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The Beast Workout from Glass Explained by Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

(intense music) – Hi I’m Magnus Lygdback, the
found of the Magnus Method. Today, I’m gonna show you one of days from The Beast program that
I did with James McAvoy, to build him for Glass. We didn’t have much time,
so we had about three months to pack as much muscle mass as possible, to make him look as freakish as possible. But at the same time, move like a beast. Okay, let’s get started. Lat pulldowns is a great
fundamental back exercise that will target the lats, alongside a lot of smaller muscles. So you wanna make sure to
stretch out your shoulders, then lower them and then you pull. So it’s super important to
get that lowering motion before you start pulling. And Hunter is also
pushing his chest forward and retracting his scapula. Control the movement,
explosive on the way down and resistance on the way up. Eccentric. Standing alternating row, is
one of my favorite alternatives to a regular row. So we start with the dumbbells on the hip, you’re leaning forward
like you’re skiing downhill and you’re retracing the scapula. You fall into the middle and then you pull back up. Some resistance on the way down and explosive on the way back up. We’re gonna target the back,
the lats, the rhomboids, and we’re going to work
isometric core, anti rotations. So our next exercise is
a straight arm pulldown. So Hunter’s gonna take a
step back, bend the knees, retract the scapula
and start pulling down. Go just outside of the
knees and come back up tight. So this is a great exercise
for not only the core, but shoulders and a lot of
smaller muscles in the back. Actually we’re going to
do a super set here, so we’re gonna do 12 reps
and then we’re gonna go straight into another
exercise right after this. So our next exercise
is straight arm raise. So Hunter’s gonna step over the rope, he’s going to lean forward, he’s gonna retract the scapula, the shoulders back, and lift up. Explosive on the way up, a bit slower on the way down. And you wanna make sure, that the cable doesn’t
touch your (whistle) adjust the angle. Our next exercise is a reverse fly, Hunter’s gonna shrug back,
retract the shoulder blades, and lift straight up and
slowly come back down. This is a great exercise to
work the outside shoulders, backside shoulders, little
rotator cuff, rhomboids. So we’re gonna do a great finisher or something you can do just
outside of this workout as well and it’s a lizard crawl
with three progressions. So, Hunter’s gonna show you
the first progression here, pushing down — and this is
great to build push strength, and hip and spinal mobility. So with the second progression,
you execute the pushup with one arm. For James as the Beast,
we needed him to move in a certain way, so that was crucial to us
to use a couple of those type of exercises. So on his last progression, you wanna stay as close
to the floor as possible and it requires a lot
more push strength to execute this third progression. So that was one day from the Beast program; I would do this about two times per week. These exercises will give
you great pulling strength, building a lot of mass in the back, and also with movement
quality and control. I hope you guys enjoyed it and can take something from
this and do it in the gym. Go and have fun with it.

100 thoughts on “The Beast Workout from Glass Explained by Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

  1. I think James McAvoy read the script for Beast and said, F this Proffessor X thing. I'm want a pay cut. or pay day, however the way you see it.

  2. All hood until rear delt flys which don’t give you a full stretch on the muscle. And also can’t over load like exercise i use.

  3. Guys.. if you are trying to put on muscle.. these exercises are BS.

    What you need is progressive overload for squat, dead lift, pull ups, bench press, military press. That’s about it.

  4. 영상잘봤습니다. 꿈에 그리던 미국 베니스비치의 골드짐 방문기 놀러오세요^^

  5. He's on the gear. Traps and delts. They are the tell. They all are in Hollywood. 3 reasons…
    It's safe. They have the best medical advise.
    There is no testing obviously.

    When your $10 million paycheck depends on you looking a certain way in 2 months, believe me you will do it.
    I'm not judging. These guys are free to do what they want. Good on them for getting these opportunities. But don't be fooled be these "miracle" transformations. It's no miracle. It's chemistry.

  6. Lol I had my doubts, but this just proves the bloke juiced. A back workout built on fluff machine shit, not a single compound. Alright

  7. Been training back for a while. Tbh, this back routine here really left me with sore back muscles for the first time in a very, very long time. I've been ignoring the rope straight arm pulldowns. And that alternating dumble row is heaven! My stubborn back muscles feel activated finally.

  8. I probably wont do that crawl thing or the alternate dumbel row. But I'll probably make somthing similar my back routine. Looks solid.

  9. Those lizard crawls work, I felt like every part of my body was getting a work out in although it might get you a wtf look at the gym I suggested you give it a try lol

  10. 3:47 Reminds me of how I get home from the club sometimes. Now I know why I feel sore and ripped..

  11. Does anyone else reckon he took something because he doesn’t look no where near how he looks in glass and glass isn’t that old so he couldn’t loose all that muscle so quick I don’t think

  12. The Barry Bonds method. "He was stealing a lot bases, so what we did was increase his head size 3 fold." Ok ..lets start..3 eggs and broccoli..4 pull ups..crawl…done.

  13. What the fuck is this nonsense? Just proves when your on a little bit of gear, it really doesn't matter how you train.

  14. Honestly im more impressed with Professor X getting swol af like, actuallly inspirational for genetically skinny anglo dudes like me

  15. His character is a mentally disabled psychopathic rapist cannibal. Idiocy drives this film franchise, and you’re the wave.

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