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The ASMR Sleep Clinic | Tingle Experiment

Hello there Are you here for the sleep experiment? Perfect. Well What we have here today is a little experiment that the sleep clinic has been running. In order to determine successful triggers of relaxation, sleep and sort of figuring out what is more common, um, in certain people and then also finding out what unusual triggers might work for different individuals. Yeah. Absolutely. So you saw our flyer, I assume? Great. Well, let me get a little bit of information from you… I’m gonna ask you a few questions and then we’re going to randomize our trigger test. So, keyboard right here.. What’s your name? [typing] Okay. And your email?

100 thoughts on “The ASMR Sleep Clinic | Tingle Experiment

  1. Gibi: have you ever not slept for 24 hours?
    Me: no
    Gibi how many times has this accord?
    Me: I think like 10 times

  2. sounds like a safe version of the Russian Sleep Experiment
    lol i'm part russian so i thought it was funny
    i'm gonna stop now

  3. Ok so I went to bed you know and my dad could not to to sleep and me too so put my phone kinda quite so I can hear it and I did not know and my dad was listening to it and he fell asleep haha😂😂 and he told me all of this in the morning haha😂😂 and know he wants it to put it on for him ahahhahahahahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't stop

  4. Me reading comments: several jokes about ads being loud
    Me with adblocker: iS tHiS sOmE kInD oF pEaSaNt JoKe I dOn'T uNdErStAnD
    seriously just get an adblocker dumbasses

  5. you know what my trigger is intense snipping pls do something like that Gibi. ps your asmrs are awesome I have tingles everywhere I can't move my body it's so relaxed it fell asleep.Keep up the good work

  6. Gibi: How many times per month would you get 2 hours or less of sleep
    Me: Well considering I'm a gamer literally every day & night

  7. This was the first asmr vid I ever watched and now, months later, it’s still my favorite! I can always rely on it to help me fall asleep

  8. Just imagine having to pee while recording… Sorry for my random thought… Just thought u guys would like to know that… Sorry

  9. Gibi: And is there any part of that trigger that you find more satisfying
    Not me: the lid
    Me: the part where I’m not interrupted by speaking every trigger.

    I mean thankyou for the video however that’s just very slightly annoying. Other then that perfect and it still put me to sleep! Cheers and keep up the good work

  10. I'm listening from broken earphones so basically one earphone works. When you said,"now I'm going to brush the other ear" I changed the earphone from one ear to the other thinking I would hear the brushing…

  11. I think the background is like a hotel or a cabin and I think the exam room is someone’s living room?😂😂😂🤔

  12. 10:00
    The amount of bobby pins she has in that container is about equal to the amount of bobby pins I've lost in my life

  13. Gibi: Do you sleep with the lights on or off
    Me: I have a little light in My room that gives some light
    Gibi (whispering) : the light outside is (not whispered) ok
    Me: But…. Thats… Not…. Ok then

  14. This is literally the only video in two years that actually gives me tingles, and I don’t want to admit to my friend that I actually like it ;-; (because she suggested it to me)

  15. Me: About to fall asleep
    Ad: WheN A STuFFy NoSE CloSEs IN-
    Me *fully awake*: Violently jams 'skip' button then comments this comment 😅

  16. I love your videos! I was not familiar with asmr and when I found your technique it was a perfect remedy for me to sleep well at night so thank you so much

  17. Her: And how many days a week would you say you have trouble sleeping?
    Me, a human with really bad insomnia: *glances at the clock saying 4:40AM and flashes back to all the nights in the past months, not being able to sleep until 3-4AM* Pretty often, I'd say.

  18. I'd tell you how sleepy I am on the scale of 1-10 but typically all you'd get from me after the first few minutes is "z's"

  19. This is my favorite Gibis video, it’s kinda weird but i watched it around 10 times.Litlle bag,dark bottle and mesuring are the best 3 triggers ever!


  21. Gibi: do you find yourself getting 7 hours sleep a night
    Me: nah I get about 2-4 hours a night I don’t sleep well
    Gibi: ahhhh great

  22. I don’t get it I see people in the comments like

    Me : falling asleep

    And I’m like how r u getting ads cause I’m not and I don’t have no ads on cause you know u can buy it

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