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The FUTURE of medicine is in your smartphone

the US healthcare industry costs three point three trillion dollars each year that's 18% of GDP and it's expected to reach 21% by 2021 your phone that piece of technology that the average American checks every 12 minutes and many people list is more important than chocolate or sex could be part of the solution here are 10 devices they help turn your phone into a mobile hospital here is perhaps a most futuristic item on this list it's a tiny state-of-the-art mobile medical lab it's designed for use at home and by healthcare professionals a test blood saliva even snot to instantly obtain molecular level data about one of five lifestyle indicators vitamin D influenza testosterone fertility or information a user's Bluetooth to connect to your phone and offers tailored recommendations about exercise sleep even the food you eat to help you feeling your best or to recover from an illness according to the American Diabetes Association about 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes darah is an all-in-one smart glucose meter that aims to help sufferers it syncs with your phone has a built-in fingerprint Lance and disposable cartridge it measures and tracks blood sugar readings and insulin dosing use to generate trend charts and analyze data to help you make better decisions to manage diabetes if there's a spiking of blood sugar it can send an emergency alert to your family or friends with your GPS location dier is currently sold on a subscription service which includes the disposable stress neptr is a handheld self-test refracting tool powered by smartphone essentially it measures your eyes it can measure for gases and help to diagnose a range of different conditions f functions equally well in a hospital or in a tent in the Amazon with the extended battery it can function for two days without charging it weighs slightly over a pound and like many of the other products on this list is trough resistance the manufacture clones that I've decel in the product for two years they've not had a single broken device 70% of the world's tobacco is consumed in developing countries this consumption leads to a number of diseases in the mouth including oral cancer early detection is key to survival and this is where I scan comes in I scan is a size of a pack of gum there touches to your smartphone camera includes a mouth positioner lights and a circuit board it takes a primer at mcphobe or the inside of someone's mouth and it's designed to be simple enough for low skilled workers to use clinically all manufactures to devices for your phone a stethoscope and a non-contact thermometer the stethoscope is FDA cleared and records heart and lung sounds with medical diagnostic quality recordings of your half feet or breathing patterns are recorded on your phone and can be shared with medical staff unfortunately the app doesn't have the ability to analyze the recordings the clinic loud thermometer captures temperatures with a medical grade accuracy of plus or minus point four degrees Fahrenheit it takes 2 seconds for a reading and functions at 2 inches away it catches the data in the clinic cloud app which can create a timeline of recordings developed by Wiggins and Nokia company this device is a wireless blood-pressure machine when he turn on it automatically launches the health main app takes your blood pressure and stalls are written in the app your results sync with the health cloud platform and are displayed in a chart with a few taps in your smartphone you can share your data with your doctor or medical professional Otto is a smart device that attaches to your iPhone camera to examine your eardrum and detect infections the same or companion app guide see how to capture a usable video of the ear drop the video is then sent to an encore doctor who responds within two hours with advice on what care is needed currently it's only compatible with iPhones high-end ultrasound machines cost a quarter of a million dollars so it's not surprising that much of the world doesn't have access to this technology klaris is one of the companies that has developed a portable ultrasound machine their functions with an iPad or smart phone these devices are waterproof drop resistant wireless and can function for two hours with a single charge they'll weigh about a pound and are compatible and by the iOS and Android their software control so there's no need to adjust any knots or switches over half a million people die of heart disease in the US alone every year that's one in every four deaths carrier is a clinical grade EKG monitor developed by a live call it captures medical grade EKGs in 30 seconds there are two versions a small external monitor that syncs with your phone and a watchband with a built-in EKG monitor that replaces your Apple watch band the app conducts EKG analysis and can detect a normal heart rate or afib initially developed by the CIA to be used in the field this device straps to a smartphone camera to create a portable x-ray machine okay I actually made this one up just for the 40% of you who watched the end of my videos but considering some of these devices I don't think an x-ray machine is really that crazy did I miss any devices let me know what you think in the comments below this has been Alex from lifelong learners embrace curiosity

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