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The Roblox Hospital Experience

[distant sirens] [WHACK] hi, i have a broken spine over what just happened i need a doctor where do i go now? wait in the waiting room Sir you may come with me [thud] [ERROR] [thud] [glass shatters] [bones break] i have new symptoms ok, sir what do I do? Wait, I think this room is taken already follow me sir please take a seat Is it taking a picture of my bones [dialup sounds] no oh, okay an MRI helps me [static] please stand here [shutter sound] How does it look? okay sir, you have a broken spine what can you do without it Well, I can either replace the spine or I can refill the broken spaces uhh I think refilling would be easier and cheaper yes it is, please follow me Please lay down now what? relax, the anesth-##### i feel funny the room is spinning *passes out*
It’s okay sir, it’s the sleepy #### we gave you it’s my room get out This is for surgery [snoring] *drools* *puts in the fills in broken spine* *wets bed* ew *continues wetting* Puts in stitches *wakes up* Oh god it hurts ok, that’s ok
*falls back to sleep* woah hi did i make it? Get out please i am helping him roblox she’s helping me i can help too wow, thank you alice it was a success no, it’s not done But you have to stay the night oh, okay Just to make sure everything is okay Roblox if you don’t get out you’ll need an operation too take me to my bed please okay, sir, you can follow me Okay, sir, there you go Thanks this I appreciate it can you do me a favor and bring me more sleepy juice it felt nice okay but you can’t have a [static] Thanks nurse here you go, sir Mmm *falls asleep* *dies*

100 thoughts on “The Roblox Hospital Experience

  1. XD IT WAS FUNNY WHEN he dies but I’m sorry HE DID DIE but it was funny I’m so sorry and also the part when the girl was trying to break yr spine lol

  2. i needed brain surgery after a man ran over me with his car in jailbreak. they took out my bladder instead of my brain.

  3. He got hes spine break
    He crushed some of hes bones
    But the cause of death are overdoes (drink to much sleeping drugs)

  4. I got as a doctor on the same game once, there was this defib system where you could shock patients. Too much voltage would kill them
    So I just snook in rooms when doctors went out, put defib to maximum, then shocked them to death

  5. What the hellll!!????? A nurse cant make a surgery she must be a surgeon thats an idiot roleplay but srill funny rp

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