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The Acid Suppressing Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) Effect on Your Entire Body

hi guys someone recently had a question about proton pump inhibitors PPIs okay so first of all I want to just give you a little disclaimer if you're on this medication check with your doctor before coming off of it okay this is just meant for education all right this these PP eyes are basically real powerful anti acids and they get rid of acid in the stomach for conditions like acid reflux GERD gastritis ulcers those types of things this medication is the most potent inhibitor of acid production it can reduce stomach acid by 99 percent that's incredible it's one of the most widely sold drugs in the world so obviously a lot of people have stomach problems so it blocks the pump that releases hydrochloric acid but it comes with a package there's some slight minor complications when you remove stomach acid headache nausea and that's probably because there's a relationship between the stomach acid and the release of bile and so if the bile is backing up from the gallbladder you're going to feel nauseous diarrhea probably because you're not getting the full digestion and things are undigested it's going to go through your body abdominal pain and gas these two symptoms are merely the inability to digest protein you need a real strong asset to break down protein undigested protein will give you gas and abdominal pain anxiety because you're not able to break down the proteins into the amino acids which turn into the neurotransmitters like serotonin dopamine GABA that actually elevate your mood dizziness fatigue of course if you're not able to absorb b12 you're going to get tired bone fractures why because you need an acidic stomach to absorb calcium and other minerals and protein and collagen also helps build bone muscle damage again you're not going to be able to get the full breakdown of the macronutrients in to the micronutrients amino acids being one of those increased risk dementia kitten disease c-diff which a bacterial infection in your digestive system which usually comes after taking antibiotics but it can also come from taking and a powerful anti acid small intestine bacterial overgrowth and fungus and Candida because you need that acidifier to kill off the unfriendly microbes so if you don't have that you're going to get an overgrowth of the unfriendly bacteria if you don't have enough stomach acid and you go to a restaurant where they have raw fish for example like a sushi restaurant and there's a lot of microbes in that fish that normally should be killed by the stomach acid so if you don't have that in there the chances of you getting an infection lower in the GI tract is very high so that's not good increased risk of polyps colitis which is inflammation of the colon and another condition called hypochloride Rio which is low of stomach acids which will give you an e mia decrease b12 which again a whole series of additional symptoms just with that decrease absorption of vitamin C B and K increased risk of infections we talked about that overgrowth of bacteria and increase risk of carcinoma in your stomach that's cancer in your stomach which kind of poses this whole push that you see on the internet a lot of people are going oh yeah you need to alkalize you're gonna get cancer because cancer only lives in an acidic environment really well it also can live in an alkaline environment as well especially in your stomach what I'm gonna recommend for a solution and I'll put some videos down below of previous videos that I've done for stomach acids but simply start taking apple cider vinegar you put two tablespoons in a glass of water drink it with a straw maybe put some stevia in there to make it taste a little bit better and do that with each meal that's a mild handling you can also increase your stomach acid by also taking something called patanè hydrochloride which is an acidifier it's natural there's no side effects now the only time you wouldn't want to use as certifiers is if you had an ulcer in which case you'd want to consume leafy greens chlorophyll things to heal the ulcer first but the ultimate solution to resolving acid reflux GERD is just to get the eating corrected to start eating healthy and you'll find eventually that your stomach will heal thanks for watching hey I appreciate your attention and if you're enjoying these videos go ahead and subscribe and I will definitely keep you updated on future events live events and webinars that we're going to do very soon

40 thoughts on “The Acid Suppressing Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) Effect on Your Entire Body

  1. I get GERD no matter what I eat or how much. I have mild hiatal hernia that isnt "worth fixing". I can get acid reflux after drinking water or eating one carrot. Frustrated.

  2. I've been on Lansoperazole since 2010. When I try to come off them I get terrible chest pains, feel sick and feel quite ill. Started listening to Dr Berg about 3 days ago. Have started the keto diet and have been drinking cider vinegar now for 3 days. Thought I would see what I would feel like yesterday without taking a capsule. I was ok until the evening then I started to get heartburn. So drank cider vinegar and ginger and it seemed to ease. Felt OK when I went to bed . No problem. Took a capsule today though …..just in case. Will miss one again tomorrow. I will try and wean myself off them as I know they can affect the liver.

  3. You are awesome. I am on a ppi for H pylori as well as amox and flagyl uggg…its been horrible. one more day of treatment wish me luck.

  4. This acid reflux disease procedure “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it) has brought me outstanding results just after just Ten days of persistently utilizing the treatment plan. Gastric acid as well as heartburn symptoms that have driven me in pain for quite a while are now little by little leaving me once and for all. .

  5. Just what exactly the medical professionsal has discovered in me are chronic acid reflux disease as well as inflammation in my esophagus. The great thing is I uncovered this acid reflux solution “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it). After fourteen days of adhering to this treatment plan, the acid reflux disorder as well as the acid I felt within my mouth are completely gone. .

  6. PPI's gave me Candida etc, I lived with an infection unknowingly for more than a decade. Once I quit PPI's and introduced ACV, I had an intense herx reaction. After I experienced clarity and health I haven't had in more than 15 years! Get off PPI's as soon as you can.

  7. I went to the doctors today and explain how my stomach is. He said its gastritis the beginning stage. He prescribed me with Omeprazole 20mg. I have to take it every morning before I eat. After seeing this video I don’t if I should keep taking them. Can someone give me advice??

  8. Two weeks had already passed since I tried this acid reflux disease procedure “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it) and the pain which was once bothering so much are vanished. I been able to perform my own common routines over again! I am back again now to my spicy food items that were forbidden before.. .

  9. This acid reflux disease treatment “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it) has brought me astounding final results just after only 10 days of consistently utilizing the treatment plan. Stomach acid and acid reflux disease signs that have driven me in pain for quite a while are right now eventually leaving me permanently. .

  10. I’ve been taking PPIs for a bit now because of my stomach ulcers. I think I’m coming to a conclusion that my ulcers have healed or are close to healing and the Prilosec is causing all the stomach aches and nausea

  11. Question: I am male 61 yrs old very healthy not on ANY medications. None whatsoever.

    I don't get heartburn or acid reflux and I feel fine.
    Anyway I had a 'routine' colonoscopy and endoscopy yesterday.
    After the endoscopy yesterday, after the Dr said my stomach was red and he put me on NEXIUM for 2 weeks.
    I just took one 20mg Nexium tablet one, and then ate my meal, then I saw your youtube clip and several others on PPI's and I definitely don't want to start taking PPI's as I've seen the side effects.
    My diet is zero carb, I'm a carnivore.
    I will take ACV before or after each meal three times a day?
    I threw the Nexium 2 weeks supply in the garbage, the Dr doesn't know.

  12. How do one stop talking Omeprazole? My mother has been taking these for many years and she have gotten so much worse til the point of not being able to work anymore. She isnt getting the answers from doctors. Thanks!

  13. Please anyone what is the difference between apple cider vinegar and apple vinegar ?! Are they the same ?!

  14. I’ve been on it for 9 weeks trying to heal ulcers, which cause me to have acid reflux. The medicine helps but I tryed to stop taking it and my sides will hurt and reflux seem to slowly start again. I don’t know if my ulcer has healed or not such an aggravating situation as I don’t won’t to be on this medicine much longer.

  15. I have been taking protonix since December because of extreme stomach issues but never had the symptoms of heart burn until after I started taking the medication. Now I only get burning if I haven't eaten much that day (this is due to extreme neasea and stomach pain). My neasea is always worse for about 6 -8 hours after I take the PPI

  16. I really wish to stop taking drugs like prolsec . But I need a step by step how to procedure on what to take and when and how much and when i can stop taking these meds. Can you tell me

  17. I'm thankful to Dr. Berg for sharing his knowledge BUT *there is an issue*. He promotes this Apple Cider Vinegar a lot.
    Well, I found only one video of him mentioning that you have to heal gastritis before using ACV.
    I didn't have gastritis symptoms but now they have flared up. What a bummer! Nevertheless I don't think that he did it on purpose so I'll have to heal gastritis once again now and try again taking ACV some time later.

  18. Fighting gastritis right now. As much as I know and believe all this, short term use of PPI's sometimes need to be used. However, I haven't found much success. I started taking Zinc-Carnosine and found relief. Google it. It has an interesting history. Leaving this for someone who is struggling as much as I was at one time.

  19. Ok, but what am I supposed to do then? I've been suffering from reflux, gastritis and a severe burning sensation in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen for two and a half years. I've been prescribed every single PPI available in the market. I've already tried the gluten-free, sugar free and the keto diet but none of them seems to relieve my symptoms. I really don't know what to do…

  20. it totally depends on person to person.becouse,whatever i eat,(healthy,unhealthey,liquid,solid,fruits,vegitables) i have acid reflux.i can only survive by taking PPis.otherwise no way.i cant live without that .

  21. i have been put on omexaprol for 3 months now,,,if i need more enzymes then why has this drug made me better,,please tell me how its making me better by blocking stomach acid if more enzymes is needed to make me better,,according to people taking enzymes,,seems adding more acid would increase problems,,so far reducing them has helped me,,i certainly do not want to be on any drug..

  22. I had an inflamed esophagus from acid reflux and my doctor told me to take prilosec twice a day and I'm on my 4th day and I'm getting a headache…what should I do? I ate some toast and took an advil.

  23. PPI for 10 yrs. Docs rxd for hiatal hernia and i don't know what to do. Tried going off and i wanted to die. Temprarily fixed hiatal hernia but it ended up pinching with caused horrible pain.

  24. You're incredible. Thank you for this video. I was just prescribed a PPI by my Dr. and couldn't stress enough how much I didn't want to take medicine to deal with the symptoms — ACV is my cure. Thank you for the natural option AND for explaining what a PPI actually does (and why).

  25. If you have oesophagitis, gastritis, hiatus hernia … You have to stop acid production for it all to heal surely, before you try to come off them.?

  26. Not on PPIs because they raised my BP to 180/110!!! but struggling to cope: So what do you do when Your reflux doesn't come as a result of eating? I normally have my first reflux episode of the day prior to drinking aything  or eating breakfast. I'm on B12 and D supplements as well as a multivitamin a day. I also take glutamine and DGL. Yet the acid is destroying my throat. Im on a gluten free diet though I've ben tested and found not to have lactose or gluten intolerance.

  27. I have gastritis and my dr just upped my intake, I now have to take 2 a day and I’ve been having horrible symptoms and kept thinking maybe I had something more sinister going on in my body that they missed. They did an endoscopy with biopsies and an ultra sound and the only thing that came up was inflammation where the esophagus and stomach meet. I haven’t received my results for h. Pylori yet but I think my symptoms might be from the PPI but I’m too scared to not take them because my health anxiety is already too high.

  28. I get strong facial skin reactions (dry, kind of swollen, swollen small eyes) when drinking apple cider vinegar. What could the causes be? 1) An stomach ulcer or 2) Bacteria/Candida get killed of

  29. Caught acute pancreatitis with one of these PPIs: Omeprazole… almost died.
    Belgium stopped producing the only medication that would help with acid reflux (Zantac).
    I don't take any of other PPIs since the pancreatitis, however, I'd like to find a treatment for acid reflux as Gaviscon causes even more acid reflux and other products are 100% useless (hiatal hernia one of the causes, the other are the diabetes medications: Trulicity and Diamicron; uni-diamicron in my area, in addition, seems that Trulicity caused cancer to laboratory rats how about humans?).
    Already told the scientist, but she says everyting's in my head, so the treatment continues. Acid reflux keeps me from sleeping more than two hours a night + two hours napping in the afternoon. Luckily I'm mentally and physically resistant 😉

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