are discussing we do have we are

8 thoughts on “The Great Cost of Rejecting God's Prescription for Black People.

  1. Sister Geneva please please please please listen to this man he is God's Warner to you the Quran goes like this goodnight my reminder come to you did not my reminder come to you did not you hear one from among you calling you inviting you to the truth by the way my sister thank you for everything you do wonderful interviews a brother Wesley Muhammad

  2. This was an advertisement lol. I guess we need to pay to find out what is God’s prescription for black people. When are we just going to help each other 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. I've been saying this for years and I'm not even a registered member of the Nation of Islam.But I do follow their prescription.I've been thoroughly blessed for doing do.

  4. Deep insight from the Doc. These facts are solidified and exact. The American cultural system will eat us, our families and future generations slowly if we opt out of submission to God.

  5. I have great respect for other people's belief and their Religions, but what other Religion, or belief system focuses on the coming and presence of God? 99 percent of other Religions look back and deal with the past 2000 and 4000 years instead of dealing with Gods present and future days. Most religions ends on the coming of God.. Islam begans on the coming of God.

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