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The Amazons Workout ‘WONDER WOMAN’ Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]

We had five months of pre-production. And I’ve seen the girls in the gym,
around the studio, and they always looked so beautiful,
and so strong and fit. But I’d never seen them in costume. When we shot the first scene
with all the women riding horses together, I was holding Patty’s shoulder,
watching the monitor, and I told her,
“I can’t believe we’re shooting this.” I love this society of warriors. I’m really proud to be part
of a superhero film with a bunch of amazing women. Those women were in a boot camp
and training for four months before we ever go and we shoot. Confronting the idea of training
25 to 30 women to become Amazons, you know, the bar is extraordinarily high. We sort of took a similar tack on 300. Part of the job was to make it look like
these guys had grown up training and fighting together. Like, “Okay, this will be 300,
but with females.” It’s amazing what the trainers can do,
how they can change you so quickly and it makes you feel better
when you’re a little bit stronger and I think that was something
that I really liked that I could just use it in my daily life, that I feel strong,
and it just makes you feel better. MADELEINE VALL BEIJNER:
It’s hard training. I’ve been training a lot for many years, but I can see the change
in those girls who haven’t. It’s like they become Amazons because they do things
they think they couldn’t do.TRAINER: One, TWO…And then when they do,
it’s like they grow from the inside. I’ve represented my country
in two different sports. I represented Great Britain
for 10 years in long jump and heptathlon. I’m a fighter. I’ve been competing as
a professional Thai boxer for 12 years. My background is CrossFit. I’m a police officer in South Wales. I work regular hours, 8:00 till 4:00, and train in the evenings, I do CrossFit. I was on the national Wushu team,
which is Chinese martial arts. And then, by stroke of luck, Wushu was in the 2008 Olympics. I used to be a competitive boxer. We all come from different areas,
so there’s a couple of us that are actors, a couple of sportspeople, etcetera. So, there’s strengths and weaknesses
within the group, and we help each other through them. So, yes, we’re competitive. Sometimes just with ourselves, with each other
when we’re put into groups. But there is a great sense of camaraderie that has happened
pretty much from day one. People are just giving it 100%. They’re not backing down. They’re not trying to shy away from it.
They’re not taking it easy. I tend to be quite hard on myself
with fitness, and I always aim for perfection. But, yeah, it’s just accepting
that none of us are perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we all support each other
through our weaknesses, and build each other up
when we have our strengths. And, yeah, it’s just accepting that, knowing you’re not gonna be
top dog at everything. The camaraderie that developed
between them was extraordinary. Yes, beauty, go on. MARK TWIGHT: That’s far more moving for me
in many ways than with guys. (CHATTERING) It was amazing to see the way
it all came to fruition. It was beautiful because of the months
of everyone training. Plus the evolution of their relationships. And that’s the byproduct when
you put that sort of training upfront. We were really banding together
in a real, real way. We had been working non-stop together
in the gym, on the horses, at sword training,
and at all the other stunt training. Power and beauty is an aspect of grace. I’ve decided for myself
and for the way that I look, I would rather look different
and be awesome than just fit in the mold
and never stand out. SAMANTHA JO: Confidence is to have
no doubt for yourself. To not put limits on yourself. To not let other people define
who you are. You know what you’re capable of. TWIGHT: The idea of confronting failure and it being important
for personal evolution is the most important thing to me
in the gym. PRYCE: Sometimes the moment past failure,
there’s greatness there. And certain people play too safe. I kind of got to a place in my life that
if something scares the hell out of me, then I’ll go,
“Right, I’m just gonna do it.” And I think you can take that into
any part of your life. It’s inspiring to see this thin line
between what’s reality and what’s a myth. But what isn’t a myth is that
we have strong women in our society, and it’s amazing. Wonder is looking at human capability and being surprised over and over again
at how much we are capable of doing. This is what people are capable of
if they choose to do it, if they dedicate themselves to do it. When you start to see what people
are truly capable of, that gives me a sense of wonder.

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  1. Hay algo que suele llamarme la atención, entrenar hombres en lucha a mujeres, no digo que no pero hay mujeres con experiencia y seguro que entienden mejor el movimiento femenino…

  2. So tell me they are not amazone in their way? I wont beleive it. Because they are Amazone now even in their soul. They learn To become together.

  3. Woman Reality vs Movies = No where Close

    Men Reality vs Movies = Right on the Fucking Dot

    Remember We Men Created everything…I mean every single thing on this planet that you women get to use on a daily. You better start to appreciate us again. Or We will take it all back or destroy this whole world. We created and damn we will destroy it if need be. To start all over. And we all know where you women will be back to on you back and on your fours for another 2000 year.

  4. Woman Reality vs Movies = No where Close

    Men Reality vs Movies = Right on the Fucking Dot

    Remember We Men Created everything…I mean every single thing on this planet that you women get to use on a daily. You better start to appreciate us again. Or We will take it all back or destroy this whole world. We created and damn we will destroy it if need be. To start all over. And we all know where you women will be back to, back to where you belong; on your back and on all fours for another 2000 years.

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  6. From a man's stand point, this is a wet dream and a nightmare wrapped in one…lol. seriously though, great job and hard work pays off and it showed. 👍👏👏

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