ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
The Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic at UVA Law

The Environmental Law Clinic is an opportunity
for students to get involved with environmental issues throughout the state of Virginia. It gives us a more direct opportunity to work
hands-on with other attorneys throughout the state. Over the years we have worked with the Virginia
state chapter of the Sierra Club, we’ve worked with the Mattaponi Indian tribe, we’ve worked
with other environmental groups like Appalachian Voices and Piedmont Environmental Council. We have engaged in federal litigation. We’ve done amicus briefs to the Supreme Court
of the United States. The clinic gives students the opportunity
to work with the Southern Environmental Law Center — SCLC — which is an environmental
advocacy organization headquartered right here in Charlottesville but which has offices
across the southeastern United States. Within the Environmental Law Clinic, I’ve
had the opportunity to take part in court proceedings, actually meet with clients, to
speak and engage and actually stand on my feet and involve myself in these legal matters. Whether or not I end up participating in environmental
law procedures or policy or law-making or what have you, I know that the practical opportunity
is going to benefit me in the long run. Through the Environmental and Regulatory Law
Clinic, I got the opportunity to participate in a State Corporation Commission hearing
for a long-term power plan submitted by a utility here in Virginia. We recently did an amicus brief in a major
uranium mining case that is before the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s a case that clinic students had actually
been involved in for many years at various different levels, both when the case was back
in the district court, in the court of appeals and also in the regulatory process with the
state government. We are fortunate to be here in Charlottesville,
in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains: an absolutely beautiful place for me to raise
a family, for students to spend three years in law school, but it also really heightens
for us how important the special places of this region are. I think the clinic plays an important role
in helping students see that they don’t have to wait for other leaders to play a role on
climate policy, or energy policy or whatever environmental issue they care about. There is an opportunity to engage in that
kind of leadership today.

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