ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
The CMPA Resident Symposium: Safe medical care- It's your move!

[Applause] one of the important things of a symposium like this is that it it actually gets residents away from the clinical imperative and gives them the luxury of time to think through some of these issues and my impression is that we often assume that these things get taught in the clinical environment and we know that patient care priorities and just the volume of work in the hospitals and other places gets in the way of that of that contemplative type of learning so I think this is really important and I think it's a good day just to take a moment to step back think about what you're doing because I think we really get caught up in the daily grind and you forget to document and even a sentence here in a sentence there can just be so useful so it's a good time to reflect on your practices and and help improve there's been some great workshops so far this morning and I think as a surgical resident the sessions on documentation and consent have certainly taught me things that I'll take away and use my practice day-to-day in the hospital so I've been very impressed so far and I'd highly recommend it to other residents it was very interactive I enjoyed a lot the videos and the activities that we had and we clarified a lot of knowledge in terms of legal issues and best practices was unlike lecturers is very entertaining and happy I would absolutely encourage everybody to to come to take the day and really come for learning purposes and also to have these really sort of aha moments much like we had in our last workshop so I would highly recommend it you

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